March 1st, 2017

Ammo Box Wall Art for Ohio “Man Cave”

Ohio ammo ammunition box map wall man cave

Let it not be said that Gun Guys aren’t creative. Some of them have considerable artistic talent — witness this unique wall map of Ohio created from used ammunition boxes. This one-of-a-kind wall decor was created by Forum member “MrBottleneck”.

Here’s the story behind the Ohio Ammo Box Map:

“My son and I have been just goofing around creating wall art (if you consider it that). We shoot every weekend and when we see pristine discarded ammo boxes in the trash we have been saving them.

The range officers thought we were funny (or possibly nuts). We originally just had enough to make a square. However, after a few months of scrounging, we finally had enough boxes to expand our square into the state of Ohio as planned. The Ohio Map now proudly hangs in the man cave downstairs, and goes well with our rifle/ammo hobby. I think it’s pretty cool and it cost zero to make.” — MrBottleneck

Another Ohio-based forum member, Adam, found his location on the map: “Hey, I live at the top right corner of the Remington box on the right side.”

MrBottleneck’s Ohio map inspired Forum member JohnB to create something similar. John, who lives in New York State, says: “That is very cool indeed, now maybe I can make one in the shape of New York minus New York City.” Yes, John, that would be a vision of New York we Gun Guys could appreciate.

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