July 9th, 2021

Protect Your Kids — Hearing Protection Designed for Youngsters

Walker's baby child kids earmuff ear muffs

Here’s a product we’re pleased to see on the market. Walker’s, a major supplier of hearing protection for shooters, offers smaller-sized NRR 23 ear muffs specifically designed for small children from six months to eight years of age. Walker’s basic Kid’s Folding Muffs provide protection for children against dangerous loud noises. The muffs are designed to fit smaller heads properly, and protect the sensitive hearing of youngsters. Priced under $15.00 on Amazon, these are very affordable so there’s no excuse not to protect your childrens’ hearing.

The adjustable headband on these muffs is designed for the smaller heads of kids up to age 8. These Kids’ Folding Muffs have a 23 NRR noise reduction rating. We wish that were at least 25 NRR, but this can be supplemented with foam plugs for extra protection (plugs under the muffs). The important thing is that these muffs are sized right for youngsters and fit properly (for a good sound-seal). Walker’s Kids’ Folding Muffs start at $14.99 MSRP and come in seven color choices: Coral, Highlighter Yellow, NEXT Camo, Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink. (Other colors are offered on Amazon including Purple and Black.)

In addition, Walker’s has a new series of Youth and Infant Muffs, designed expressly for smaller kids. These fit the smaller heads of youngsters and have comfortable padding so the young ones will tolerate them for longer periods. There is an Infant Muff for children 0-2 years, and a larger Youth Muff for kids 3-7 years. CLICK HERE for Product Info.

Walker's baby child kids earmuff ear muffs

Baby BANZ for Children 0-2 Years
Walker's baby child kids earmuff ear muffsParents of very young infants should consider Baby BANZ Muffs, which are designed for infants 0-2 years. These small-sized muffs can protect toddlers’ hearing during rock concerts, when loud machinery is running, during fireworks displays, or other noisy activities. With an impressive NRR 31 dB rating, these really work for tiny tots and toddlers.

One mother reports: “I bought these for my two-month old and they work great! He’s never fought us putting them on. He’s now falling asleep with them. He’s slept through a demolition derby and a rowdy wedding reception. I’m ordering another pair for my nephew.” Another mom says: “We bought these when we took our four month-old to a loud event. They fit her head well and were well-padded. She looked very comfortable, so comfortable in fact that she slept for most of her first rock concert. I’d say they worked exceptionally well!”

Baby BanZ ear muffs kids

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