May 16th, 2015

New eGunner Firearms Auction Site Has Low-Cost, Flat Fees

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Well it looks like may (finally) have some competition. A new gun auction site,, has just been launched by Bud’s Gun Shop, a major retailer. was created to help gun stores sell their firearms inventory. But the site is not limited to commercial dealers. Private gun sellers can also list pistols, rifles, shotguns, and other shooting hardware.

Flat Fee Listings — Pay $10 or $15 When Gun Sells has a very simple fee structure. It cost nothing to list an item for sale. There is a flat fee at the close of a successful auction: $10 for guns under $500 and $15 for guns $500 and up.

To use you must first register with the site. Then you can list your firearms in standard, featured, or premium categories. What’s more, Bud’s Gun Shop says: “for a limited time, standard listings are FREE… during our introductory period you keep 100% of your auction proceeds.” Can’t argue with that. has a handy LISTING HELP PAGE that explains how to list an item. This takes you step by step through the process of placing your item up for auction and setting the terms of the auction. To speed up the process there is a “quick listing” option. You can also designate your item as “Buy It Now”. Use this option if you want to sell at a specified price, rather than use the auction process.

READ How to List an Item HELP PAGE.

egunner auction gun firearms gunbroker sell online launch

Not Ready for Prime Time Yet? is easy to navigate, but the site seems quite slow. It appears that some bugs need to be worked out. (That’s to be expected as the site is only a few days old.) We predict response times will improve soon. We hope so. We like the idea of an auction site with affordable flat fees. Gunbroker can charge $50 or more to sell a $3000 rifle. If becomes successful, this will benefit both both commercial and private sellers.

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