April 3rd, 2022

Eau de Gunpowder — A Cologne for Gun Aficionados

April Fools Day 1st Vihtavuori mens cologne eau de gunpowder joke

This past Friday was April Fool’s Day, and there were some clever spoofs. One notable April First item came from Vihtavuori, maker of premium propellants. On April 1st, Vihtavuori (VV) announced a new men’s cologne — a “New scent for the avid reloader: Vihtavuori Eau de Gunpowder.”

Here is the product description:

“Our composition opens with an aromatic smokiness and lingers on the dark, addictive scent of graphite and nitrocellulose. A powerful and refined composition for the serious reloader who wants to feel connected to his powder every day. Try the essence of accuracy with Vihtavuori Eau de Gunpowder — you won’t be disappointed.”

Comments from Readers:
One Facebook poster observed: “I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning…” *

While another FB fan joked cleverly, “Will it be available in different burning rates?”

Finally, one astute poster said this Vihtavuori product actually has serious commercial potential: “I know today is April 1st … but I want this! It would market well I think!”

April Fools Day 1st Vihtavuori mens cologne eau de gunpowder joke

For April 2023 — Will Vihtavuori Offer a Fragrance for Females?
Recognizing that there are many very talented lady shooters in the world, we think Vihtavuori should also introduce a special scent for ladies, i.e. a Female Fragrance. Perhaps it could be called Parfume de Pistol, Fragrance de Firearms, or VV N°5.56? What do you think ladies, would such products sell?

Kirsten Weiss would be a great representative for a Ladies firearms fragrance.

* In the 1979 Hollywood movie Apocalypse Now, actor Robert Duvall famously stated “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.”

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