June 22nd, 2021

14-Year-Old Earns First EIC Points in Pursuit of Distinguished

Firing school small arms Camp Perry

At a recent Miami Rifle & Pistol Club (MRPC) match in Ohio, a talented young lady, Madelyn Schnelle, earned her very first Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) points. This was a key step in her journey toward the coveted Distinguished Rifleman Badge.

At the MRPC match, held June 5-6, 2021, Madelyn gained her EIC points by placing second among Non-Distinguished competitors with a score of 480-14X. This is an impressive performance for a relative newcomer. Though she just started High Power competition in May of 2020, Madelyn is now maintaining a Master-level average. Madelyn competed in her first marksmanship match in May 2020 and has gone on to reach Expert classifications for both the CMP and the NRA.

During the 2020-21 winter, Madelyn trained with a SCATT electro-optics training device and a Compass Lake .22 Rimfire upper. Since getting back into competition in the spring of 2021, Marilyn has done great. This May she achieved her personal best, shooting 788-25X in an 80-shot event. Then, at an NRA Midrange Prone match at Wildcat Valley R&PC, she WON the match with an impressive 598-26X.

Grand-Dad Shoots with Grand-Daughter on Same Team
Dave Schnelle, Madelyn’s grandfather, is also a competitive shooter. At the same June MRPC match Dave had reason to celebrate. Along with finishing second overall in the Distinguished category of the EIC Match, he was able to watch his granddaughter earn her first EIC Points. Having earned his own Distinguished Badge in 2006, Dave is proud of his granddaughter: “In my 22 years of shooting High Power, I’ve never had so much fun! Madelyn’s progress is a testament to the fact that this is a learned skill, and with dedication, hard work and some good coaching, you can achieve remarkable results”. Dave and Madelyn often practice and travel together as members of the Wildcat Valley Rifle & Pistol Club.

Firing school small arms Camp PerryAbout the Distinguished Badge
The Distinguished Badge is a distinct honor for any marksman. The badge, available for a variety of disciplines, is awarded after scoring within the top percentage of participants in an EIC-designated event and netting the accompanying EIC points — with 30 points needed overall. Shown at right is the Distinguished Rifleman Badge awarded for rifle marksmanship excellence.

Learn about the CMP’s Distinguished Badge Program.

Madelyn Heads to Camp Perry Next Month

Firing school small arms Camp Perry

Madelyn will be making her first trip to the Camp Perry National Matches in July 2021. “She is a VERY upbeat person”, Grandad Dave noted, “She really brings a ray of sunshine to the firing line, and competitors love her light-heartedness and joking”. Madelyn is the oldest of six kids. Living on 80 acres of woods and trails, she loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding dirt bikes with her siblings. Her father, Matthew Schnelle, also shoots High Power matches.

Camp Perry 2021

This July Madelyn will go to Camp Perry in Ohio for the National Matches. She will participate in the the Small Arms Firing School (see below), team matches, and CMP Games events.

Firing school small arms Camp Perry

Praise for Madelyn from Another Lady Shooter

Dr. Paula Crenshaw, who earned her own Distinguished badge at age 67, praised young Madelyn:

“Congratulations Madelyn! Great score! I shot my first rifle at age 12 at summer camp and loved it, but it took me until my 50s to start shooting competitively. I wish I’d had an awesome grandfather like yours to guide me. Hope to see you at Camp Perry!

Glad to hear she uses a SCATT for off-season training, as I found it invaluable when I was working toward my Distinguished Badge. I hope she sticks with shooting as she gets older. Many young people quit once they leave their junior programs, but the beauty of shooting is you can continue to compete even into your later years, just like her grandfather Dave and I have done.” — Paula Crenshaw DR #2521

The Path to Distinguished — One Starting, One Finishing

Firing school small arms Camp Perry

At the same June MRPC match Scott Schneider (right) secured the last final EIC points he needed for his Distinguished Rifleman Badge. Here Scott and Madelyn pose together. On the very same day that Madelyn earned her first EIC points, Scott earned the final points he needed to “Go Distinguished”. This was a great day for both shooters.

About the Miami Rifle & Pistol Club

Firing school small arms Camp Perry

The Miami Rifle & Pistol Club (MRPC), located in Batavia, Ohio, hosts competitions for a variety of marksmanship disciplines. The club boasts multiple firing lines for rifle and pistol, situated in a scenic, wood-lined region of Ohio. The club has provide the tri-state area with firearms education and competition since 1916. For MRPC range info and event calendar, visit the MRPC Website.

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