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August 12th, 2010

SGT Sherri Gallagher Leads High Power Championship

Sgt Sherri GallagherSherri Gallagher, the 2009 NRA National Long-Range Champion, could add a High Power Championship to her list of victories, if she stays on pace. Only one woman has ever won the National High Power Championship — Sherri’s mother, Nancy Tompkins. All of Sherri’s fans nationwide all pulling for her to be the second-ever female High Power Champ. But the competition will be tough.

Sherri Gallagher is beginning to pull away in the X-Count, but she could still be overtaken by any of the shooters close behind her in the standings. Carl Bernosky, a multi-time National High-Power Champion, is just one point behind Sherri. Stephen Culpepper and Eric Swearingen are still in striking distance. Ten-time champion David Tubb is not far behind either. Shooting against those male “all-stars”, Gallagher has been very impressive and looks to continue her pace, but this isn’t over just yet. This year’s Championship could go down to the last shot of the last relay.

On the Service Rifle front, Eric Swearingen is in the lead for the Service Rifle Championship with a 1789-86X, but both 2009 Service Rifle Champion Grant Singley (1785-97X) and Troy Lawton’s (1785-70X) are just two points back.

For the latest news from Camp Perry, including High Power Championship standings, visit the NRA Blog. Here is the “leaderboard” after the High Power Rifle Championship’s third day, with one more to go. Tomorrow’s forecast is clear and sunny with no threat of rain.

Match 400 – NRA National High Power Rifle Championship
Name Results
  Sherri Gallagher 1797-129x
  Carl Bernosky 1796-109x
  Stephen Culpepper 1790-91x
  Eric Swearingen 1789-86x
  David Tubb 1787-86x

Late-Breaking News from Camp Perry
Steve Clark Reports: Sherri missed 1st last year from a crossfire. This year so far she’s shooting 71.6% Xs, dropping only 3 points out of 1800. Norm Houle (last year’s Champion) apparently cross-fired today, putting himself back a good number.

Carl’s shooting SOLID — again — this year with his 6mm HAGAR. He’s second, by ONE POINT, after 180 shots, but he’s down 20 Xs. Carl has won the High Power Championship 9 times so far, most recently in 2008 — the first victory with an AR15-platform rifle.

What a great show! Like last year, I think it’s going to come down to the last shot fired tomorrow afternoon to decide the winner.

Report and photo courtesy NRA Blog.

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January 15th, 2010

Meet Champion Shooters at Hornady SHOT Show Booth

team hornadySome of the nation’s finest shooters, including 8-time National High Power Champion Carl Bernosky, will be at the Hornady booth (#12332) at SHOT Show next week. If you’re attending SHOT Show, don’t miss a chance to meet and chat with Bernosky, Max Michel, Doeg Koening, and other top shooters who have won multiple National Championships. Despite his remarkable competitive record, Carl is a very modest, approachable guy. If you have a chance to talk to him, we guarantee you’ll learn things that can help your shooting.

Carl Bernosky

Doug Koenig

Team Hornady® shooters Carl Bernosky, Sean Dexter, Tony Gimmellie, Doug Koenig, Dave Neth, Max Michel, Kelly Neal, Dave Neth, Adam Popplewell, Mike Voigt are all scheduled to appear at the Hornady booth during SHOT Show. (See schedule below). These “top guns” will be on hand to sign autographs, chat about guns, and offer competition tips for their particular disciplines.

team hornady shot show

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August 16th, 2009

Kerr Wins Bernosky Challenge (Air Rifle Comp)

Can you outshoot the 2008 National High Power Champion — with an air rifle? That was the challenge facing over 220 competitors at the inaugural Carl Bernosky Challenge at Camp Perry. Two able shooters proved up to the task, Paul Kerr and USAMU marksman SGT Brandon Green. This popular event introduced shooters to the new Creedmoor-Anschütz NMAR air rifle. The Bernosky Challenge, with $1000.00 in prize money up for grabs, attracted a large crowd, including ‘Gunny’ R. Lee Ermey, the retired Marine who hosts the new Lock N’ Load TV Series on the History Channel.

Carl Bernosky Challenge

With over 220 entries, Paul Kerr out-shot all of the competitors to win the Bernosky Challenge event with a 197-8X score. USAMU shooter Brandon Green finished a close second, scoring 197-3X. Nine-time NRA High-Power Champion Carl Bernosky was just one point behind, scoring 196-4X.

Carl Bernosky Challenge

CLICK HERE to view the Bernosky Challenge Finals PHOTO GALLERY.

The new National Match Air Rifle discipline was developed by the CMP to simulate High Power rifle across-the-course shooting and provide adults with an air rifle discipline that builds on the popular junior three-position air rifle program. This NMAR discipline is ideal for High Power competitors looking for indoor or off-season shooting opportunities. NMAR targets are scaled down High Power SR and MR targets. Courses of fire simulate High Power matches, but at shorter distances.

NMAR Air Rifle

Thirty-five (35) Creedmoor Sports NMAR rifles were available for competitors to use during this competition. To learn more about the NMAR air rifle, visit

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July 29th, 2009

Outshoot the Champ and Win $100 at Camp Perry

Creedmoor Air Rifle Bernosky ChallengeHeaded to Camp Perry this summer? Take the “Bernosky Challenge” while you’re there and compete for over $1000 in cash prizes. The “Bernosky Challenge” is being conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program in cooperation with Creedmoor Sports.

Competitors in the Bernosky Challenge will fire the National Match Air Rifle Standing Course with the new Creedmoor-Anschütz NMAR air rifles and compete against the current Camp Perry High Power champion, Carl Bernosky. One of America’s all-time great target rifle shooters, Carl won his 9th NRA National High Power Rifle Championship in 2008. This year, Bernosky will seek his 10th Championship using a Creedmoor CSR-1 Match Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

ANYONE who can beat Carl Bernosky in this air rifle challenge will receive $100. (See challenge rules for details.) Go to or CLICK HERE for more details.

The new National Match Air Rifle discipline was developed by the CMP to simulate High Power rifle across-the-course shooting and provide adults with an air rifle discipline that builds on the popular junior three-position air rifle program. This NMAR discipline gives High Power competitors off-season shooting opportunities. One of three NMAR equipment classes is for air rifles configured like M16/AR-type rifles.The Creedmoor-Anschütz NMAR rifle is one of these rifles. NMAR targets are scaled down High Power SR and MR targets. Courses of fire are closely related to current High Power courses.

Creedmoor Air Rifle Bernosky Challenge

Thirty-five (35) Creedmoor NMAR rifles are available for anyone for use during this competition. CLICK HERE for more details!

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July 6th, 2009

Bernosky Switches to 6.5 Creedmoor TubeGun for Perry

Carl BernoskyCarl Bernosky, 8-time winner of the Camp Perry National High Power Championships, will be switching back to a bolt gun for the 2009 competition. Last year, Carl shot an AR15-based spacegun built on Smith & Wesson M&P15 components. With that rifle, Carl became the first competitor to win the Camp Perry High Power Championship shooting an AR15-type semi-auto.

But this year Carl will be shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor CSR-1 TubeGun from Creedmoor Sports. Based on a TubeGun Chassis and buttstock by Gary Eliseo (of Competition Shooting Stuff), the CSR-1 features a Pierce Precision Rem 700-clone receiver, and a 28″ Broughton barrel.

Carl Bernosky Creedmoor Rifle

Both the buttstock and the handguard are adjustable to suit the shooter. The handguard/float tube can rotate 15 degrees from center in either direction, allowing the shooter to adjust his desired rifle cant. The 4-way buttstock adjusts for length-of-pull, cant, buttpad height and offset. There is an adjustable cheekpiece and even two 4.8-ounce removeable weights to allow precise balancing of the rig.

The CSR-1 is offered in five (5) chamberings: 308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6XC, and .223 Rem. At Camp Perry, Carl Bernosky will be shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor version of the rifle, using Hornady components.

Carl Bernosky Creedmoor Rifle

CLICK HERE to learn more about specs and features of CSR-1 ($3750.00 complete).

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February 5th, 2009

Nat'l Champion Carl Bernosky at Harrisburg Sportsman Show

National High Power champion Carl Bernosky will be at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA from February 7 through February 15, 2009. Carl won the 2008 Camp Perry Nat’l High Power Championship — his eighth Camp Perry National title. For our readers in the Northeast, here’s your chance to chat with one of America’s top shooters.

Carl Bernosky

While most well-known for his rifle and pistol shooting skills, Carl is also an outstanding smith and stock-maker. He produces stocks for many of the country’s top High Power and benchrest shooters. Carl, eight time NRA High Power Rifle Champion, builds custom rifles and custom stocks, including many designs for Alex Sittman of Master Class Stocks. While at the show, Carl will be showcasing his work and taking orders for stocks and full custom-rifle builds. You can view Carl’s Stock Patterns on his website,

Carl Bernosky

At the Harrisburg Sportsman Show, Carl will be working with eyewear-maker SunBuster at booth # 2600. Steve Asman, SunBuster’s president said, “We just returned from SHOT Show in Orlando. Now at Harrisburg, we’ll be able to meet all of the hunters and shooting enthusiasts in person and demonstrate how to be properly fitted for eyewear and why choosing our ColorCorrect™ lens can affect your shooting accuracy.”

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August 10th, 2008

Bernosky Wins Camp Perry High Power Championship

This week, Carl Bernosky captured his second straight NRA National High Power Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio. That is 9 championships in 14 tries for Bernosky. 11-time NRA High Power Champion David Tubb was second. Carl scored 2384-118X shooting his 6mm Hagar* in an AR-based “spacegun”. This back-to-back victory, Bernosky’s NINTH Camp Perry High Power Championship, establishes the modest Pennsylvanian as one of the greatest rifle shooters of our generation. Carl also won the Vandenburg Cup, and took second in the McCann Trophy Match, which was won by David Tubb. Tubb’s remarkable 1200-81X score broke the previous McCann Trophy Match record, set by David in 2003. Good Shooting David! Norman Houle took the Clarke Trophy Match, followed by David Tubb.

Carl Bernosky Camp Perry Champion

Final Standings Decided by X-Count
The National High Power Championship was tightly contested, with David Tubb and PFC Sherri Hurd “in the hunt” thoughout the match. Tubb and Hurd finished the 2008 National Championship with identical 2375 scores. The X-Count was used as the tie-breaker; David prevailed with 127X compared to Hurd’s 94X. Sherri was the top Service shooter and top woman. Fourth place was also decided by X-count tie-breaker, with Ronald Zerr edging Norman Houle by a single ‘X’.

Carl Bernosky Camp Perry

Tyrel Cooper won the Service Rifle Championship with a 2362-101 score. The next four places, in order, were: Ron Fleischhacker (2359-79), Shawn McKenna (2358-83), Grant Singley (2351-94), and Daniel Duitsman (2350-89).

NRA Websites Offer More Info on Camp Perry Matches
For complete match results, visit the NRA Championships Results Page. Daily reports from NRA correspondents on the scene are offered on the new Camp Perry Live Blog.

David Tubb Camp Perry

*The 6mm Hagar resembles a 6.8 SPC with a .100″ longer body, 30-degree shoulder, and greater case capacity. It has a .420 rim diameter, and is formed from .30 Remington brass.

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