June 21st, 2022

Audio INFOtainment — Four Quality Gun Podcast Channels

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Ever find yourself sitting in an airport, bored out of your gourd? Well here’s how to make good use of your time — listen to a gun-centric Podcast. There are a number of interesting Podcasts for shooters and firearms fans. A Podcast is like an old-fashioned radio show, but delivered over the internet. You can listen “live” or save the Podcast file for later review. That’s great when you’re on an airplane and don’t have a web connection. Download some Podcasts to your smartphone before you get to the airport and then you can play them back during your flight.

The NRA Blog reports that podcasts are more popular than ever: “The Great Podcast Renaissance is upon us! It’s easier now than ever for anyone and everyone to make their own podcast, which is why the number of podcasts and variety of show topics have greatly increased.”

1. It’s Federal Season Podcasts

It's federal season podcast hunting ammunition

Ammo and components supplier Federal offers an excellent series of informative podcasts. These Federal podcasts cover a wide range of topics and shooting disciplines. This year Federal is celebrating its 100th year in business. Podcast Episode No. 36 covers Federa’s Centennial Celebration

In this latest Federal Season podcast, guest host Tom Sega discusses Federal’s first 100 years with Federal President Jason Vanderbrink and V.P. of Marketing Jason Nash. The podcase covers Federal’s foundation, pivotal moments in company history, and the iconic products that have propelled Federal to become a world-leading ammunition manufacturer.

In a second Federal Season podcast, ace shooter Julie Golob provides a fascinating history of the firearms industry. Julie served with the U.S. Army before embarking on her professional shooting career.:

2. The Firearms Radio Network

Firearm Radio Network

With more than a dozen different podcasts, the Firearms Radio Network (FRN) offers a large range of audio programming. Whether you’re a tactical shooter, or a handgunner, or a hunter, you’ll find something of interest. This network also offers a regular podcast dedicated to hand-loading. Here are some of our favorite FRN podcasts:

Firearm Radio Network

3. Tom Gresham’s GunTalk Podcasts

Firearm Radio Network

Tom Gresham’s GunTalk is the leading radio talk show about firearms, shooting, and gun rights. It is available as a live radio broadcast as well as recorded podcasts. Each week Tom host notable guests from the firearms industry and shooting sports. Along with the primary Gun Talk podcast there is a Gun Talk Nation Podcast and Gun Talk Hunt podcasts. All are accessisble from the Gun Talk Podcast Home Page.

4. Hunt Talk Radio

Firearm Radio Network

Randy Newberg’s Hunt Talk Radio covers hunting politics, access to public lands, and conservation topics. Expert hunters and guides join Randy each week, sharing their field skills and stalking tips.

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