July 14th, 2021

MTM Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher — Effective and Easy to Use

MTM patch catcher

Performs as Promised — Prevents Mess at Home or at Range
When cleaning rifles, wet and dirty patches can make a real mess. And solvent spray from the muzzle is another issue. Here’s a solution — the MTM Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher. Simply slip it over your barrel to contain all the patches pushed out the muzzle. No more mess and stains on your bench/table. When cleaning tasks are done, simply remove the Patch Catcher and dump the contents into the trash.

We’ve tried this product and it definitely helps keep your work surfaces and floors clean. No more messes on the bench or spray from solvents. Purchasers really like this product — it has 80% five-star reviews on Amazon (current Price $9.03). Watch the video to see how the MTM Patch Catcher works.

MTM patch catcher

Here are product reviews from actual MTM Patch Catcher purchasers:

“This box straps over the muzzle end of a barrel and keeps the mess completely contained. Excess cleaning solvents collect in the bottom. Patches fall off the jag and are captured as well when the cleaning rod is withdrawn. It also completely contains the splatter burst when a bore brush exits the muzzle of whatever firearm is being cleaned.” — D.J. Bradley

“This little device is more than a patch catcher. It also contains that dirty, smelly spray when a bore bristle exits the barrel. With the top open, it will also catch spray cleaners and lubes when used on small parts. It takes a little work to mount it on a railed over/under, but it gets the job done there too.” — TwoBoxer

“This does exactly what it claims. It keeps the table or floor clean while you are cleaning barrels. It is easy to use and easy to clean. If you are cleaning guns outside on a range, then you probably don’t need this. If you cleaning them in your garage, then buy this. Your garage and workbench will love you.” — DDDnotes

Q: Does this fit securely if you have a standard muzzle break?
Answer: Yes, I regularly use this product on all of my rifles including my Savage 111 Long Range Hunter with a factory brake. It really keeps the smell down with the top closed. Also stops the splatter of a stiff brush exiting the muzzle. Great Product! — Iklwa

Q: Has anyone used this with an AR15?
Answer: It works quite well — goes on and off easily. Slide it on the barrel until you can tighten the strap behind the flash suppressor.” — Cactus

MTM patch catcher

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