November 2nd, 2021

Video Showcase: Alabama Arsenal Rifle Tests & Suppressor Info

Alabama arsenal video showcase rifle review Barrett Savage CZ 457 suppressors

With over 240 shooting-related videos, the Alabama Arsenal YouTube Channel is a remarkable resource. This video channel provides detailed field tests of tactical-type rifles, ARs, and pistols. The testers have access to some very impressive ranges, and many of the tests are far more thorough than you’ll typically find with most gun magazines and gun-centric YouTube channels. For example, Alabama Arsenal has a series of 1000+ round pistol test videos. These are well worth watching if you are considering purchase of a defensive handgun.

Today we showcase three rifle videos, two centerfires, and the CZ 457 .22 LR in two styles. After these rifle videos, you’ll find two very interesting technical videos regarding suppressors. The first tech video shows how to install suppressors, while the second video explores how suppressors can affect muzzle velocity.

Barrett MRAD .300 PRC at 2200 Yards — Extreme Long Range

Here’s a rugged tactical rifle put to the test at Extreme Long Range. This video, featuring a Barrett MRAD chambered for the .300 PRC cartridges, features accuracy testing out to 2200 yards (1.25 miles). There is some good drone footage covering the long path to the target. The shooter noted that the bullets fired from his .300 PRC “go sub-sonic somewhere between 1800 and 1900 yards”, creating additional ballistics challenges at this yardage.

Savage 110 Elite Precision for PRS Production Class

Alabama arsenal video showcase rifle review Elite Precision 110 Savage PRS NRL suppressor

In this video AA’s team reviews the Savage Elite Precision Rifle with MDT ACC Chassis. Retailing for about $1750.00, this is one of the better production class options for PRS and NRL competition. Guns America Digest did a full review of this rifle, and was quite impressed.

CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer and Chassis

CZ 457 test rifle video chassis

In this video, Alabama Arsenal compares two versions of the popular CZ 457 rimfire rifle, a great choice for the NRL22 tactical game. The test compares the CZ 457 in a Manners composite stock with a CZ 457 version in a Varmint Precision aluminum chassis. Right now basic CZ 457 rifles start at about $400.00, with the Varmint Precision Chassis models running $845-$900.

Informational Videos about Rifle and Pistol Suppressors

Alabama Arsenal regularly tests its firearms with suppressors. Over the course of time, the testing team has leaned much about modern sound moderators, comparing features and learning how to install and maintain quality suppressors. These two videos offer valuable information on suppressors.

Silencer School Pt. 3 — Mounting Basics

Field Testing — Do Suppressors Change Bullet Velocity

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Alabama Arsenal has 240+ videos on its YouTube channel. In addition, you’ll find dozens of firearms photos and other shooting-related content on Alabama Arsenal’s social media pages: Facebook; Instagram; and Twitter. You can support the Arsenal’s gun testing by subscribing to the Alabama Arsenal’s PATREON Page.

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