January 26th, 2016

Join Our Shooters’ Forum — Now 30,000+ Members Strong

Accurateshooter.com shooters forum 30,000

AccurateShooter.com ForumThe AccurateShooter.com Shooters’ Forum hit another membership milestone. We’ve surpassed 30,000 registered members. Now we hope to reach 35,000 members in the next few months. If you have considered joining our Forum, but haven’t done so yet, there’s no better time than now. We have recently installed new “mobile-friendly” Forum software that works great with smart phones and tablets. You can now stay in touch when you’re on the go. Log in with your iPhone or Android phone. The new software also makes it much easier to add photos to your posts and classified adverts.

As a Forum member, you’ll be part of an active community of serious shooters. You can get valuable advice on shooting and reloading from top shooters such as National Champions Larry Bartholome, Sam Hall, and Derek Rodgers. As well, many top experts visit the Forum, such as Bryan Litz (Applied Ballistics), Shiraz Balolia (Bullets.com), Frank Green (Bartlein Barrels), and John Perkins (21st Century Shooting).


Accurateshooter.com shooters forum 30,000Visit Forum.AccurateShooter.com to check out our Forum features. You’ll find a wealth of information shared by thousands of knowledgeable members. The boards are tightly moderated to prevent the ego battles common to some other internet forums. Our Shooters’ Forum maintains a high “signal to noise ratio”, with courteous and respectful exchange of ideas.

Sell Your Gear with FREE Classifieds
Along with our informational Forum areas, we offer FREE CLASSIFIEDS for all registered Forum members. You’ll find some great values in the Classifieds, and we provide a feedback system for buyers and sellers. Published feedback helps you buy and sell with greater confidence.

Accurateshooter.com shooters forum 30,000

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September 21st, 2015

Profile of Derek Rodgers — F-Class Legend Shares His Secrets

Derek Rodgers Team Sinclair F-TR F-Open F-Class New Mexico

Derek Rodgers is a member of the Team Sinclair F-TR squad. This talented group of shooters hasn’t lost a team match in years. What’s the secret of Team Sinclair’s success? Well there is not one single factor. These guys have very accurate rifles, work hard on load development, and practice in all conditions. In this interview, Derek Rodgers talks about long range competition, reviewing the hardware (and skill set) it takes to win. He offers some great tips on developing loads. You’ll find a longer version of this interview on the Sinclair Int’l website. CLICK HERE to Read Full Interview.

Derek Rodgers BIOGRAPHY
Derek Rodgers (Albuquerque, NM), is the only shooter to have won BOTH the F-Open and F-TR National Championships. Derek shot his first NRA sanctioned-match in 2007, and just three years later Derek won the 2010 F-Open Nationals. He also won the 2013 F-TR Nationals, making him the only person to win both divisions. He has won other major F-TR matches, including the 2013 Sinclair East Coast Nationals and the 2015 Berger SW Nationals. Derek holds the current 1000-yard, 20-shot, National F-TR Record (200-12X). Derek enjoys spending his time outdoors with his wife and two daughters, ages 12 and 7. He is blessed by his faith and supported by his family. Derek’s goal is to pass on what he has learned to the next generation.

Q: What is your favorite reloading product?
I really like my BenchSource Case Annealer. There is something about watching fire that I find relaxing. I can watch those shells go around the wheel for hours.

Q: What’s your preferred front rest or bipod?
I’m currently using a Duplin bipod. At 17.2 ounces it allows me a solid platform to shoot from and the extra wiggle room to make weight with a heavy barrel and Nightforce NXS scope. Also, I can’t do without my board under the bipod. We shoot off sand at my local range and in most cases the feet will tend to dig holes if not supported. The board is necessary gear for me.

Q: What rear bag do you use?
I have an Edgewood bag that I’ve used for years. Recently, I got a SEB Bigfoot and like how it supports the gun and stays put under recoil.

Q: Explain your load development process. What’s your methodology?
I have two log books that have many combinations that work with 308s. I have tried to keep detailed notes in these books. Now I am reaping the rewards, as I can go back to a particular twist and barrel length and find something very close. I usually start with 3-shot groups and check the chamber behavior. If something looks promising I will go back to the range and load up 6-shot groups. If those shoot well, I take it to a match to verify it in a 20-shot string. If it passes that test it is either good to go or I table it and try another. I tend to pick mild loads that the cartridge shoots well — consistently.

Q: What piece of shooting gear helps your load development?
I use a MagnetoSpeed Chronograph to record velocities. Then I can slow down or speed up my loads to reach an accuracy node. It is amazing that most barrels will shoot very accurately when fired at certain known velocity nodes.

Q: What optics do you find most useful?
I would say Nightforce NXS Scopes.

Q: What do you carry in your range bag on Match days?
Multi-piece Brownells tool set, RX Glasses, Sunglasses, Range Rod, Towel, Empty Chamber Indicators, Jacket, Sunscreen, Foam Ear Protection, Ear Muffs, Data Book, Plot Sheets, Pen, Clip Board, iPod with ballistic data, and chewing gum.

Team Sinclair Int'l Nationals

Q: How did you get started shooting?
I was raised in New Mexico where outdoor activities are abundant. Once my father introduced me to a Crossman pellet gun, all I wanted to do was shoot and refine my skills. Shooting evolved into hunting and then into perfecting my skills in off-season matches. Shooting local F-Class matches made me better as a marksman. Now I feel like I am competitive with anyone. However, I will never forget that my roots started with hunting and still cherish the opportunity to hunt…

Q: What do you find most challenging? How do you learn from mistakes?
What I find most challenging about precision shooting sports is how great shooters are able to reflect on what was learned — both positively and negatively. It is important to slow down and perform this step. Stopping to reflect and learn from mistakes I’ve made on the firing line is challenging. Not many people enjoy accurately critiquing themselves. Also the wind usually blows here in New Mexico and choosing the right time to shoot and to stop is important. It’s often tempting to try to finish out a string of fire. But sometimes challenging yourself to quit and wait out some wind will pay off[.]

Q: What advice do you have for selecting a gunsmith?
The best recommendation I can give is for a person to get to know a gunsmith. If you can find a local gunsmith that is available — even better! If you run into a snag along the way, it is so nice to be able to work it out without sending things back and forth. Be honest, realistic with your expectations and tell the gunsmith what you want. If he only wants to do things his way, or takes extra or excessive time in meeting the goals, you may want to consider someone else.

Q: Who would you recommend for stock work on your rifle?
Alex Sitman from Master Class Stocks and Doan Trevor can build or fix most anything.

Q: What do you do to mentally prepare before a shooting competition?
I relax and try to remember I do this for fun. I anticipate what game plan I want to go to the line with. I also try to take small snapshots of the conditions. I do not like getting overloaded with staring down a spotting scope for long periods of time. I try not to get overwhelmed with the match and just shoot my game. My approach is “One shot at a time — good or bad”. I will usually tell my scorer what I’m going to do so he or she is ready as well.

Q: What advice would you give to novice competitors?
Partner up with an experienced shooter that is ranked nationally. Mentoring under a veteran shooter would be the best way to help save time learning instead of experimenting. Chances are an experienced shooter has already tried what you are considering. As a new shooter, do not get sucked into reading all of the opinionated blogs on the internet. Stick to good information. AccurateShooter.com | 6mmBR.com is a great resource with a wealth of information from knowledgeable writers. That site has articles that are based from facts and/or industry news and information.

Q: What is something you would NOT recommend before a shoot?
I do not recommend coming unprepared. If you are late, scrambling around, or do not have your gear in order, you will not perform at your best.

Q: How many rounds do you shoot in a year and how often do you practice?
I shoot 3000+ rounds a year. I try to shoot 1 x a week if I can get away in the evening or on the weekend. If I am close to finding a load I may try to get out more until I exhaust that load as an option. So there may be occasions that I will try to shoot three times a week. Fortunately, the winters are mild in New Mexico and it allows me to shoot year round. I actually shoot more when it is colder. The summer sun here can create mirage that makes it nearly impossible to learn anything.

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September 14th, 2015

“Get Connected” with AccurateShooter.com on Facebook

AccurateShooter.com facebook friend social media forum

As more competitive shooting organizations (such as the U.S. F-TR Team) and manufacturers (such as Berger Bullets), turn to social media to distribute news and information, Facebook has become a much more valuable resource for shooters. Match reports (and photos) often appear first on Facebook, and many vendors post exclusive discount offers for their Facebook “friends”. AccurateShooter has an active Facebook page, and we are close to reaching 7000 “Likes”. Will you help us reach the 7000 mark?

UPDATE: Thanks Facebook Fans! We now have 6816 Likes (and counting!).

If you haven’t visited Facebook lately, check it out. You’ll find lots of valuable information being shared among serious shooters. And Accurateshooter.com also posts popular news items and updates on our AccurateShooter Facebook Page. You’ll find links to many other Facebook pages of interest, such as the USAMU Page, the Sinclair Int’l Page, the USA F-TR Team Page, the CMP Page, the Berger Bullets Page, and the Target Shooter Magazine page. Visit the page at www.facebook.com/AccurateShooter.

Facebook members can network with our page by simply clicking the “Like” (thumbs up) button near the top of the page. Facebook users who click the “Like” button can comment on our Facebook postings. In addition, if you visit our Facebook Page and click on the “MORE” button, you’ll find a Blog link with our latest Daily Bulletin items, complete with thumbnails and story summaries. You can also register with our Shooters’ Forum by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. There is no fee to join our Forum.

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February 28th, 2015

Firing Line Funnies — Humor from the Range

Accurateshooter.com Range Humor joke funny quote

Shooting can be a frustrating sport at times, prompting shooters to say some funny things in the heat of the moment. Here’s a collection of humorous range riposts, supplied by Shooters’ Forum members (who are listed after each quote). Enjoy. (CLICK HERE for full Forum Funny Saying Thread).

“I paid to use all of the target and I’m getting value for money on all of the real estate!” (Macropod)

“How did I do?” “Well the gun went off and nobody got hurt, we can build on that….” (Mr. Majestic)

“Treat that trigger likes it’s your first date, not like you’ve been married to it for 20 years.” (Jet)

“It’s a good thing broad sides of barns aren’t at many shooting ranges.” (Rocky F.)

“At 65 years of age, 1000-yard benchrest is better than sex, because a relay lasts 10 minutes!” (The Viper)

“If you flip the safety off, velocity will increase 1000%” (Rope2Horns)

“If you chase the wind, it will always win.” (Boltline13)

“It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.” (Rocky F.)

“It was an 0.2″ group! Well, err, except for that flyer….” (Dsandfort, photo by RyanJay11)

Accurateshooter.com Range Humor joke funny quote

“I can’t understand it. That load worked good in my other barrel”. (Hogpatrol)

“You bakin a biscuit?” Said to me as I was sitting at the bench ready to shoot with a cartridge in the chamber of a hot gun, taking longer than necessary. (Ebb)

“Shooting groups is easy. Just put the last three between the first two.” (Uthink)

“There is no Alibi for Stupid” (Seen at Berger SWN — Erik Cortina)

Accurateshooter.com Range Humor joke funny quote

“I just shot two Xs, how can that be an 8!!!???” (Snuggie)

Shooter 1: “Hey you cross-fired on my target!” Shooter 2: “Well you cross-fired on mine first.”
Shooter 1: “Yeah but you could have at least shot an X like I did on yours.” (At Raton — Rocky F.)

“I had a bughole going and my second shot dropped straight down!” (JDMock)

“The nut came loose on the end of my stock.” (TXDan)

Quoting James Crofts: “That’s a pretty eight.” (REastman)

“I almost shot a record.” (Jay Christopherson)

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April 3rd, 2012

Facebook Facelift for AccurateShooter.com

AccurateShooter.com Facebook LikeAccurateShooter.com’s Facebook Page has a new look. Our posts and shared links are now organized in a two-column “time-line” format. This new look is part of the Facebook layout update that went into effect this weekend. It may seem a little confusing at first because content now alternates between left column and right column. But you’ll still find the newest stuff at the top, and the older entries at the bottom. Just shift left to right as you read the posts in timeline order from top to bottom. You can still comment on our Facebook entries, or share our posts on your own Facebook “Wall”. If you enjoy what you find on our page, be sure to click the “Like” button, located at the lower RIGHT corner of the header photo. This helps us deliver our content to more Facebook users.

AccurateShooter.com Facebook Like

The Rifle on our New Facebook Page Header
We have also added a bold new Facebook header that lets you know that you have arrived at the right place. Up top is a beautiful rifle originally built by Richard Franklin for Forum member Barry O. (aka “TheBlueEyedBear”). This rifle, chambered in 6mm Super LR (a shortened .243 Win Wildcat), features a BAT SV Action, Bartlein 5R barrel, and a handsome walnut LowRider stock. The LowRider is a Richard Franklin design, now produced by Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles. The Shurley Brothers’ operation has been licensed by Richard Franklin to produce his popular hunting, varmint, and long-range stock designs. As did Franklin, Shurley Brothers offers a wide range of wood options, from Rutland laminates to deluxe fancy woods such as: Curly Maple, Cherry, Myrtle-wood, Bastogne Walnut, and Turkish Walnut. If you want a laminate of fancy woods, such as a Maple and Walnut combo, Shurley Brothers can also build that.

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January 16th, 2011

Read our Latest Feature and Check Out Related Articles

Most of our readers know that AccurateShooter.com completed a major site upgrade late last year. But perhaps you haven’t seen all the new features yet. The site has been completely over-hauled and improved, with a larger format, more photos, better search engine, easier navigation, and database-served articles (to help you find related content faster).

Explore our Updated Website
Visit www.accurateshooter.com, to check out our new home page. There you’ll find a selection of popular articles (that change with each new page visit), a “feed” of our latest Daily Bulletin items, plus links to videos, free targets, free Classified Ads, and of course our popular Cartridge Guides.

New Featured Tubegun Story with Eliseo Video Interview
We just released our latest Featured Gun of the Week Story. This article spotlights a .308 Win tubegun built with an Eliseo (Competition Machine) RTS Chassis. Mark LaFevers, the gun’s owner, assembled the rifle himself and chambered the barrel. And get this — Mark even built his own bipod, bag-riders, scope rings, and advanced muzzle brake. The story is a “must read” for all Tubegunners and .308 Win fans. CLICK HERE to read the story. For a sample, watch the video below, which features an interview with Tubegun guru Gary Eliseo.

YouTube Preview Image

This new Tubegun article illustrates some of the cool features of our upgraded website. First, we’ve embedded thumbnail links to related articles within the text. In addition, in the right column you’ll find a set of links to related stories. Just click on the link (as shown by the arrows) to real a new story on a similar topic. This makes it is easy for readers to find interesting, relevant content. All articles are now searchable through a fast search engine. You’ll find a search window at the upper right hand corner of every page in the updated website.

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March 13th, 2010

New Look, New Location for Daily Bulletin — Change Bookmarks

We have moved the AccurateShooter.com Daily Bulletin to a dedicated server, and have expanded the format with a new look. Hopefully, posts should be easier to read, and the search tools on the right should be more obvious. Also, now you can easily navigate to the most popular sections of AccurateShooter.com (such as our Forum) via the handy tabs at the top of the page.

If you read the Daily Bulletin regularly, please change your bookmarks. To get all the latest Daily Bulletin stories, images, and videos, please link to:


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January 1st, 2010

AccurateShooter.com Now Offers Twitter Updates

Starting today (1/1/10), at the request of readers with smartphones, we will offer important news and updates on Twitter. That’s right, you can now get late-breaking firearm and shooting news on Twitter.com. We hope to use this popular service for instant updates at SHOT Show 2010. Follow our Twitter posts (“tweets”) at http://twitter.com/AccurateShooter. You can even have our posts sent to your smart-phone or mobile device. If you have a Twitter account, click the button to be one of our regular followers.

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October 30th, 2009

AccurateShooter Forum Impresses Users with Speed and Features

This week we activated our new, enhanced Shooters’ Forum. The Forum has been re-installed with speedier software on a fast, dedicated server. If you haven’t visited our Forum yet, you should check it out. Users have been very pleased. Brand 962 says: “Fantastic upgrades. Well worth the wait.” Mike (aka Pdog06) reports: “The Forum is way faster on my end than before. I also like the fact that there are now timestamps on posts and PMs, which can help out in the classifieds when you get multiple ‘I’ll take it’ responses.”

Set your bookmarks to http://www.accurateshooter.com/forum.

AccurateShooter Forum

How to Log In to the New Forum
If you were registered in our Forum before, you can use the SAME User Name and SAME Password on the new Forum. However, on your first visit to the New Forum you’ll need to log-in TWO TIMES in a row to activate your account. The first log-in captures your name and password, and encrypts the info for higher security. The second log-in will activate your account. Thankfully, most people have figured this out. Note that your password is CASE SENSITIVE now. So, if it was all lower case before, you need to type it exactly that way.

Forum Attachments Now Working
When we launched this new Forum we imported over 3500 file attachments (mostly pictures), from the old Forum. That was a very difficult task and we had a few glitches. Now all the attachments are linked up successfully so the attachment feature is live and “open for business”. To attach files to a post you can either upload your image to an image host (such as Photobucket.com) then simply paste the code for the picture into your post. We recommend using a third-party image host for photos, as this will display your pictures full size (or any size you set during upload).

AccurateShooter Forum

But, if you prefer, you can also upload your images as attachments. Your files will then be stored on our server. To upload image attachments, click on the “Additional Options” link below the text box. This will display the attachments option. Click “Choose” to find a file on your computer hard-drive. NOTE: Max file size for an attached file is 150kb so you may have to re-size your images before loading.

Once you’ve designated a file attachment, you can add more attachments the same way if you want. Then, when all the attachments are listed, click POST. Your files will be uploaded to our server and will appear in the post as 180-pixel thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size image.

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