January 11th, 2022

Lyman E-Zee Case Gauge — Measure 70 Cartridge Types

Lyman E-zee case gauge II cartridge length gage

Lyman E-zee case gauge II cartridge length gageLyman’s popular Case Length Gauge is now bigger and better. The enhanced version II of Lyman’s Case Length Gauge is much larger than the original version. The E-Zee Case Gauge II now measures more than 70 cartridge types — way more than before. This tool is a metal template with SAAMI-max-length slots for various cartridge types, including relatively new cartridges such as the .204 Ruger and Winchester Short Magnums. This tool allows you to quickly sort brass or check the dimensions. If you have a bucketful of mixed pistol brass this can save you hours of tedious work with calipers. You can also quickly check case lengths to see if it’s time to trim your fired brass.

If you load a wide variety of calibers, or do a lot of pistol shooting, we think you should pick up one of these Lyman Case Gauge templates. They are available for under $26.00 at Brownells ($24.99) and Amazon.com ($19.39). The E-Zee Case Gauge has long been a popular item for hand-loaders.

Lyman E-zee case gauge II cartridge length gage

Lyman E-zee case gauge black

NOTE: For years the E-Zee Case Gauge had a silver finish with black lettering, as shown in the video. Some of the most recent production of E-Zee Case Gauges have a new “high contrast” look, with white lettering on a black frame. You may get either Case Gauge version when you order online (Brownells shows silver, Amazon shows black). We actually prefer the older, silver version.

Case Gauge Should Last a Lifetime
Easily measure the case length of over 70 popular rifle and pistol cases with Lyman’s new E-Zee Case Length Gauge II. This really is a “must-have” piece of kit for any gun owner who hand-loads numerous pistol and rifle calibers.

This rugged, precisely-made metal gauge makes sorting or identifying cases fast and accurate. The template is machined with SAAMI max recommended case lengths. Made from metal, with no moving parts, the E-Zee Case Gauge II should last a lifetime.

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