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April 22nd, 2020

See New-for-2020 Products in RECOIL Video Showcase

Recoil Magazine 2020 NRA Show convention product video showcase

Problem: NRA Meetings cancelled due to COVID-19 | Solution: RECOIL’s NRA ROADSHOW

RECOIL Magazine has collected dozens of new product videos on its website. This product showcase features many products that were to be unveiled at the 2020 NRA Convention. Right now there are 45 videos on RECOIL’s 2020 Product Showcase, and we expect many more to be added. You’ll find Rifles, Pistols, Optics, Holsters, Ammo, Hearing Protection, and much more. Noteworthy products include the AMP Annealing System, Timney Triggers, Trijicon Optics, and Alien holsters.

Here is one of the Featured Videos, showcasing AMP Annealers…

RECOIL has created a channel on RECOIL-TV to showcase products originally intended to be featured at the 2020 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville. Unfortunately the NRA event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. RECOIL-TV’s NRA ROADSHOW channel is currently presenting 45 different new product videos from one to four minutes in length. This should provides some firearms-focused entertainment for our readers stuck at home under Executive health orders.

CLICK HERE to go to RECOIL-TV 2020 Product Video Showcase »

Recoil Magazine 2020 NRA Show convention product video showcase

Recoil Magazine 2020 NRA Show convention product video showcase

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April 21st, 2020

Action Timing — Process and Benefits Demonstrated

Alex Wheeler Accuracy gunsmith Panda Kelbly Stolle action timing receiver benchrest video

Kelbly makes outstanding actions, including the Stolle Pandas. In the past 20 years, Pandas have probably won more benchrest matches than any other action (though BATs and Bordens are increasingly in the winning circle). Recently gunsmith Alex Wheeler of Wheeler Accuracy worked his magic on an aluminum Panda, optimizing the “ignition timing” of the action. This involves many small mods to bolt, camming surfaces, trigger, and firing pin: “The whole cam helix and detent shelf is re-cut. The firing pin and cocking piece are modified as well.” When executed properly, Ignition Timing has a number of benefits, including a smoother bolt opening/closing, improved firing pin fall, and enhanced accuracy (though the accuracy improvements can be subtle).

BEFORE Action Timing — Stiff and Clunky

Alex reports: “Normally Panda actions have plenty of firing pin fall. For one reason or another this one was very low. Before timing, firing pin fall was .210 with a Bix’N Andy (BNA) trigger. After trigger timing firing pin fall is .244 with zero cock on close.” Here is how the action functioned before timing work:

CLICK Photo to start VIDEO

Alex notes: “As you can see, after the cocking piece rides out of the detent notch it then
falls to the trigger and is then re-cocked. This is normal on most un-timed actions.”

AFTER Action Timing — Smooth and Refined

Alex explains the modifications he made for this Panda action: “Moving the trigger back adds cock on close. The whole cam helix and detent shelf is re-cut. The firing pin and cocking piece are modified as well. I do love a timed Panda. In fact, I like aluminum actions, I think there is something to them. But yes, I also recommend Borden as my first choice.’

CLICK Photo to start VIDEO

Fix for Right-Bolt Actions Only
After seeing these videos on Facebook, one poster asked: “I do like my Panda but this is exactly why I bought a Borden action and I love it. It’s good to know you can make a Panda better. Alex, can you time a left bolt Panda?”

Alex replied: “No, the tooling I built is all for right hand actions sorry….”

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April 21st, 2020

All-Time High in FBI Firearms NICS Checks in March 2020

NICS Gun Sales March FBI MSN firearm background checks
CLICK HERE to view full-screen NICS Chart.

Story based on Report by Dean Weingarten
The NICS numbers for March 2020 established new, all-time records for both the number of projected guns sales as well as the numbers of NICS background checks done in one month. In March 2020, 3,740,688 NICS checks were done, according to official FBI statistics.

The previous one-month NICS record was set in December of 2015, when 3,314,594 NICS background checks were done. In March of 2020, the FBI recorded 3,740,688 NICS background checks, 12% higher than the previous record. The number of NICS checks always exceeds that actual number of gun sales, because some checks are done for other purposes. The estimated number of recorded long gun, handgun, and other gun sales totaled 2,373,193 in March 2020, 7% higher than the previous sales record in December of 2015.

Guns Sales Driven by Pandemic Fears
According to MSN News, “With most of the nation in isolation to halt the spread of coronavirus … the FBI has seen a 41% increase in background checks compared to this time last year.”

Click Image to Go to MSN to Watch Video (then Click Speaker icon for audio).
NICS Gun Sales March FBI MSN firearm background checks

Most Background Checks Were for Handguns
In March 2020, most of the purchases were for handguns instead of long guns. The numbers for March were: Handguns, 1,392,677 NICS checks, long guns, 758,073 NICS checks, other (mostly receivers, which could be made into either handguns or long guns) 79,129, and multiple 57,328. Multiple checks are multiplied by 2.5 to approximate the number of gun sales.
NICS Gun Sales March FBI MSN firearm background checks
Carry Permit NICS Checks Rising Faster
Notably, there has been significant growth in the number of NICS checks associated with CCW Carry Permit applications. NICS checks for carry permits and carry permit rechecks have been increasing much faster than checks for firearm sales. While states maintain their own databases for Carry Permits, NICS checks are done in connection with permit applications and renewals.

NICS Gun Sales March FBI MSN firearm background checks

Total Guns in USA Close to 450,000,000
Using the figures available, there were about 430 million private firearms in the United States at the end of 2018. About 18.6 million have been added since then, putting the USA close to 450 million at this point. According to Dean Weingarten, the United States is on track to reach 500 million privately owned firearms by the end of 2024.

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April 20th, 2020

Bargain Finder 239: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Cabela’s — Ruger Precision Rifle 6mm Creedmoor, $999.97

Ruger Precision Rifle

The Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) is popular with hunters, varminters, and tactical/practical competitors. For RPR fans we’ve found a very good deal — Cabela’s is selling the RPR in 6mm Creedmoor for just $999.97, hundreds less than the rifle sells for at other vendors. This is the latest Gen 3 RPR model with 24″ barrel and hybrid muzzle brake. Right now the 6mm Creedmoor is one of the hottest factory chamberings for PRS and tactical matches.

2. Precision Reloading — All Berger Products on Sale

precision reloading berger sale

It’s time to stock up on bullets. Precision Reloading is now discounting ALL Berger products in stock. This sale covers both competition and hunting bullets as well as Berger loaded ammo. Berger bullets are proven winners for all forms of centerfire rifle competition and Berger hunting projectiles are also excellent. Visit Precision Reloading for great deals on Berger products. Sale pricing good through 4/30/2020.

3. CDNN — Weatherby Threat Response 12ga Shotgun, $289.89

Weatherby 12ga threat response shotgun

This impressive Weatherby pump-action 12ga shotgun features an 18.5″ barrel, with Fiber Optic front sight and Ghost Ring rear sight. There’s a Picatinny-type rail on top to fit a red dot sight (recommended) or other optic. The Threat Response shotgun holds 5 rounds. With pistol grip stock, good tactical sights, and a rail, this is a great value in a defensive shotgun from a quality company. NOTE: An extension tube (shown in video) can be fitted to increase capacity.

4. Amazon — Wheeler Digital Trigger Pull Gauge, $55.99

wheeler trigger gauge sale

Every serious shooter should have a good trigger gauge. The Wheeler digital trigger gauge is precise and repeatable, measuring pull weights up to 12 pounds, making it suitable for all types of firearms. The load cell directly contacts the trigger making it extremely accurate with +/- 0.2 ounce precision. There are two modes: “Peak” and “Live.” Peak mode shows max force for each pull and calculates the minimum, maximum and average pull weights. Live mode continuously shows the force on the sensor. It even has a special adapter for Savage-style triggers with bladed inserts.

5. MidwayUSA — TEKMAT 36″ x 12″ Rifle Cleaning Mat, $9.99

AR AR16 rubber cleaning neoprene gun mat

TEKMAT makes great products for cleaning long guns. This large 36″ x 12″ vulcanized rubber mat includes a full parts diagram for AR-platform rifles, available in gray, black, and green. Or choose a cool-looking cutaway AR15 illustration on black background. Get either type of 36″ x 12″ mat for just $9.99!. That’s 50% OFF the normal $19.99 price — a GREAT Deal. The oil- and water-resistant surface helps protect your firearm from scratches while the diagrams help with take-down and reassembly. This deal won’t last long.

6. MidwayUSA — BogPod SB-2 Bipod Shooting Sticks $19.99

Bogpod SB-2 bipod shooting stick swivel head sale

If you’re looking for a versatile, stable and easy-to-carry field support, check out the BOG-POD SB-2 Bipod. Featuring 21″-40″ adjustable legs, the BOG-POD Bipod can be used while sitting, standing, or kneeling. This really helps when shooting on downslopes or when there are terrain obstacles between you and your target. This unit has a 360° swivel head. The legs adjust independently out to a 60-degree angle with adjustable tension. We’ve used this SB-2 Bipod on ground squirrel hunts and it worked well. Right now MidwayUSA offers the BogPod SB-2 Bipod for just $19.99 — that’s 45% OFF the regular $36.99 price.

7. Brownells — Electronic Muffs, $24.99 (40% Off)

Brownells electronic premium muffs discount sale ear protection

Brownells new, Second Generation Premium Electronic Earmuffs incorporate dual microphones that let you hear range commmand while suppressing harmful noises. These affordable muffs fold for easy storage, and you can plug your smartphone into the 3.5mm input jack. Right now these muffs are discounted from $41.99 to $24.99 — a 40% savings!

8. Brownells — Sellier&Bellot 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo $14.49/20rds

Sellier & Bellot 6.5mm Creedmoor ammo tactical PRS

We know many PRS and tactical shooters don’t have time to load large quantities of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo for practice sessions (or even a match). Right now you can purchase 20 rounds of reliable 6.5 Creedmoor loaded ammo for just $14.49 at Brownells. That’s just $0.72 per round. These days you can pay $1.00 or more just for 6.5 Creedmoor brass. This Sellier & Bellot 6.5mm Creedmoor ammo drives 140gr FMJ bullets at 2500+ FPS muzzle velocity.

9. Amazon — 30000 mAh Battery Pack Power Bank, $36.99

battery charger USB mini-usb 30000 mAh

These days, we use mobile devices more than ever. It’s easy to run your smart-phone down in a few hours so you should have a back-up USB battery pack. We recommend this Bextoo USB Power Bank, rated at 30000 mAh. We like the red case, which is easy to find in luggage. This $36.69 unit boasts a handy LCD read-out showing remaining capacity. When fully charged, this Bextoo Battery Pack should provide 9 charges for iPhone 11, almost 7 charges for Samsung Galaxy S10, and 2.5 charges for an iPad Mini.

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April 20th, 2020

Rimfire Reactive — Birchwood Casey Steel Rimfire Targets

Birchwood Casey rimfire .22 LR 22LR steel reactive targets pistol rifle

Rimfire plinking with reactive targets is FUN and affordable. Decent .22 LR rimfire ammo is inexpensvie, and a wide variety of very affordable steel targets are available. Rimfire steel is much less costly than the AR500 steel plates used for centerfire rounds. In fact, Birchwood Casey makes a wide variety of reactive steel rimfire targets that retail for under $50.00. These offer great “Bang for the Buck”.

Read Full Steel Target Review on »

GunsAmerica Digest recently reviewed a variety of reactive rimfire target systems from Birchwood Casey. We recommend you read this detailed article Little Targets, Big Fun, by Jordan Michaels. He acquired four different steel target systems and tested them at his Texas range. Michales was impressed: “At $30-$55 a pop, Birchwood-Casey’s targets are small enough to be challenging and cheap enough to buy four or five for the price of one centerfire-rated target. They’re also light, portable, reactive, and easy to set up.”

B/C Gallery B/C Back Drop B/C Qualifier Spinner B/C King of Diamonds

Check out how these Birchwood Casey steel targets perform. These animated GIFs show actual shooting sessions with .22 LR rifles and pistols. The targets hold up well, though the black paint comes off. The reviewer notes: “You shouldn’t worry about durability as long as you stick to .22 LR. I shot the heck out of these targets with rifles and handguns using both standard and high-velocity cartridges, and I didn’t notice any denting or cracking. If the targets are going to be kept outside, however, keep an eye out for rust – the black paint comes off immediately.”

Birchwood Casey Gallery Rimfire Target

Original file at GIPHY

Birchwood Casey Back Drop Target

Birchwood Casey rimfire .22 LR 22LR steel reactive targets pistol rifleOriginal file at GIPHY

Safety Considerations with Steel Reactive Targets
The tester said the targets worked best with a .22 LR ammo with at least 1000 fps MV at the targets. He tested with .22 LR pistols as close as 7 yards, and .22 LR rifles out to 100 yards. Be advised — when shooting steel targets at relatively close ranges ALWAYS wear full-coverage eye protection because ricochets and splash-backs are definite risks. Also comply with all range rules.

Go to »

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April 20th, 2020

Target Shooting Adds $16.9 Billion Annually to U.S. Economy

NSSF Target shooting statistics tax revenues economic impact gun sales

Did you know that target shooting (pistol, rifle, shotgun) represents a $16.9 Billion per year industry in America? Or that 20 million Americans enjoy target shooting regularly? In fact, target shooting-related spending contributes more than $46 million per day to the U.S. economy. Plus an estimated 329,000 American jobs are supported by target shooting in the USA. These and other remarkable facts were revealed in a 2019 NSSF report from Southwick Associates.

CLICK HERE for Full 2019 Target Shooting Report PDF »

NSSF Target shooting statistics tax revenues economic impact gun sales

NSSF Target shooting statistics tax revenues economic impact gun sales

Not surprisingly, pistol shooting is the most popular form of target shooting, with 13.8 million handgun shooters. The number of rifle target shooters is about 12% less — 12.2 million enthusiasts. Just over 10 million people take part in shotgun sports, and 3.3 million shoot muzzleloading firearms.

NSSF Target shooting statistics tax revenues economic impact gun sales

Firearms Excise Taxes Support Conservation
Target shooting activities not only support local and national business, but the transactions generate vital revenues for federal, state, and local governments. In fact, target shooting generates, on average, over $14 million dollars per day in total tax revenues (i.e. federal, state, and local). Excise taxes on gun and ammo sales are also key to conservation. 2016, the total excise taxes returned to state wildlife agencies through fireams and ammunition sales totaled over $780 million.

NSSF Target shooting statistics tax revenues economic impact gun sales

NSSF Target shooting statistics tax revenues economic impact gun sales

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April 19th, 2020

Sunday GunDay: 6XC II Precision Rifle for PRS and NRL Comps

robert whitley grimstod Premier Accuracy 6XC II 6XCII PRS precision rifle series varmint .243 Norma
Rifle Crafted by Inset 6XC II photo by

With all the buzz about the 6.5 Creedmoor and its 6mm Creedmoor little brother, some folks forget that we’ve had an outstanding mid-sized, Across-the-Course cartridge for a long time — the 6XC. Pioneered by 11-time National High Power champion David Tubb, the 6XC has won national High Power championships, excelled in mid-range prone matches, and performed great in the varmint fields. It has also been used successfully by many Precision Rifle Series competitors. It’s no wonder — the 6XC has less recoil than a 6.5mm Creedmoor, there is a great selection of superb 6mm bullets, and Peterson 6XC brass is high-quality and reasonably priced ($69/100) from Fine Norma 6XC brass is available from

robert whitley grimstod Premier Accuracy 6XC II 6XCII PRS precision rifle series varmint .243 Norma

PRS Rifle with Modern 6XC II Chamber
Forum member Grimstod posted this new 6XC II rifle in our long-running Pride and Joy Rifle Thread. Grimstod notes: “These 6XC Gen IIs seam to be a hot commodity lately. This one is for PRS. It features a Premier Accuracy Atlas action made by Kelbly. The bolt and heavy-taper, fluted barrel are Cerakoted to match. I really like the ejectors on these Atlas actions. The stock is a KRG X-Ray painted in Premier Accuracy exclusive colors. The Kelbly Atlas action does not have any modifications. So far every Kelbly action we have tried has had perfect timing and trigger fall. We have been supper pleased with them. I look forward to using a lot more of these excellent actions.”

What is the 6XC II you may ask? That designates a 6XC with a chamber dimension optimized for Norma brass. It turns out that Norma brass is a bit bigger at the bottom than the 22-250 brass from which the 6XC originated. Robert Whitley of has created two new JGS reamer specs that fit the Norma brass perfectly, improving feeding and extraction. Here is Robert’s Report:

The 6XC II Chamber — Upgraded for Today’s Norma 6XC Brass

by Robert Whitley of
The 6XC II Chamber works perfectly with the Norma 6XC brass and resolves the “sticky bolt lift” issue. The original 6XC chambering was designed based off the usage of 22-250 brass which typically has a web diameter in the range of .461″-.463″. The area of the chamber just forward of the web on the original 6XC chambering was .4695″ which left plenty of clearance.

robert whitley grimstod Premier Accuracy 6XC II 6XCII PRS precision rifle series varmint .243 Norma

When Norma 6XC brass became available Norma appears to have developed the base of the case from the .308 Winchester line of cases which have a larger web diameter. The web diameter of the Norma brass typically measures right around .4685″ which leaves almost no diameter clearance.

As shooters would use Norma 6XC brass in an original 6XC chamber they typically would experience “sticky bolt lift” due to the lack of clearance and the fact that the large web diameter of the brass prohibited the re-size dies (no matter how small the base diameter was) from squeezing the brass down enough to create sufficient clearance. The 6XC II chamber resolves this issue. You can order 6XC II sizing dies from that work perfectly with this re-designed chambering. 6XC II die sets are in stock now — call (215) 348-8789 to order.

6XC II Long Range Reamer (Throated long for 105-115gr Bullets):
The 6XC II-LT reamer below is throated long to keep the full bearing surface of 110-115gr bullets forward of the neck/shoulder junction of the case. Note, has also developed a shorter-freebore version for 6mm bullets with shorter bearing surface. SEE shorter 6XC II Reamer Print.

robert whitley grimstod Premier Accuracy 6XC II 6XCII PRS precision rifle series varmint .243 Norma

6XC II Chamber and Sizing Die Combo:

- Resolves the “sticky bolt lift” problem shooters experienced using the Norma 6XC Brass in the original 6XC chambers.

– Chamber accepts all 6XC brass or ammo with no modification. Take your existing 6XC brass or ammo and use it without issues.

– Works well with existing Norma 6XC brass, or 6XC brass made from re-formed Winchester and Remington 22-250 brass.

– 6XC II Sizing dies and die sets are available from and in stock.

6XC II custom dies redding

If you are looking for someone to chamber your rifle or re-barrel an existing rifle in the 6XC II chamber, Fred at Sabreco, Inc. in Skippack, PA, (610) 584-8228 can help you. He has the reamers for the cartridge as well as the head space gauges for the cartridge, and has had extensive experience chambering many barrels and rifles.

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April 19th, 2020

Vortex Ranging Reticle Eyepieces for Viper HD Spotting Scopes

Vortex ranging MRAD MOA reticle subtension hash marks NRL PRS hunting

Here’s a new option for hunters and tactical competitors who want to range targets and call windage/elevation corrections using their spotting scopes. Vortex is now offering Reticle Eyepieces for its Viper HD spotting scopes. Available in both MRAD and MOA versions, these fixed-power 33.5X eyepieces feature ranging reticles with handy hash marks. This allows target ranging, plus competitors can “make accurate shot calls… with subtension lines for holdover and windage corrections.”

Vortex states: “The all-new eyepiece makes measuring target range and calling shot corrections easy, with a diopter ring that allows shooters to get the reticle dialed to their eyes, and level with the horizon line, no matter how their scope is setup.”

Vortex ranging MRAD MOA reticle subtension hash marks NRL PRS hunting

Powering the new eyepiece is a fixed, 33.5X magnification ocular lens. This provided plenty of power most hunting and competition scenarios. The eyepiece glass is protected with ArmorTek and XR lens coatings. These easily-installed ranging eyepieces, both MRAD and MOA, are designed for a wide field of view so user won’t miss a single vapor trail or bullet splash.

Vortex ranging MRAD MOA reticle subtension hash marks NRL PRS hunting

Ranging MRAD — Hashmarked ranging reticle using MRAD-based subtension lines for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections. Secondary ranging references facilitate rapid range estimating.

Vortex ranging MRAD MOA reticle subtension hash marks NRL PRS hunting

Ranging MOA — Hashmarked ranging reticle using MOA-based subtension lines for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections. Secondary ranging references facilitate rapid range estimating.

These eyepieces have fixed, 33.5-power magnification. “Street Price” is about $200.00.

$289.00 – Viper Reticle Eyepiece MRAD ($199.00 on Amazon; $289.00 MSRP)
$289.00 – Viper Reticle Eyepiece MOA ($199.00 on Amazon; $289.00 MSRP)

CLICK HERE for eyepiece specs and larger views of ranging reticles. For information on all Vortex Viper HD spotting scopes, visit

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April 19th, 2020

Have More Fun Shooting with Colorful Game Series Targets

Action Target Game Series Paper Targets

Looking for something really different for your next range visit — something fun to shoot with the kids or grand-kids? Then check out the colorful, innovative Game Series of paper targets from Action Target, a leading manufacturer of steel targets and shooting supplies.

Action Target Game Series Paper Targets

Action Target Game Series Paper Targets

Inspired by arcade games, tabletop gaming, circus themes, and team sports, the new Game Series paper targets are designed to be engaging — to involve the shooter in a fun process, rather than just aiming at dots on paper. The sports targets let you enjoy Baseball and Hockey. The nostalgic arcade target designs capture the fun of an amusement park. Some targets, such as ‘Alien Invasion’ (above), feature fluorescent colors that “glow” when used indoors with black lights. You can even enjoy darts and billiards targets.

Action Target Game Series Paper Targets

The selection of games is impressive — there are currently 18 different Game Series targets — really something for everyone. NOTE: These Game Series targets are not inexpensive. A single Game Series target costs $1.19. However, with a 25-Pack, the cost per target goes down to $0.65, a 45% savings.

This video shows a variety of Game Series Targets being used at an indoor range. You can see they are large, brightly colored, and fun to shoot.

Action Target Game Series Paper Targets

Action Target Game Series Paper Targets

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April 18th, 2020

Comparative Burn-Rate Chart Lists 163 Powders

Hodgdon IMR Winchester Burn Rate Powder speed table relative table chart

Day after day, one of AccurateShooter’s most-visited web pages is a reference guide featuring a comparative burn rate chart, ranking powders from fastest to slowest. Compiled by Hodgdon Powder Co., this Burn Rate Chart displays the relative burn rates of 163 different powders. Here is the latest table, released by Hodgdon in November of 2019.

You’ll want to download this Powder Burn Rate Table. This table shows the latest IMR powders including the Enduron series (IMR 4166, 4451, 4955, 7977), highlighted in green. This 163-entry comparison table provides vital information for hand-loaders. Note — this invaluable chart is not limited to Hodgdon and IMR propellants. This burn rate chart ranks powders from eight major powder-makers: Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Norma, Ramshot (Western), Vihtavuori, and Winchester.

This chart provides useful information for all hand-loaders. When doing load development, and testing one powder versus another, it’s generally wise to choose propellants that share the same relative burn rate, as least for starters.

NOTE: Hodgdon powders are blue, IMR Enduron powders are green, IMR standard powders are yellow, and Winchester powders are red. DOWNLOAD Chart HERE.


Hodgdon IMR Winchester Burn Rate Powder speed table relative table chart

CLICK HERE to Download Chart as PDF File

Story find by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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April 18th, 2020

Bushnell’s New Match Pro — Big Performance, Small Price

Bushnell Match pro riflescope scope optic NRL PRS NRL22 FFP base class

Bushnell has introduced an impressive new riflescope, the Match Pro. Designed for PRS, NRL, and NRL22 competition, this new 6-24x50mm FFP scope promises great performance for a very affordable, under-$500 price that fits within NRL22 “base rifle” price limits.

CLICK HERE for Bushnell Match Pro Scope Product Info »

The new Match Pro series promises high-end features at entry-level price points: $499.99 (Illuminated) and $449.99 (Non-Illuminated). Standard features include: Parallax Down to 10 Yards, Etched Glass FFP MIL “Christmas Tree” Reticle, Locking Turrets, Tool-less Zero Reset,and Fully Multi-Coated Lenses.

Bushnell Match pro riflescope scope optic NRL PRS NRL22 FFP base class

“As more and more people enter into the world of precision matches, be it through the NRL22 or PRS, the need for a budget-minded scope… has never been greater,” said Greg Palkowitsh, Bushnell scope product manager. “The Match Pro riflescope [gives] shooters all of the features they need while still qualifying for base class and open class competition.” The Match Pro’s sub-$500 price point works with many of today’s top rimfire rifles to fall under the $1050 limitation for NRL22’s Base Class.

Bushnell Match Pro Standard Features:

First Focal Plane (FFP) Design

6-24 Power for 4X Zoom Ratio

30mm Main Tube

Locking Turrets with Tool-less Zero Reset

Side Parallax from 10 Yards to Infinity

10 MIL Locking Turrets with Tactile Clicks

18 MIL of Windage and Elevation Travel

Deploy MIL FFP Etched Glass Reticle

Fully-Multi Coated Optics

EXO Barrier™(weather protection)

Bushnell Match pro riflescope scope optic NRL PRS NRL22 FFP base class

Bushnell Match pro riflescope scope optic NRL PRS NRL22 FFP base class

Bushnell Match pro riflescope scope optic NRL PRS NRL22 FFP base class

Both the illuminated and non-illuminated Match Pro models will be available early May, 2020. CLICK HERE to visit the Match Pro product page which has detailed information and hi-rez photos. NOTE: First production will be limited, so Bushnell encourages consumers to sign up to be notified when the Match Pros are available.

Bushnell Match pro riflescope scope optic NRL PRS NRL22 FFP base class

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April 17th, 2020

Big Area 419 Sale — Save 10% to 50% on Great Products

area 419 day 4/19 sale discount 20% 10%

Area 419 is a top-tier manufacturer of reloading tools, shooting accessories, rails, suppressors, mag kits, and tactical/PRS rifle packages. To celebrate the 4/19 date which matches its company name, Area 419 is running a very compelling SPECIAL SALE. Right now you can save 10% on CZ tactical rifle builds, save 10% on suppressors, save 15% on select actions, save 20% on TriggerTech triggers, and save 50% on apparel.

In addition, during this special sale, pretty much everything else Area 419 sells is at least 10% Off. To take advantage of these big discounts, visit and use CODE 4192020 during check-out. (NOTE: Some items, such as the TriggerTech triggers, are already discounted, so no check-out code is required). This sale runs through 11:59 pm ET on 4/20/20.

area 419 day 4/19 sale discount 20% 10%

area 419 day 4/19 sale discount 20% 10%

area 419 day 4/19 sale discount 20% 10%

area 419 day 4/19 sale discount 20% 10%

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April 17th, 2020

NRA Launches New Website — website NRA lady shooter hunting

The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently launched, a new, full-featured website dedicated to the fastest-growing group of firearm owners — America’s women. This new website serves the increasing number of female gun owners, huntresses, and competitive shooters. Female involvement in firearms is growing significantly. Consider these facts:

23% of American Women Own Firearms
Based on a Gallup poll of self-reported gun owners in 2011, 23% of women say they owned a gun compared to 13% in 2005.

There Are Now 3.35 Million Female Gun Owners in the USA
The National Sporting Goods Association recorded a 43.5% increase in female hunters from 2003 to 2013. website NRA lady shooter hunting

The new website will provide a wide range of information. Visitors to can learn the fundamentals of gun safety, find female-centric training, and hone a defensive mindset for confrontations that could require armed response. Huntresses and outdoorswomen will find free hunter education, skills training, and coverage of hunting adventures.

NRA President Carolyn Meadows stated: “For decades, the NRA has been dedicated to paving the way for female gun enthusiasts…. Whether your interest lies in personal protection, hunting, or gun collecting, will be your hub for all your firearm-related needs and news.”

“ will serve as a comprehensive online resource for women who seek the knowledge, confidence and empowerment obtained through personal protection, the shooting sports, and an outdoor lifestyle”, said Doug Hamlin, NRA Publications Executive Director.

Broad Coverage of Self-Defense and Home Security
Self Defense and Home Security will be key topics on the website. Along with instructional articles, there will be feature stories on gun selection, and self-defense strategies. website NRA lady shooter hunting website NRA lady shooter hunting

Video Features on
Along with dozens of informative articles, features many instructional videos featuring skilled lady shooters and instructors, such as Olympic Gold Medalist Kim Rhode. website NRA lady shooter hunting

Free Sherpa Blanket for New NRA Lady Members
For a limited time, women who join the NRA will receive a free NRA-branded Sherpa Fleece Blanket gift. CLICK HERE for Special Offer with NRA memberships starting at $35.00. website NRA lady shooter hunting

In addition to offering current news relating to the firearm industry and gun rights, will spotlight women who stand up to political foes, shoot competitively, conserve wildlife, and protect their loved ones. is for female supporters of the Second Amendment, all of whom are welcomed into a powerful sisterhood of women with shared values.

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April 16th, 2020

.22 Creedmoor Load Information from Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge Company 22 .22 Creedmoor wildcat cartridge load data recipe powder

Peterson Cartridge Company (“Peterson”) has released a lengthy, authoritative guide to the 22 Creedmoor cartridge, a popular wildcat based on the 6.5 Creedmoor or 6mm Creedmoor necked down to .224 caliber. We think the 22 Creedmoor would be a great long-range varmint cartridge, similar to the .22-250 Rem, but with a more moder, efficient cartridge design. In addition, some PRS/NRL competitors may turn to the 22 Creedmoor because it has less recoil and is flatter-shooting than the 6mm Creedmoor. In addition, .224-caliber match bullets are typically less expensive than heavier 6mm and 6.5mm projectiles. Less recoil, and less cost — what’s not to like?*

DOWNLOAD Peterson .22 Creedmoor Load Data Article PDF »

Along with load data, this article has specific sections dedicated to: Primers, Rifling Twist Rates, and Reloading Supplies. If you are considering building a .22 Creedmoor, we recommend you download the full Peterson .22 Creedmoor article, which is available in PDF format.

Peterson Cartridge Company 22 .22 Creedmoor wildcat cartridge load data recipe powder

Peterson states, “Since its inception in 2007… the 6.5 Creedmoor has seen some pretty meteoric growth in popularity. That growth continues as of this writing, as the cartridge has now gone mainstream with hunters and shooters alike. As the popularity of the 6.5 Creedmoor has increased, so has the number of wildcat cartridges based off of it. Some of those popular wildcat cartridges are the 6mm Creedmoor, the .25 Creedmoor, and now the .22 Creedmoor. This data sheet will cover the .22 Creedmoor.

To help our customers, and anyone else who shoots .22 Creedmoor, we decided to create this Data Sheet and distribute it. [In this LOAD DATA Document] you will find four (4) common bullets, and four (4) common rifle powders used when handloading the .22 Creedmoor cartridge. We then took the different bullet and powder combinations and loaded them up to the SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure (MAP) for the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6mm Creedmoor cartridges, which is 62,000 PSI. [O]ur goal was to provide a wide spectrum of bullet weights and the powders used with them.

All of the following data was gathered by our ballistician in our indoor ballistics lab located in our factory in Pennsylvania. Although we were able to gather pressure and velocity data in our lab, we have NOT tested these loads for accuracy. Again, these loads are just designed to give shooters information regarding what velocity, a given bullet and powder charge combination, will produce the SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure (MAP) of 62,000 psi.”

Sample 22 Creedmoor LOAD DATA

Peterson Cartridge Company 22 .22 Creedmoor wildcat cartridge load data recipe powder

IMPORTANT — Pressures can vary significantly with different Cartridge Overall Lengths (COAL). In addition, ANY change to ANY load components — primers, bullets, brass, powder — can affect pressure. Always load conservatively. In addition, because of variances in bore dimensions, some barrels may show higher pressures than others. Again, always start with conservative loads, well below MAX pressures.

*Actually there IS a potential downside — reduced barrel life. We expect that a 22 Creedmoor running hot varmint loads would experience shorter useful barrel life compared to a 6.5 Creedmoor. This is based on what we’ve observed with .22-250 and .22-250 Ackley barrels compared to our 6.5 CM barrels.

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April 16th, 2020

Learn the Law: 50-State Guide to Firearms Laws

Legal Heat 50 state book firearms CCW concealed carry laws

Legal Heat, a major firearms training firm*, has released the 2021 Edition of the 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws and Regulations. For each state, this $20 book covers key firearms laws, lists prohibited areas, and provides key statutory references for further research. With over 20,000 gun laws nationwide affecting concealed carry permit holders, Legal Heat’s 50 State Guide helps gun owners stay informed about important gun statutes and regulations.

The Legal Heat 50 State Guide is an authoritative reference guide on concealed carry and transport laws with concise synopses, including legal citations. Written and edited by attorneys and firearms instructors. This full-color, $20 book provides a comprehensive overview of state and Federal gun laws, serving as a quick reference guide for travelers.

Legal Heat 50 state book firearms CCW concealed carry laws
Legal Heat 50 state FREE APP firearms CCW concealed carry laws Reciprocity

Along with the $20 Print Book, there is a FREE APP that provides the same information at no cost to you. Just download the App to your smartphone or tablet. CLICK HERE to learn more about the FREE 50-State Law App. There are FREE versions for both Android (Google) and iOS (Apple).

Key Topics Covered in Dedicated Sections
The Legal Heat 50 State Guide has specific sections dedicated to important topics, such as Gun Transport at Airports, Police Stops, Inter-State Travel, and Purchasing/Selling. Having these and other key topics clearly outlined is one of the compelling reasons to buy the book. Here are the Key Topics:

- Airports
– Police Encounters
– State-to-State Firearms Transport in Vehicle
– Purchasing/Selling A Firearm
– Castle Doctrines
- U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Land
– National Parks And Monuments
– BLM Land
– Indian Reservations
– May Issue Vs. Shall Issue States
– Contact Info For Attorney Generals

State by State Law Summaries
For every one of the 50 U.S. STATES, there is a dedicated summary covering:

1. All Prohibited Areas for Firearms
This Section Is Essential Knowledge For All Concealed Firearm Permit Holders.
2. Self-Defense and Firearms Laws
3. Reciprocity (Recognition of Other State’s Permits)
This lists ALL firearm permits from other states that are recognized.
4. Self Defense And Firearm Laws Statutory References (For Additional Research)
5. Ratings of Each State for “Friendliness” to gun owners.

Video Summary of 50 State Firearms Guide
This video covers the highlights of the Legal Heat 50 State Guidebook. This shows the 2018 Edition, but the latest 2021 Edition contains all those elements, updated with current law changes.

* With over 250,000 certified students, Legal Heat claims to be the nation’s largest firearms training company. Legal Heat provides in-person as well as online training, and works with major gun retailers including Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Sportsman’s Warehouse. CLICK HERE for more information on Legal Heat Training Programs.

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April 16th, 2020

Home Defense: Biometric Rapid-Access Security Gun Cabinet

jotto biometric gun cabinet sliding mirror

In these tough times, people are more concerned with home security than ever. Of course a gun owner should have the vast majority of his firearms collection secured in a heavy, thick-walled safe. However he may also want/need rapid access to a home defense weapon, and other important safety equipment.

This NRA Home Defense Cabinet allows instant access to your primary defense firearms. All an intruder will see is an innocent-looking wall mirror. But behind that artifice is a gun cabinet that will hold a rifle or shotgun, a pistol and more. For added security, the firearms in the cabinet are clamped by a rapid biometric locking system that releases the guns only for authorized users. The single long-gun version costs $795, while a double-gun cabinet costs $901.00.

mirror cabinent gun safe

The patent-pending NRA Home Defense Cabinet is a covert gun cabinet featuring a sliding mirrored front and proprietary biometric securing system. The Cabinet is offered in both dual-firearm and single-firearm configurations. Slide open the cabinet and you can see the guns, securely clamped in place. When an authorized user successfully engages the biometric system, your firearms are unlocked and ready for use. The simple-looking mirror offers nothing to attract the attention of intruders or children.

The interior of the NRA Home Defense Cabinet Features a proprietary biometric locking system.
jotto biometric gun cabinet sliding mirror

The NRA Home Defense cabinet is offered in a one-gun version (rifle/shotgun) for $795.00, or a two-gun version for $901.00. Since this product is recessed into a wall, you also have to figure on installation costs. But if you are building a new house, this is an interesting new security option worth considering.

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April 15th, 2020

Peterson Cartridge Introduces 7mm BR Rem Brass

Peterson Cartridge Company of Pittsburgh, PA today announced the addition of 7mm BR Remington brass to its growing family of rifle casings. This brass is available right now from at a price of $53.99 for 50 casings.

Peterson 7mm BR Brass Available NOW at Graf’s »

Report from Peterson Cartridge Company
For a while now Peterson Cartridge has made 6mm BR Norma (6BR) casings (sold exclusively through Graf & Sons). These have been popular with benchrest, varmint, and PRS/NRL shooters. But recently we had a customer ask us to make 7mm BR Remington casings. That customer is David Fricke of Lehigh Defense and SSK Firearms. Lehigh is known for making specialized, high-performance bullets.

Recently, Lehigh began making bullets for the J.D. Jones-designed Whisper line of cartridges, which are necked up from 7 BR casings. Some years back, J. D. Jones of SSK industries developed several efficient dual-role cartridges, the .302 Whisper, the .338 Whisper, .375 Whisper and the .416 Whisper. These are all made from necked-up 7mm BR Rem casings. The “dual role” refers to the fact that they can be loaded either for subsonic applications, or for high velocity shooting. According to Fricke, “Remington made the XP-100 bolt-action handgun, and one of the calibers they chambered it in was 7mm BR, which became very popular with Silhouette shooters. Remington also made the 7 BR casings which people like to neck up to the different Whisper calibers.”

Fricke concluded, “The 7mm BR caliber is a highly efficient, inherently accurate round, which doesn’t require much powder. The balance between the powder charge, bullet weight, barrel length and related harmonics results in a caliber with outstanding accuracy.”

Expect this 7mm BR Brass to be Necked-Up and Necked Down for Other Calibers
Commentary: With this new 7mm BR brass, we expect wildcatters will go to work right away, necking the case up to 30 BR, the favored cartridge for 100/200 score benchrest competition. We’ve also heard plans that some PRS shooters may neck down and fire-form the cartridge for a 6.5 BRA version with a 40° shoulder.

Peterson Brass — Strong, Uniform, Durable
Peterson brass is among the most precise, durable (over many load cycles), and uniform on the market. Extended load cycle tests have shown great longevity for Peterson brass, which has performed well in many disciplines from PRS to ELR. For more information on Peterson Cartridge Company or to learn more about its match-grade brass and loaded ammunition, visit

Extended Load Cycle Test of Peterson Brass

About Peterson Cartridge Company

Peterson Cartridge Company is a family-owned, American manufacturer of match-grade brass rifle casings and loaded ammunition. This 20-minute video provides an inside look at the Peterson Cartridge company. Host Larry Berg visits Peterson’s modern production facility in Pennsylvania. There are also interviews with Peterson Executives and engineers.

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April 15th, 2020

The Honed-Neck FL Sizing Die Option — Alternative to Bushings

Custom honed FL dies non-bushing die Forster

Tired of messing around with neck bushings? Is there a simpler (and potentially better) solution for controlling case neck tension? Yes there is — the precision honed non-bushing die.

You can purchase a Forster non-bushing Full-length sizing die for many popular cartridge types for under $50.00. Then you can send that die to Forster, and Forster will custom-hone the neck for a $24 fee (includes return shipping). When done right, the honed FL die can load ultra-straight ammo with the precise next tension you prefer for your brass and bullet choice.

Alternative to Bushings — Honed Full-Length dies
Conventional, non-bushing full-length sizing dies can create ultra-accurate ammo with very low run-out. For some applications, we prefer a non-bushing FL die over a bushing die — so long as the neck tension is correct. But many FL dies have an undersized neck diameter so you end up with excess neck tension, and you work the brass excessively. Forster offers a simple, inexpensive solution — honing the neck diameter to whatever size you want*.

If you purchase a Forster non-bushing, full-length sizing die, Forster will hone the neck dimension to your specs for $24.00 including return shipping. This way you can have a FL die that provides the right amount of tension for your particular load. (The max amount of diameter change Forster can do is about .008″) Forster dies are relatively inexpensive so you can afford to have a couple of FL dies with necks honed to different diameters — such as 0.266″ and 0.267″ for a no-turn 6mmBR. The die itself is fairly inexpensive — currently Precision Reloading charges $44.54 for a Forster 6mmBR FL sizing die (Forster Part #018121).

Forster FL dies, necks honed to .265″, .266″, and .267″.

Steve Rasmussen of gave this a try. In fact, he had three dies made — each with a different neck dimension. Here’s his report: “My original Forster 6BR FL die sized the necks down a lot [to about 0.260″]. I sent my die in and asked if they could supply two more FL dies (for three total) to have the necks honed to 0.265″, 0.266″, and 0.267″.” In addition to the purchase cost of two more FL-sizing dies, Steve paid $36 ($12 per die) for the three dies to be honed.

Steve’s honed dies produced very straight loaded ammo:
“Brass springback after sizing is running 1 to 1.3 thousandths. My loaded rounds are running 0.2697-0.2699 using [older Gold Box Lapua brass]. So far the dies are working well. I sized 80 cases with the 0.266″ necked die. The shoulder is running 0.4582″ and 0.300″ up from the base is 0.4684". I spun 20 of ‘em and 16 had a runout of one thousandth (0.001) and the other 4 at 1.5 thousandths (0.0015).”

*Here is Forster’s description of its Die Honing Service:

We custom hone the inside neck diameter by using a diamond stoning process. We enlarge the inside diameter to your specification to prevent over-sizing of the case neck due to thick neck walls. You may require this service for multiple reasons: 1) If you use some brands of brass cases which have thicker neck walls. 2) If you do not intend to outside neck turn case necks that have thickened after repeated firings. Please specify desired inside neck diameter. Note: 1) No more than .008″ stock removal from your existing die neck diameter is possible. 2) Honing is done in increments of one half thousandth of an inch (.0005″), meaning that your specified inside diameter must be either.XXX0″ or .XXX5″. FEES: $24.00, includes shipping within continental U.S. (lower 48 states). Please allow 1-3 weeks

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April 15th, 2020

Zeiss Spring Promo — Free Binoculars with Zeiss Spotting Scope

Zeiss optics spotting scope Harpia Victory pocket spring promotion free binoculars

Now through July 15, 2020, Zeiss is running a great promotion. When you buy a Zeiss Spotting scope you will get the outstanding, highly-rated Zeiss Victory Pocket binoculars for FREE. Or, if you purchase the Zeiss Victory SF binoculars Zeiss will kick in a second Zeiss Terra ED binocular unit for FREE. Either way, this is a compelling promotion for anyone looking for high-quality European optics.

The spring 2020 promotion runs from Apri1 15 through July 15, 2020, and supplies are limited. For the next 90 days, Zeiss will be offering fantastic incentives for the spring season through participating Zeiss authorized retailers. Zeiss states: “Now is the perfect time to consider a new super premium spotting scope for the spring and enjoy the true benefits of a Zeiss Victory Pocket binocular[.]”

Zeiss optics spotting scope Harpia Victory pocket spring promotion free binoculars

PROMO ONE — Get Binoculars with Spotting Scope

This is a great two-product offer. If you purchase a Zeiss 85mm or 95mm Victory Harpia spotting scope, you will receive a FREE Zeiss Victory Pocket binocular with purchase of a complete spotter.

The Zeiss Victory Harpia spotting scope pairs with a slim eyepiece that offers comfortable viewing and features a bayonet mount for safe and secure lock-up upon installation. The DualSpeed™ focus enables automatic switching between rapid and fine adjustment for fast and precise focusing. The LotuTec® coating ensures a clear view in all weather conditions.

Zeiss optics spotting scope Harpia Victory pocket spring promotion free binoculars

The innovative Victory Pocket unit (shown above) represents up to a $880 retail value. This design uses an offset hinge to fold very compactly. The glass is excellent — our Editors have tested these. Redemption of the Victory Pocket 8×25 or 10×25 binocular will be at time of purchase.

PROMO TWO — Buy Victory SF Binocs, Get Terra ED Binocs Free

Withe the second Zeiss Spring 2020 Promo, you receive a FREE Zeiss Terra ED binocular with purchase of a Zeiss Victory SF binocular. That Terra ED is worth up to $500 retail value. Redemption of the Terra ED 8×42 or 10×42 will be at time of purchase.

Zeiss optics spotting scope Harpia Victory pocket spring promotion free binoculars

Zeiss states: “Zeiss Victory SF binoculars bring unbelievable clarity and viewing comfort to year-round glassing and wildlife observation. These binoculars provide an exceptionally wide field of view, fast and precise focusing, and … the highest image resolution. They feature the Zeiss exclusive ErgoBalance™ concept that allows for hours of fatigue-free nature observations.”

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April 14th, 2020

CMP Western Games a Success Despite Shortened Schedule

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery vintage sniper

Here’s some good news about rifle shooters enjoying an early March competition before Executive Orders forced people to stay at home. We can report that the first-ever springtime CMP Western Games were well-attended. Nearly 300 shooters enjoyed the event, though the High Power matches and clinic phase was cancelled due to official social distancing mandates.

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer
With the first run in its new March time slot, the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) annual Western CMP Games and HP Rifle Matches event was met with greatly-increased registration and attendance compared to recent years, despite social distance restrictions that led to a premature end to the event.

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery vintage sniper

Competitors completed the entire schedule of CMP Games rifle events and schools at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility under brilliant Arizona skies and comfortable temperatures. Unfortunately, the 5-day CMP High Power Rifle Matches and clinic, scheduled in the second half of the schedule, were cancelled due to health concerns — “social distancing” mandates for participants and staff.

CMP Western Games Arizona phoenix

The Western CMP Games portion of the event held in Phoenix is one of many travel events conducted by the CMP across the country each year. It includes specially designed vintage and modern rifle matches and clinics affording opportunities for marksmanship enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery vintage sniper

A spike in early registration of 283 participants led to an impressive number of 664 scheduled event entries for the early Spring event in Phoenix. Since its first Arizona appearance in 2008, the Western CMP Games events have been conducted in the month of October. Due to recurring inclement weather at the CMP’s annual Oklahoma Games, the decision was made to trade seasons with those in Arizona beginning in 2020.

Here are some photo highlights from the 2020 CMP Western Games. View hundreds more Western Games images on the CMP Zenfolio Photo Archive.

Vintage Sniper Match

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery vintage sniper

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery vintage sniper

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery vintage sniper

Marksmanship 101 Training and M16 Match

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery marksmanship 101

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery marksmanship 101

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery marksmanship 101

Rimfire Sporter Match

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery marksmanship 101

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery marksmanship 101

CMP Western Games Arizona ben avery marksmanship 101

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