August 7th, 2018

Complete RCBS Reloading System — $179.88 with Rebate

RCBS Reloading RockChucker Master Kit

Amazing DEAL: $229.88 – $50.00 Rebate = $179.88 Net Price!

Here is an Insanely Good Deal. Cabela’s is selling the complete RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit for $229.88 — a $100.00 savings off normal retail. But wait — it gets better. If purchased this month, this Reloading Kit Qualifies for an RCBS $50 Factory Rebate good through the end of August. That puts your net cost for this entire Reloading kit to $179.88! You’ll pay $150 for the RCBS Rock Chucker Press by itself (SEE Price HERE). NOTE: This kit is out-of-stock this morning but Cabela’s is accepting back-orders at this $229.88 price.

RCBS Reloading RockChucker Master Kit
Kit includes everything showe EXCEPT metal press base, sold separately.

We checked around and this reloading kit typically sells for around $330. For example, MidwayUSA sells the kit for $329.99. Right now, Cabela’s beats MidwayUSA’s price by over 100 bucks. Then kick in the $50 RCBS Rebate and you’re getting one of the best deals of the year.

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit includes all these items:

– Rock Chucker Supreme Single Stage Press
– M500 Balance Beam Scale (with pan)
– Uniflow Powder Measure
– Nosler Reloading Manual
– Hand Priming Tool for small and large Primers
– Universal 40-Case Loading Block
– Powder Funnel for .22 to .45 Calibers
– Case Lube Kit, with Lube Pad and Case Lube
– Case-Neck Brush Tool
– Chamfer/deburring “Rocket” Tool
– Folding Hex Key Set (with 8 SAE sizes)

RCBS Reloading RockChucker Master Kit

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