December 13th, 2011

.50 BMG Bottle Opener — Proceeds Benefit Wounded Warriors

Here’s a fun gift item from — a bottle opener made from de-milled .50 BMG cartridges. These .50 Caliber Bottle Openers are made by hand in the USA by a group that donates at least 15% of its profits to helping wounded soldiers via the Travis Manion Foundation.

50 cal bottle opener .50 bmg

The price is $14.99. Considering the simple design, we bet many of our readers could make their own bottle opener using an old cartridge, a Dremel tool, and a file. If that’s too much work, you can order the .50 Cal bottle opener from This item has been so popular that it is currently sold out, but is expecting to receive more inventory on December 19th — right before Christmas.

50 cal bottle opener .50 bmg

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November 16th, 2011

CNC-Machined Headstamp Coasters — Great Gift Item

Tom Sziler headstamp coasterHere’s a great gift item produced by one of our Forum Members. Tom Sziler (aka Tomekeuro85) makes CNC-machined aluminum coasters designed to look like cartridge headstamps. Tom’s coasters are first milled from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum, then anodized in a brass color. Anodizing provides color and protects the finish.

Headstamp Coasters come in sets of four (either matching or mixed) with rubber pads on the bottom. Tom can engrave his coasters to look like most actual production headstamps, for almost every cartridge. (Buyers need to specify the Cartridge name and brass manufacturer.) Cost is $35.00 for set of four (4) matching coasters, or $40.00 for a mixed set with various calibers or mfg. names. Shipping is $5.00 flat rate. Discounts are offered with five (5) or more sets. Order from Tom.Sziler [at]

Tom Sziler headstamp coaster

Tom is taking orders now for Christmas delivery. He told us: “I will set a limit of 60 sets so that I can have them all shipped out in time for Christmas. If you’re interested please get your order in ASAP. I would very strongly prefer to have payment by November 25th at the latest to have everything ready to go as soon as I can. If the payment is not received by that date, I cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.” To order, send email to Tom.Sziler [at] .

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May 22nd, 2010

Tactical Beer Holsters for Thirsty Operators

Beer Beverage camo holsterFor hunters and Tactical operators with big thirsts, here is the ultimate “Apr├Ęs-shoot” accessory. The new Tactical 6-pack beer holster from Dillyeo will hold enough suds for a SWAT entry team, or one really serious boozer. Made from rugged nylon in Woodland Camo pattern, this utility beverage belt allows operators to keep both hands free for mission-critical gear, such as TV remote controls or bean dip.

And for Tactical tee-totalers, the 6-pack holster can also handle non-alcoholic beverages (any 12-ounce can will fit). Priced at just $7.99, the 6-pack holster is a bargain compared to most tactical gear on the market today. And, in all seriousness, it’s actually a clever product that could be great on hikes, picnics, or on a river-rafting trip (but stick to soft drinks at the shooting range). The belt fits waist sizes from 30-54. If the $7.99 Dillyeo belt is sold out, retails a similar 6-Pack Beer Belt for $9.98. Shown below, this Beer Belt holds both cans and bottles. Bottoms up!

Beer Beverage camo holster

CAUTION: While this product is real, it is featured here for satirical purposes. Alcohol and firearms are a dangerous combination. NEVER consume alcoholic beverages before you go shooting, or while you are handling firearms. Don’t even consider drinking until: 1) your guns and ammo are unloaded and safely stowed away; and 2) you have left the firing area, and you have stopped shooting for the day. Wise shooters NEVER bring booze to a shooting range, period.

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