October 21st, 2017

Killer Optics Deal — Celestron Spotting Scope $39.99 at Cabela’s

Bargain Budget spotting scope spotter Celestron Cabela's

Here is an exceptional deal on an entry-level spotting scope. Right now the Celestron Cavalry Spotting Scope, normally $119.99, is just $39.99 on sale at Cabelas.com. That’s right, this spotter is under forty bucks. This optic features a 70mm front objective, 25-75X eyepiece, and rubber armored body. Will it compete with a premium spotting scope costing $1000.00 or more? No, but you may find it can do many basic tasks, such as watching target shot markers, watching wind flags, or spotting prairie dogs. It’s also perfectly fine for spotting pistol and rifle shots at close ranges. With a price this cheap, you can get one to use as a “back-up” spotting scope.

Bargain Budget spotting scope spotter Celestron Cabela's

Comment: Will this Celestron perform like a premium spotting scope from Kowa, Pentax, Leica, Swarovski or Zeiss? Of course not. But it may “do the job” if you are looking for a basic spotter to use at close range, or when pistol shooting.

Optimal Optics Performance Costs Big Bucks
We think a precision rifle shooter should own a spotting scope that can reliably resolve 6mm bullet holes at 600+ yards, in the white. We have been able to achieve that with high-end spotters from Zeiss, Swarovski, and Kowa. But they all cost over $2000 (with eyepiece)! If you can afford that kind of coin — get the best spotter you can buy. But there are times when a lower grade spotting scope will suffice…

A Basic Spotting Scope Can Do Many Tasks Adequately
For more mundane tasks, such as seeing pistol shots at 25 yards, or hits on steel at 300 yards, a much cheaper spotting scope may suffice. Or, if you want a budget “back-up” spotter to keep in a vehicle, or at your hunting cabin, something like this Celestron may do the job. Celestron has a decent reputation in the astronomy field and Cabela’s offers a strong return policy. If you don’t like the Celestron Calvary spotting scope — send it back. If it works for you as a secondary spotter — put the money saved into bullets and barrels. Or, buy yourself a good target-cam system. That will let you see .22 Cal bullet holes at 1200+ yards, something no spotting scope can do.

celestron scope

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