June 26th, 2015

New Version of AB Tactical App Released

Applied Ballistics Tactical AB App update

Applied Ballistics has just released a fully upgraded version of its popular Tactical App for Android devices. Bryan Litz tells us: “AB Tactical has received a major overhaul (including a new Bullet Library with over 420 options). The upgrade will require that you uninstall the previous version that you have of the application and then install this new version. This is due to the complete re-write of the internal database handling.” NOTE: You need to record your gun-specific data before you install the new version. Details of the updated AB Tactical App are featured in the new 19-page USER Manual.

NOTE: This upgrade is for the Applied Ballistics Tactical Version only. There is no iPhone version of this App, and this is not the standard app that can be purchased from Google Play, or iTunes.

The new version of AB Tactical has a host of important enhancements:

• Weapon Employment Zone Analysis has been incorporated into the application with real-time feedback on probability of hit.
• New bullet database features 420+ bullets – including custom curves, G1, and G7 ballistic coefficients.
• New and enhanced Target Engagement Screen with innovative Swipepad for easy range, wind speed, and wind direction modification.
• Integration of the Kestrel Drop 3 devices with pressure, temperature, and humidity.
• Tactical / Night Vision compatible color scheme throughout the application.
• Enhanced integration of the Kestrel devices for polling temperature, pressure, and humidity.
• Pressure sensor polling from the device.
• “Send Profiles” feature to upload weapon profiles from the Android device to a Kestrel, REM 100, REM 100, RAPTAR-S. The firmware on all such devices already has been built to support such data transfers.
• Over 25 bug fixes throughout the application for greater application stability.

CLICK HERE for Applied Ballistic Tactical User Manual

UPDATE CAUTION: The scope of this update means that all previously-created, App-contained gun records will no longer be valid. Be sure to write down any important gun data prior to upgrading. For more upgrade info, contact: doc.beech [at] appliedballisticsllc.com .

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