March 30th, 2015

Elmer Keith’s Guns Sell for $1.9 Million

In February we announced that the firearms collection of famed gun writer Elmer Keith would be sold at auction. The Keith Estate auction, conducted March 11-16, drew interest from around the globe, and bidding was strong. When the dust settled, and all the individual lots were totaled, Keith’s remarkable collection sold to various bidders for $1,905,458!

High-priced highlights from the auction are shown below. NOTE: You can see more than 60 other Elmer Keith firearms, along with a list of final auction prices. The Guns & Ammo website has a detailed, illustrated report on the Elmer Keith auction with dozens of high-quality photos.

CLICK HERE to see dozens more firearms from the Elmer Keith Estate Auction.

Lot 1038: Colonel Jim Corbett’s .450/.400 “Tiger Rifle” (Sold for $264,500.00)

Elmer Keith Estate Auction Corbett Rifle Tiger boxlock

Dangerous Game Rifles in Collection
The legendary “Corbett Tiger Rifle”, a Jeffery boxlock .450/400 was used by famed hunter Edward James “Jim” Corbett. This rifle was featured in Corbett’s book Man-Eaters of Kumaon. Two of the man-eating tigers Corbett hunted were believed to have killed over 800 humans in the Kumaon Hills of India.

Elmer Keith Estate Gun Collection auction

Lot 1005: Colt SAA No. 5 .44 Special “The Last Word in Sixguns” (Sold for $80,500.00)
This famous revolver started as a Colt SAA, but then was heavily modified. The top strap of the frame was welded up into a flat-top target configuration, with an adjustable rear sight added. The hammer was modified with a Bisley-type target spur. The unique grip of the Number Five was created by marrying a modified Bisley backstrap to a Single Action Army trigger guard. His most famous pistol, Keith called this handgun “The last word in fine six-guns”.

Elmer Keith Estate .357 Magnum bisley elmer keith

Lot 1041: Westley Richards Droplock .476 NE (Sold for $69,000.00)
Used by Elmer Keith on safari in Tanzania, this was Keith’s preferred Elephant Rifle.

Elmer Keith Estate Auction drop lock Big Game Dangerous Elephant rifle

Lot 1020: Smith & Wesson Triple Lock Target Revolvers. (Sold for $39,100.00)
This rare set belonged to Gerrit Forbes and Ed McGivern before being acquired by Elmer Keith.

Elmer Keith Estate Auction Forbes Ed McGivern Target Pistols

Photos courtesy of James D. Julia Auctioneers, Fairfield, Maine.
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November 22nd, 2010

Smith & Wesson Revolver Auctioned to Benefit USA Shooting

Smith & WessonSmith & Wesson has introduced a limited edition of 500 engraved Model 27, .357 mag revolvers to mark the 75th Anniversary of the .357 Magnum cartridge. The very first of the 500, serial number SFY0001, will be auctioned on to benefit USA Shooting. “The proceeds of serial #SFY0001 will benefit not only our athletes but also our various shooting programs,” said Buddy DuVall, USA Shooting Team Foundation Executive Director. USA Shooting provides training facilities for American shooting sports athletes, and supports American shooters in international competitions. CLICK HERE to see the Gunbroker auction, which runs through December 19, 2010.

75th Anniversary Smith Wesson .357 Magnum

For those who can’t afford the first of the line, the remaining 499 special edition m27s should prove desirable collectibles. Constructed of carbon steel and built on a large N-Frame, this special edition six-shot .357 Magnum/.38 Special revolver features a 6.5″ barrel and a high-polish, blued finish. Across the revolver’s barrel, frame and cylinder, there is elaborate machine engraving replicating the hand-drawn artwork of Smith & Wesson engraver David Mishichak. The 75th Anniversary m27 comes with engraved square-butt walnut grips, pinned patridge front sight and a micro-adjustable rear sight. Only 500 anniversary models will be produced with a unique serial number range from SFY0001 to SFY0500. Each Model 27 will be shipped complete with a wooden glass top presentation case.

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