January 11th, 2015

EZ2C Shooting Targets — High-Viz, High Quality

High-contrast targets make aiming (and seeing your bullet impacts) easier. EZ2C Targets, a family business in Pennsylvania, has developed a series of very bright, high-contrast targets printed with eye-popping fluorescent red/orange and Deep Black Inks. These are available from the EZ2C online store. A set of forty (40) 11″x17″ targets printed on quality bright white paper costs $7.50. A wide variety of designs are available: Bulleyes, Grids, Silhouettes, and Diamonds as well as many specialty targets.

EZ2C’s Battleship Target (Style 22) would be great for precision rifles at 100 or 200 yards. The red circles are about 3/4″ in diameter. That’s 0.36 MOA at 200 yards. That’s a good test for an accurate rifle (and for any shooting pals who boast that their guns can shoot “1/4 MOA all day long”.)

EZ2C Target

Here are four other Fun Targets. EZ2C’s lastest design is new Tic-Tac-Toe Target. This would be a great precision rifle target at 100 yards, if you tried to hit the actual printed Xs and Os (not just the boxes). You could shoot this with a buddy — one guy shoots Red-zone Xs while the other shoots White-zone Os. The Dartboard target is also great for a two-man shooting competition. The pistol diagnosis target (lower right) shows how to correct your aim and hold, based on where your errant shots fall.

EZ2C Sample Fun Targets:

EZ2C Target EZ2C Target
EZ2C Target EZ2C Target

Get Customized Targets for Your Club or Business
EZ2C targets can be customized with the name/logo of your gun club or business. This is an excellent way to promote your organization or store. Here’s a suggestion — have your gun club print up customized targets to award as prizes at shooting matches. This video explains the custom printing options.

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