March 1st, 2018

“Mirage Is Your Friend” — How Mirage Can Reveal the Wind

wind mirage spotter spotting scope
David Tubb sets up his spotting scope so he can easily see through it with his LEFT eye, without shifting his head and body position.

Mirage as a Wind Indicator

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wind mirage spotter spotting scopeby Glen Zediker
Most good shooters use mirage as their leading indicator to spot changes in the wind. With well-designed stand, the scope can be set it up where you can see the wind with the left eye and see the sight with the right without anything more than a visual focus shift. That gets the shooter back on the trigger with the least chance of missing another change. In the photo above you can see 11-time National High Power Champion David Tubb using a spotting scope set up for his left eye.

There are resources that give clues or evidence of wind direction and strength: wind flags, observation of grass and trees, and mirage.

Almost always I use mirage as my leading indicator. Mirage (heat waves) is always present but you’ll need a scope to read it. For 600 yards I focus my scope about halfway to the target. Mirage flows just like water and the currents can be read with respect to wind speed as well, but it’s not clearly accurate beyond maybe a 15 mph speed. The thing is that mirage shows changes, increases or decreases, and also direction shifts, really well.

A couple more things about mirage flow: when mirage “boils,” that is appears to rise straight up, either there’s no wind or the scope is dead in-line with wind direction. And that’s a quick and accurate means to determine wind direction, by the way, move the scope until you see the boil and note the scope body angle. Here’s another tip — the boil can predict when a “fishtail” wind is about to change, a boil precedes a shift.

wind mirage spotter spotting scope

You don’t need to spend big bucks for an effective spotting scope to view mirage. You can get the Vortex 20-60x60mm Diamondback angled spotting scope for just $395.00 from Amazon. That’s complete with 20-60X zoom eyepiece. Though inexpensive, the Vortex Diamondback is popular with many competitive shooters and hunters. No, it doesn’t offer the sharpness of an 80mm Kowa Prominar or Swarovski spotting scope, but you’ll pay $2400+ just for the body of those high-end optics.

Choice of EyePiece — Wide-Angle LERs Work Well
I use a long-eye-relief 20X to 25X wide-angle eyepiece. That setup shows the flow best. And pay attention to where the wind is coming from! See what’s headed your way, because what’s passed no longer matters. That’s true for any indicator. Right to left wind? Read off the right side of the range.

Once I get on target then all I am doing is watching for changes. It’s really uncommon to make a big adjustment between shots. The fewer condition changes you are enduring, the easier it is to keep everything on center. That’s why I shoot fast, and why I start at the low point in a wind cycle.

sighters spotting scope mirageMaking Corrections with Limited Sighters
Here’s a Tip for NRA High Power matches where only two sighters are allowed: “Make a full correction off the first sighting shot location! Even if there are minor changes afoot, that’s how to know how well you assessed condition influence pre-shot. Don’t second-guess. After the second sighter you should be on target and then simply watching for changes. Pay attention, correlate visible cues to the results of prior shots, and if in doubt, click into the wind.”

Information in this article was adapted from material in several books published by Glen Zediker and Zediker Publishing. Glen is an NRA High Master who earned that classification in NRA High Power Rifle using an AR15 Service Rifle. For more information and articles visit

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March 1st, 2018

Capture Video Through Your Scope with Skoped Vision Adapter

Rifle scope riflescope smartphone video mount attachment phone holder through lens

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could record what you see through your riflescope, without interfering with the normal view through the eyepiece (ocular)? That is now possible with a new, scope-mounted accessory from Phone Skope. The new Skoped Vision Adapter ($149.95 MSRP) holds your smart-phone on the right side of the riflescope. The “shooter’s eye view” through the scope ocular is NOT obstructed. This way you can video a hunt, or a target shooting session. Watch this video to see how it works.

Rifle scope riflescope smartphone video mount attachment phone holder through lens

Ed Mobley of checked out the new Skoped Vision riflescope adapter at SHOT Show. In this 6.5 Guys video, the Skoped Vision product feature starts at the 1:50 time-mark:

Ed asked the Phone Skope Sales Rep about recoil and G-forces. No one wants to harm an expensive smart-phone. The Sale Rep said that today’s smart-phones are pretty tough, so no problems have been encountered: “We have tested on 7mm, .300 Win Mag. We haven’t had any issues with recoil or damage to the phone. So it looks very promising.”

The Skoped Vision riflescope adapter should be available by early summer 2018. Phone Skope says the adapter will sell for $149.95. The Skoped Vision adapter mates with a regular Phone Skope smart-phone holder which costs about $50.00. So your total price will be roughly $200.00.

Rifle scope riflescope smartphone video mount attachment phone holder through lens

Rifle scope riflescope smartphone video mount attachment phone holder through lens

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March 1st, 2018

Great Deal on 24-Gun Fire-Resistant Stack-On Safe

Walmart Stack-On Bargain Safe Combination Lock
This safe has a simple, combination dial lock. While slower to open, mechanical dial locks are more trouble-free than battery-powered keypad locking systems.

This is the best deal we’ve seen in a long time on a medium-sized, fire-resistant gun safe. If you don’t have a decent safe yet, this is a very good value. You get a 24-gun, fire-rated safe delivered to your doorstep for $459.00. No extra shipping charge. Hard to beat that. This safe usually costs over $675.00. It measures 55″ tall x 29.25″ wide x 20.25″ deep. Weight is 418 pounds. While that’s heavy enough to deter a “smash and grab”, we strongly recommend you bolt the safe in place.

Word to Wise about Rated Capacity
While this safe is rated for 24 long guns up to 54″ tall, realistically you can store 10-12 scoped rifles comfortably. You can also split the interior, using the provided shelves. Put rifles on one side and other valuables (cameras, jewelry, electronics, photo albums) on the other side.

Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Resistant Safe — Product Description
With a combination lock that is reinforced with a steel plate, this hunter green gun security safe ensures that your guns will stay securely locked up. The gun safe with combination lock has been tested and is verified to be fire-resistant for 30 minutes up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The door stripping on the safe expands when exposed to high temperatures, sealing the contents inside from harm during a fire. The Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Resistant Safe has reinforced steel doors that are filled with fire retardant material, creating a protective firewall. This gun security safe has 2-way locking 1″ steel live action locking bolts and up to 5 locking points. Inside, the gun security safe is fully carpeted with 4 adjustable shelves to give you ample storage space. This durable Stack-On Gun Fire Resistant Safe is especially designed to resist deterioration and compression over time.

Delivery Information
This item is shipped via a freight trucking service. The company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment, so ensure someone is home at the scheduled delivery time. Please note that this item is available for curbside delivery only, and will not be moved into your home or garage. We recommend you have help available to move the item to its final location. Safe Weight is 418 pounds. That requires a pretty sturdy dolly.

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