February 15th, 2019

Save Big Bucks During Brownells Presidents’ Day Sale

Brownells Presidents Day Sale February 2019 discount Aero Precision Howa Barreled action

Break out those credit cards ladies and gentlemen… Brownells is running a major Presidents’ Day Sale with huge price reductions on guns, barreled actions, uppers, lowers, reloading tools, accessories, loaded ammo and more. A quick glance at the Brownells website revealed many killer deals — some of the best prices we’ve seen in many months on many highly desirable products, such as Howa Barreled Actions, Aero Precision components, CCI Ammo, and even the RCBS ChargeMaster Lite.

Here are eight great deals we found this morning. Visit the Brownells SALE PAGE to see more bargains.

Brownells Howa Barreled Action RCBS ChargeMaster Lite powder dispenser
Aero Precision Lower AR Aero Precision Assembled AR Upper
BRN BRN-22 rimfire receiver action .22 LR CCI Blazer brass 9mm 9x19 ammo ammunition
Brownells AR Bolt 224 Valkyrie AR15 Upper AR Geissele trigger assembly

BRN 180

BRN-180 — Retro Or Cutting Edge?
Brownells’ new BRN-180 Upper is a gas-piston system that is compatible with AR Lowers but offers a folding stock. This system, inspired by the original AR-180, runs cleaner than a typical AR15. Designed in conjunction with PWS and FM Products, the Brownells BRN-180 Upper Receiver is inspired by the Armalite AR-180 of the 1960s. Developed as a successor to the original AR-15, the AR-180 was a civilian version of the AR-18, itself an upgrade on the M16 platform. The BRN-180 incorporates many AR-18/AR-180 improvements, including its robust and reliable gas piston operating system. The BRN-180 upper receiver is fully compatible with any standard AR-15 lower receiver. However, the BRN-180 can run a folding stock because a spring over the gas piston replaces the buffer in the stock.

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