August 1st, 2019

Join the Fun — August is National Shooting Sports Month

August 2018 National Shooting Shoot sports month celebration

Well folks, today is the first day of August, National Shooting Sports Month (NSSM). To help grow the shooting sports, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) asks you to bring a new shooter to the range this month. That’s a good mission — adding to the ranks of shooters is the best way to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

August 2018 National Shooting Shoot sports month celebration

This coast-to-coast celebration spotlights the fun and enjoyment of target shooting. Newcomers can take their first shots, and experienced shooters can invite someone new to the range or help an erstwhile shooter rediscover the fun of target shooting. This month-long event involves all the shooting sports — rifle, pistol, and shotgun.

The NSSF has an online database of NSSM shooting events scheduled for August. Right now there are over 1400 August events in the database — matches, clinics, training sessions, special sales — and much more. The NSSF is even providing a dozen FREE Downloadable Targets.


August 2018 National Shooting Shoot sports month celebration

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In addition there are numerous online promotions. With these you can save 5-20% off the price of guns, ammo, optics, holsters, accessories and other gear. Participating companies including Savage, Kimber, SIG Sauer, Sportsman’s Guide, and Insight Tactical. CLICK HERE for August Online Discount Programs.

What Shooters Can Do to Promote National Shooting Sports Month:
The NSSF says: “As shooters, you serve a critical role in the continued growth of gun ownership and shooting sports participation. We urge you to join us this August for National Shooting Sports Month.” There are a variety of ways you can help this August:

— Introduce a family member, friend, or group of friends to the shooting sports by taking them to a local range that’s hosting an event.

— Spread the word to family/friends and encourage them to get out to the range in August.

— Encourage the ranges and retailers near you to host an event this August and add them to the official events calendar at

August 2019 National Shooting Shoot sports month celebration

“With so much going on in people’s lives today, the shooting sports offer an opportunity to tune out distractions, learn a new skill, socialize and share their experiences,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. “It’s important to remember to pass on our traditions and to reflect on our unique freedoms that make participating in them possible.”

August 2019 National Shooting Shoot sports month celebration

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