December 26th, 2020

Message from Hornady about Ammunition Shortage

Hornady 2020 ammunition ammo production

Jason Hornady, V.P. of Hornady Ammunition Manufacturing, has a message for ammunition buyers about the shortage of ammo on retail shelves. He begins by stating that: “We understand there is, certainly, an ‘over-demand’ right now on ammunition availability.” That’s to put it mildly. An executive of Vista Outdoor recently explained that with 7 million new gun owners in 2020, if they all purchase just two 50-round boxes of ammo each, that represents 700,000,000 rounds of additional demand.

Jason assures customers that there are no hidden storage facilities, and there have been no government orders to halt production. In fact, Hornady is producing more ammunition than ever before, and the ammo is going straight from the production line out to vendors.

Hornady 2020 ammunition ammo production

“We promise we are shipping everything we can. The stuff that goes out today was literally put in a box yesterday.” And Hornady’s factories are running at full capacity — “We’ve made one-third more [ammunition] than we did last year.”

Jason Hornady added: “In March, we were up 86 percent and that did it — the inventory was gone. We literally emptied our building. Since then, the sales increase is back to 15 percent a month because that’s all we can manage. Literally, we make it one day and ship it the next.”

Hornady 2020 ammunition ammo production

Jason concluded: “We are shipping and doing everything we can to get product out the door. We appreciate you as a customer and we appreciate your patience.”

Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska. It proudly manufactures products “Made in the USA” by over 300 employees.

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