June 16th, 2018

Janna Reeves Explains 3-Gun Competition in Videos

Janna Reeves Brownells 3-Gun multigun video strategie loading

janna reeves 3-gun brownells video female shooterJanna Reeves is one of the nation’s top female 3-gun competitors. She is fast AND accurate, and she knows how to plan her stages to achieve the best results.

In a series of videos produced for Brownells, Janna talks about the 3-Gun game, reviewing the latest trends in 3-Gun firearms and gear. Janna also provides stage-planning tips, offering winning strategies to employ in competition. Though these videos, Janna hopes to help novice shooters. In particular, Jenna hopes to encourage new lady shooters to get involved in 3-gun competition, a fun and challenge sport.

In this action-oriented video, Janna walks through a 3-Gun course, explaining how to plan shots, movements, and reloads. Janna shares tips, tricks, and strategies that can improve your hit percentage and shave seconds off stage times. Janna offers specific advice on target transitions, loading on the move, and stage planning.

Janna Reeves Brownells 3-Gun multigun video strategie loading

In this hardware-centric video, Janna explains how she set up her guns for competition and why she selects specific components and accessories. If you are just getting started in 3-Gun competition, this will help you choose firearms, holsters, ammo caddies, optics and accessories. Janna’s advice helps you get the most “bang for your buck” when assembling your

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June 16th, 2018

Ladies Shooting Camps Offered by Babes with Bullets

Babes with bullets training shooting rifle pistol camp female instructors

There’s no question that females can shoot as well as men. In fact, quite a few shooting instructors have told us that women progress faster than men because females are better listeners. Also ladies are less likely to let egos interfere with the training process. Competitive shooting is one of the few sports where ladies compete directly with guys, and the women are fully capable of winning it all. Just ask Nancy Tompkins and her daughter Sherri Gallagher — both past National High Power champions.

To help female shooters improve their game, the Babes with Bullets (BWB) group offers a series of ladies-only shooting seminars around the country. There are both rifle programs and handgun programs. At these camps, BWB supplies all the equipment — including the firearms. The seminar “tuition” covers all expenses — instructor salaries, range fees, lunches, loaner guns, ammo, targets, and other required equipment.

Babes with Bullets Rifle and Handgun Camp

The BWB Rifle and Handgun Camp is for advanced beginner and intermediate shooters. Taught by an all-female team of national and world shooting sports champions, the three-day Handgun Rifle Camp is a wonderful fit for women looking to improve their handgun and holster skills while also learning more about handling a .22 or .223 caliber modern sporting rifle (MSR).

Babes with bullets training shooting rifle pistol camp female instructors

Camp fees cover instructors, range fees, lunches at the range, complementary loaner guns and other equipment. Registration is open for the upcoming Babes with Bullets Handgun Rifle Camp, October 19-21, 2018 at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, Talladega, Alabama.

Babes with Bullets Handgun Camps

Whether an experienced shooter or a newbie to the firearms scene, the Babes with Bullets Handgun Camp is a great place for women to develop and improve their marksmanship skills. Taught by an all-female team of national and world shooting sports champions, these three-day handgun camps are designed to teach women to handle and operate a handgun safely and confidently. Camp fees cover instructors, range fees, lunches at the range, complementary loaner guns and other equipment.

Babes with bullets training shooting rifle pistol camp female instructors

Registration is open for the following BWB Handgun Camps:

July 6-8, 2018 at Buffalo Chip Range, Sturgis, SD
July 20-22, 2018 at Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park, Chugiak, AK
Sept. 14-16 at Cardinal Shooting Center near Columbus, OH
Nov. 2-4, 2018 at Fresno Rifle & Pistol Club, Fresno, CA

Babes with Bullets Diamond Camp (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)

The Diamond Camp — the ultimate Babes camp experience — features expert handgun, rifle, and shotgun training, combined with great luxuries: a celebrity chef, a masseuse, yoga instruction, hosted bar. Plus each of the 10 campers receives aa gift certificate for a Thompson Center bolt action rifle. Taught by an all-female team of national and world shooting sports champions, the four-day Diamond event is perfect for novice through advanced shooters who want a luxurious holiday along with their firearms training. It’s pricey at $2800, but comparable with a deluxe hunting lodge.

Babes with bullets training camp rifle pistol shotgun diamond camp
The 2018 BWB Diamond Camp features a Celebrity Chef, Massage, Yoga instruction, and more.

This year’s Diamond Camp will be based at the Wild Game Inn, in Darby, Montana, about 90 minutes from the Missoula Airport. The Inn offers ATV rides, fishing, hiking, skeet shooting, and more. Camp will start the afternoon of Wednesday, August 15, with range mornings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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June 16th, 2018

Protect Your Guns with Plush, Corrosion-Fighting Bore-Stores

Bore-Store Gun Sacks

Our take on Bore-Store Gun sleeves is simple: They work great, so buy them and use them — for ALL your valuable firearms.

These thick, synthetic-fleece sacks cushion your guns, preventing nicks and scratches. The breathable fabric wicks away moisture, and the fibers are coating with corrosion inhibitors. I personally use Bore-Stores for in-safe storage with all my guns, and I have never had one of my guns rust inside a Bore-Store, even when I lived a stone’s throw from the ocean.

Bore-Stores are offered in a wide range of sizes, so you can find something to fit everything from a Snub-nosed revolver to a 32″-barrelled 50 BMG. Rifle-size Bore Stores can be purchased for $12.00 – $21.00 from Brownells. For long F-Class or tactical rifles, we recommend the 10″x52″ Scoped Shotgun Bag, Brownells item 132-000-003. You can also order direct from the Bore-Store manufacturer, Big Spring Enterprises, www.BoreStores.com. Big Spring will also craft custom sizes on request.

Get Your Guns Out of Foam-lined Cases — They Are Rust Magnets
For long-term storage, just about the worst thing you can do (short of leaving your rifle outside in the rain) is to store firearms in tight, foam-padded cases. The foam in these cases actually collects and retains moisture from the air, acting as the perfect breeding ground for rust.

Foam-lined hard caseRemember, those plastic-shelled cases with foam interiors are for transport, not for long-term storage. Don’t repeat the mistake of a wealthy gun collector I know. He stored four valuable Colt Single Action Army (SAA) revolvers in individual foam-padded cases, and locked these away in his gun safe. A year later, every one of his precious SAAs had rusted, some very badly.

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