May 5th, 2020

Cool Tool — New Scope Jack Scope Leveler

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Leveling your scope can be a time-consuming and tedious process. The Fix It Sticks folks have changed that with the introduction of the Scope Jack. This simple unit levels a scope through contact with the flat on the bottom of the scope (opposite the elevation knob). You can do this quickly, with one hand, leaving the other free to tighten your rings once the scope is aligned. This really is a clever, effective, easy-to-use tool, as you can see in this video:

You attach the Scope Jack to the Picatinny rail on your rifle, then lossen the rings so the scope can rotate. Then simply elevate the Scope Jack with a quick twist, using a 1/4″ driver. The Scope Jack’s horizontal roller will contact the scope’s bottom flat, rotating the scope it into proper alignment, square to the rail.

Operating Instructions from Manufacturer Fix It Sticks
The Scope Jack works with any 1/4 inch driver to quickly and easily level your scope to your rail. Just mount the scope jack to the pic rail under your scope and turn the drive handle until the lifting arm engages with the flat section under your turrets. Once the scope is level, maintain pressure while tightening your ring screws to keep optic level throughout the process.

1. Scope much have a central flat section under turrets
2. Needs a minimum of 1/4″ clearance between rail and scope
3. Picatinny Rail must be accessible under optic

TECH TIP: You Still Must Check the Reticle Orientation INSIDE Your Scope
The Scope Jack works fast, but it is NOT the “final solution”. Why? Some scopes have a reticle that is not perfectly aligned with the turrets and/or bottom flat. We have seen scopes with vertical reticle line off as much as three degrees (3 °) from true plumb. With such a scope, you CAN set the reticle square, but then your turrets will be canted relative to the receiver. That creates issues when shooting at long range. Accordingly, if your scope has a badly canted reticle, you should send it back to the manufacture for warranty repair. Three degrees may not sound like much, but it is actually quite noticeable:

reticle cant canted canting reticle cant canted canting

For all scopes, AFTER using the Scope Jack, we recommend you test your reticle with a plumb line. You can hang this line from a door or ceiling fixture with a weight on the bottom. Important — when using a plumb line make sure your rifle is 100% level or your results may be off. We recommend using a bubble level to help align your rifle properly.

reticle cant canted canting

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