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June 8th, 2021

Indiana Teen Wins Air Rifle and Smallbore at Camp Perry Open

Bremen Butler Air Rifle junior Olympics Camp Perry

We like to feature skilled young shooters — they are the future of our sport. Here’s a profile of a very proficient young lady, Bremen Butler, who recently won both Air Rifle and Smallbore competitions at the Camp Perry Open. She also secured two silver medals at USA Shooting’s Junior Olympics — one for air rifle and one for smallbore. Just 16 years old, this talented teen from Fort Wayne, Indiana is well on her way to a becoming a top competitor. Next stop will be a collegiate shooting team, and who knows, maybe she will become an Olympian some day. Bremen has only been competing in marksmanship for about two years but has already enjoyed great success.

Bremen Butler Air Rifle junior Olympics Camp PerryBremen Wins in Field of 250 Shooters
At the Camp Perry Open, Bremen won both the Three-Position Air Rifle portion and the newly added 3×40 Smallbore match. Once the inaugural Camp Perry Open Smallbore event was completed, Bremen went on to claim the overall win in the 3PAR match, fired the same day. She also finished eighth overall in the 60-Shot Open rifle event. “I had a rough first day”, she said of her performance in the 60-Shot. “However, I was able to recover on Day Two by shooting a new personal record of 625.2, which was very exciting for me.”

The 2021 Camp Perry Open attracted more than 250 shooters from around the nation. The annual event is conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry in Ohio. Typically fired in January, the 2021 Camp Perry Open was moved to May to allow the 3×40 Smallbore Rifle portion to be added to the schedule for the first time. Over 60 competitors took to the firing line on Camp Perry’s Petrarca Range for the new outdoor 3×40, with Bremen coming out on top.

Bremen said: “I enjoy shooting Smallbore and like the extra challenge the wind brings when shooting outdoors. I feel any opportunity to boost the number of matches for shooters is a fantastic and welcome idea. I was excited to be shooting on Petrarca. My first experience shooting Smallbore was on that same range during the 2019 CMP Summer Camp.”

Home Air Rifle Training in the Kitchen!
young girl shooter Bremen butler air rifle smallbore
Bremen often trains in the kitchen of her family’s home using SCATT movement tracking systems and other modern technologies.

To train, she stands in front of her kitchen stove and shoots through the living room into a trap sitting on the family’s fireplace mantel. She uses a single paper bull with the SCATT attached to her rifle to score a 60-shot match each day. Bremen says she trains four to six days a week, which has helped her scores steadily improve. When she’s not training at home, Bremen travels to as many competitions as she can: “My family has been very supportive as we travel to as many matches as possible.”

Two Silvers at the USA Shooting’s Junior Olympics
Bremen Butler Air Rifle junior Olympics Camp Perry

The week before the Camp Perry Open, Bremen shot at USA Shooting’s Junior Olympics and brought home silver medals for both Smallbore and Air Rifle in the J2 age group. She also qualified for the Smallbore Finals and finished sixth overall in the discipline.

Remote Training with Olympian Rifle Coach During Pandemic
Bremen began competing in Precision Air Rifle and Smallbore almost two years ago. In July 2020, she began training remotely with Olympian and current rifle coach Jayme Shipley via WebEx and utilizing SCATT. She uses her laptop plus a smartphone to allow for multiple-angle views for her coach to observe.

Bremen Butler SCATT MX-2 training

How the SCATT MX-02 Works
The SCATT sensor mounted on the end of the barrel has a digital camera that recognizes the black bullseye in the target, even in broad daylight outdoors. Using the bullseye as a reference, the SCATT software tracks the movement of the muzzle relative to the center of the target. The unit can plot these movements as a continuous trace, which appears on a monitor as a squiggly, colored line. By sensing the exact moment of shot release, the SCATT can also interpolate relative shot placement (for a single shot or series of shots).

Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry
Gary Anderson Competition Center

When she finds time, Bremen visits Camp Perry to practice air rifle within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center. Now when she makes the trip, she can think back to her 2021 Camp Perry Open memories as she works toward even more marksmanship successes. “I love the CMP ranges and enjoy visiting it whenever possible for training,” Bremen said.

CMP Competition Centers — Planning a Visit
The CMP operates two indoor air gun ranges equipped with electronic targets. Plan visits to the Anniston, Alabama, or Port Clinton, Ohio, ranges by calling (419) 635-2141, ext. 704. Both ranges are open to the public and offer rental equipment. Last year, Bremen traveled to CMP’s South Competition Center in Alabama for the annual Dixie Double air gun event and competed in the USA Shooting Winter Airgun event. There she won gold for the J2 age group. It was her first national medal in only the second event of that level in her career.

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June 8th, 2021

Steelhead Outdoors Offers American-Made Modular Safes

steelhead modular safe steel

For gun owners who have to move frequently, or who may live in an upstairs apartment or condo, we recommend a modular safe. We have featured modular safes in the past, and now we’re pleased to say there is a new line of made-in-USA modular safes that may work well for our readers. Steelhead Outdoors, based in Minnesota, now offers three different safes: Nomad 26, 32, and Nomad 38. These are good products for sure, but they are also quite expensive. The Nomad 26 starts at $2495.00 while the big Nomad 38 lists for $3495.00. However, when you consider the value of your gun collection, the cost becomes more tolerable if you need a safe you can take down and move.

steelhead modular safe steel

USA-Made Nomad Series safes come in three sizes — Nomad 26, Nomad 32, and Nomad 38:

Nomad 26 — 25.5″ W x 54″ T, holds 6-15 long guns. Weight 375 lbs. (< 100 lbs. per panel) Nomad 32 -- 31.5" W x 60" T, holds 8-19 long guns. Weight 500 lbs. (< 135 lbs. per panel) Nomad 32 -- 37.5" W x 60" T, holds 10-34 long guns. Weight 600 lbs. (< 165 lbs. per panel)

This video explains the features of Steelhead Nomad Series modular, take-apart gun safes:

Steelhead Outdoors states: “Our modular gun safes are easily moved and assembled by two people. Traditional safes require hiring a specialized safe moving company, which is costly, or enlisting buddies on a dangerous DIY adventure each time the homeowner moves.”

steelhead modular safe steel

Steelhead Outdoors Nomad series safes features some high-end security features. The patent-pending construction features a fully dry insulation system, eliminating the need for a dehumidifier. This system utilizes a radiant heat reflecting coating to reject incoming heat from entering the safe. The metal interior provides additional protection and is made from nearly 100 percent nonflammable materials. The panels are filled with ceramic fire insulation that is rated to 2300 degrees and is non-moisture trapping so it does not require the use of a dehumidifier and will not release steam into the safe in the event of a fire.

This cool time-lapse video shows the entire process of assembling the safe, start to finish.

The video below shows how to assemble a Steelhead Outdoors Nomad series safe. If you have basic skills, these safes can be assembled easily in under 60 minutes. Steelhead recommends having two people to do the job. The entire safe ships in four (4) boxes. Wrenches are included with the safe.

Features of Steelhead Outdoors Nomad Series Safes
Steelhead Outdoors Nomad Series of premium modular gun safes are designed and constructed to allow for flexibility and mobility without sacrificing safety or durability. Shooters, hunters and gun collectors will appreciate these smart design decisions.

— Double wall construction with 12-gauge welded, powder-coated exterior panels and 20-gauge interior panels, 7-gauge plate door (3/16″), large 1/2″ locking plates.
— Patent-pending construction with dual-stage fire protection with 2300° insulation and radiation-reflecting panels, for enhanced corrosion resistance.
— Drill resistant hard plate features 78 captured, hardened ball bearings to destroy attacking drill bits
— Full-length hinge side locking bar locks door solidly in place, even with door hinges removed
— Cam-Over-Center direct drive lock mechanism with metal bearings at every moving point
— Ships flat and easily assembled in place with one hex key wrench (provided)

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