June 26th, 2021

New Online Ammo Vendor Claims to Offer Fair Pricing

ammosale.com rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping

With gun sales in the USA approaching 40 million guns sold in 2020, the demand for ammo has dramatically gone up, depleting stockpiles and straining ammo manufacturers to keep up with that demand. This has led to extreme price gouging by some online vendors as well as sellers on Gunbroker.

There is a NEW ammunition seller that claims to be committed to providing rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition at reasonable prices. This new venture, AmmoSale.com offers a modern website and regular specials. AccurateShooter.com has no direct experience with this enterprise, but it is good to see another option for folks looking for hard-to-find factory ammo.

ammosale.com rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping

Pistol Ammo in Stock: American Eagle, DoubleTap, Federal, Wolf (9mm, 10mm, 5.7×28, .45 ACP)
Centerfire Rifle Ammo in Stock: Federal (American Eagle), Fiocchi, Frontier, Remington, Winchester, and Wolf (Mostly .223 Rem, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62×39)
Rimfire Ammo in Stock: Fiocchi and Winchester

ammosale.com rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping
ammosale.com rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping
ammosale.com rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping

In a press release, AmmoSale.com declares:

AmmoSale.com was launched in 2021 out of necessity, offering in-stock ammo at competitive prices while simultaneously keeping the price-gouging ammo sites in check. Located just outside of Columbia, Missouri, AmmoSale.com is smack dab in the middle of the America, enabling high-speed shipping times to all gun buyers across the US.

“AmmoSale.com was launched to focus on the needs of the consumer, getting them the ammo they need to shoot, compete and defend, at a reasonable price,” said Loren Hrabovsky, General Manager of Ammosale.com. “Launching our website and offering great pricing on popular calibers will hopefully start a trend to lower overall pricing in the seller industry. We currently offer some of the cheapest 9mm ammo in America[.]”

AmmoSale.com demands no paid membership or subscription. Buyers can sign up for the newsletter and receive notifications when specific ammo is in stock. AmmoSale.com states it “will always be honest and upfront with what is ‘in stock’ and ready to ship.” [Editor: Hopefully that proves to be the case.]

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