October 7th, 2019

Thermal Optics for Hunters — Leupold LTO Tracker 2 and HD

Leupold stevens hunting hunter Thermal Optic Imager LTO heat source spotter

Were in prime hunting season now. Here’s an advanced product that can help you track down a prize buck. The Leupold Thermal Optics (LTO) Tracker 2 is a hand-held, heat-detection device designed as a hunting tool for game observation and game recovery. A high-performance 7X thermal spotter, the LTO Tracker 2 can detect heat sources out to 600 yards. The advanced thermal imaging engine fires up in less than five seconds and offers fast 30hz frame rates and 240×204 display resolution. The LTO Tracker 2 is compact and weighs just 7 ounces. It is listed as 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.

The hand-held unit features a 14-degree field of view and 7x digital zoom. Five different thermal filters provide multiple viewing options. The LTO’s CR123 lithium battery provides more than 10 hours of continuous use. A user-controlled reticle allow the user to quickly pinpoint a game animal or other thermal source. The latest LTO Tracker 2 is $526.14 on Amazon, while Leupold’s High-Definition (HD) LTO Tracker 2 HD unit retails for around $950.00.

Leupold stevens hunting hunter Thermal Optic Imager LTO heat source spotter
Photo shows original model LTO Tracker. The newer Tracker 2 is 7X vs. 6X magnification.

Use LTO Tracker 2 Thermal to Track Animals and Guide your Hunt
From checking your ingress path to your stand, to helping track wounded animals, the LTO Thermal can perform many tasks. Hunters can use the LTO Tracker 2 to spot their quarry’s heat trail and efficiently recover the downed animal. Using the LTO Tracker 2, hunters can also plan their walk to their stand or blind with minimal risk of scaring off game. Where legal, varmint or feral hog hunters can use the LTO Tracker 2 to identify their quarry, leading to more successful hunts.

Verified Purchaser Field Test Review:
“I have a night vision scope I use for hunting hogs and it works well up to about 150 yards. I purchased the Leupold LTO Tracker 2 hand-held thermal monocular for scanning and identifying critters outside the range of the night vision scope. The first night I used the device, I was able to see rabbits playing at 200 yards, two deer eating in a soybean field 315 yards, and I was able to see hogs at 150 yards (5 yards inside the woods before they came out into the open field). Without this device, I would not have known the hogs were there and would have moved to another location. It is somewhat pricey, but good equipment is not cheap. This is a good product and you do not need a degree from MIT to use it.” — Wm. Thompson (Amazon Buyer).

“We see thermal as a vital tool in any hunter’s kit, just like binoculars or laser rangefinders,” said Tim Lesser, vice president of product development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “For observation and recovering downed game, the LTO Tracker will help hunters find success in the field.”

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