January 14th, 2022

High Power Wind Lab — New Wind App for Shooters

high power wind lab mobile app iOS iphone ipad windows android
This new mobile App helps shooters make the right wind hold and/or dial the correct amount of windage.

High Power Wind Lab Mobile App
Product Review by F-Class John
When it comes to long range shooting, there are few things that make a bigger difference in hitting your target than being able to accurately adjust for wind angle/velocity changes. While it’s one thing to learn how to read the speed and direction of wind by looking at flags, mirage, or surface conditions, it’s another to know what to do with that information (how much to hold off/correct). Knowing how to process changing wind cycles and determine the right hold-off/correction often takes years or decades of practice to master.

Enter the High Power Wind Lab App which stands out as the only dedicated WSYWIG hold-off calculator on the market. Enter a few simple numbers from your favorite ballistic calculator and you’re ready to make adjustments to the wind direction and power dials, leaving the App to do the rest by telling you what your hold should be and if any additional windage should be added to your scope or sights. So after you input the data, then the App suggests the proper correction(s). Download the Wind Lab App for iPhones/iPads via the Apple App Store. NOTE: Android availability via Google Play is pending.

F-Class John Review of High Power Wind Lab App:

Starting up the App you’ll see a simple menu to start a session. The first field is for naming the session. This is helpful for those who save their strings and want to refer to them later but it’s not a required field. The next field is for choosing your target. The App offers the choice of High Power or F-Class targets at mid-range (600 yards) or long range (800-1000 yards). After picking the appropriate target, input the actual distance at which you’ll be shooting. After that, you’ll have to enter your load data. The next two fields will auto-populate for the date and then the shot list once you are done saving shots. The lower section allows you to change what’s visible on the screen (selecting the features you want to view). You can also choose MOA or MILS (milliradians) click values. For wind velocity values, you can select MPH, kilometers per hour, or meters per second.

high power wind lab mobile app iOS iphone ipad windows android
High Power Wind Lab iPhone App in horizontal mode.

Once you’re done with the setting page, simply tap “start” to bring up the target display. The App can be used in portrait or landscape mode but for the best user experience I’d recommend using it in landscape. On the target page you’ll see four distinct sections. Along the bottom you’ll see the windage dial where you can add or subtract windage simply by moving it left or right. Above the windage dial, you’ll see wind flags that represent the power and above that the direction dial. On the right is the actual target where you see the bracket of where you should hold for the shot based on the information you put in along with color coded brackets to show you the margin of error. The target section also features a great shot calling feature that allows you to tap where you held, then tap where your actual impact was. These shots can be saved for future reference and the ability to do this really helps while you’re training.

high power wind lab mobile app iOS iphone ipad windows android

Once you get used to how the wind direction and power inputs work the real power of this App comes to life as you can sit and practice what your calls should be from the comfort of your home. There are countless nights where I’ll sit in bed and spend ten minutes moving the power or direction through strange changes just so I can guess or track what happens and the more you practice with it, the more you’ll feel confident when you see those conditions occur at the range.

App Available Now for Apple and Android Mobile Devices
The High Power Wind Labs App is available now for iOS (Apple) mobile devices and Android devices. At $12.99 this App costs less than twenty 7mm match bullets. You could easily save that much in sighters in a couple range sessions. With its ability to calculate nearly every condition you’d encounter at a match you owe it to yourself to download it and start practicing. This interactive application is an invaluable tool for shooters that want to better understand the affects of wind on bullets over long distances.

High Power Wind Lab Description by Accuracy Software Ltd.

High Power Wind Lab is a visualization tool that helps shooters determine wind value based on observed conditions. The App efficiently calculates the sight correction necessary to hit the center of a target. Use High Power Wind Lab on and off the range to explore scenarios and better understand how wind affects the trajectory of a bullet. By interactively changing the wind velocity and wind angle, the display dynamically updates to show the calculated correction and a visualizes a range of possible outcomes if the shooter misreads the wind conditions. By changing the wind velocity and wind angle, the High Power Wind Lab shows the calculated correction as well as possible outcomes if the wind angle and velocity are misread. This interactive tool is invaluable for exploring the interplay of wind direction and velocity and the tradeoffs you need to make when deciding when to shoot and what correction to put on your gun.

The High Power Wind Lab is also a shot plotting and wind plotting tool that shows how wind conditions have developed over time and what the predominant conditions have been throughout a string of fire. That can be a very powerful “hindsight” tool when analyzing your results in a shooting session.

High Power Wind Lab Key Features Include:

Shot Plotting
Score Calculation
Record Keeping
Tablet Support
True MOA Corrections
Support for Custom Ammunition
Library of commonly-used Midrange and Long Range F-Class and High Power Rifle Targets

high power wind lab mobile app iOS iphone ipad windows android

Hold-Over Function in High Power Wind Lab

This video, from the creator of the High Power Wind Lab, explains how the Hold-Over feature works. Holding over is commonplace in long range target shooting among those who use scoped rifles. This video demonstrates how to use High Power Wind Lab’s hold-over feature to accurately calculate the needed hold-over when engaging long range targets.

NOTE: If this Hold-Over video is not displaying on your browser, try another browser and/or use this YouTube link: https://youtu.be/WhpyymG15HE

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