February 14th, 2018

New Birchwood Casey Metal Target Stands

Birchwood Casey Target Stand Metal base

Here are products that the vast majority of shooters can use and afford. Birchwood Casey has four new portable metal target stands that can work with both paper and steel targets. Most of these stands are used with conventional shooter-supplied wood target frames, so perhaps they are best considered “target stand bases”. These provide a strong, durable all-metal base that is easily transported. All these new Birchwood Casey Target Stands have a $40.00 MSRP, with typical $30 street prices.

Birchwood Casey Target Stand Metal base

The Universal Gong Nested Stand uses standard 2×4 lumber for an upright and works well in conjunction with the Birchwood Casey 2-in-1 Gong Target Hanger to mount any metal target. The stand measures 20.5” wide x 20” deep and is 5” high.

Birchwood Casey Target Stand Metal base

The Swivel Leg Target Stand has two legs that swivel out at a 90° angle to the target holder for stability. The stand measures 21” wide x 4.5” high and the legs are 17” long. It uses standard dimension 1”x2” lumber for uprights. This is a good choice to hold wood frames with large paper targets.


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September 4th, 2017

Atomic Green Target Spots — Super-Bright Color Aids Aiming

Birchwood Casey Atomic Green Target Spots Circles day-glo

Birchwood Casey Atomic Green orange Target Spots Circles day-gloWe like to use the Birchwood Casey 2″ and 3″ orange “Target Spots” stick-on circles (with diamond centers) for shooting at 300 yards and beyond (photo right). These give you a very precise aiming point if you align your cross-hairs with the corners of the diamond. However, we know that some guys, particularly those whose scopes have “target-dot” reticles, prefer to have a small box for an aim point. In addition, the orange Target Spots are not a true “Day-Glo” color, so they may seem a little dull (low-contrast) when the target is in shadow.

For guys who want an ultra-high contrast target with a square box in the center, Birchwood Casey offers a series of neon green targets with box centers and spike-style extended vertical and horizontal lines (like on a compass). The manufacturer explains: “These newly-designed adhesive Target Spots come in highly-visible Atomic Green. The crosshair design fulfills the needs of open-sight shooters along with scope users. Easily line up your open sights on the center square or lay the crosshairs along the vertical and horizontal diminishing lines.” You can also rotate the Atomic Green Target Spots 45° to create a diamond center with the crosshairs in an “X” pattern.

We’ve sampled these targets. The Atomic Green background is a true “Day-Glo” color (like safety signs) so these circles appear very bright on a target backer. These work well in low light. We won’t throw away our orange Target Spots, but these Atomic Green circles are a nice option. NOTE: Atomic Green spots are NOT “splatter” targets — a contrasting bright color does NOT appear around your bullet holes.

Multiple Sizes Offered
Birchwood Casey sells the new Atomic green circles in various sizes. You can order a Combo Pack with sixty 1″-diameter spots, thirty 2″-diameter spots, and twenty 3″-diameter circles.

Or purchase the 3″-diameter green spots in a separate pack of forty (40) circles. Birchwood Casey also sells 6″-diameter Atomic Green Target Spots, 10 per pack.

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August 11th, 2016

New Reactive Spinning Diamond Targets from Birchwood Casey

Here are cool new reactive metal targets that spin rapidly when hit (watch video above). Birchwood Casey’s new Diamond Spinning Targets are fun to shoot. And, after each hit, the diamond automatically resets to face the shooter. That’s handy. There are three versions — all feature a durable metal frame that’s easy to place in the ground

Choose the Jack, King, or Ace of Diamonds depending on your intended use (and type of guns):

Jack of Diamonds (for Airguns up to 1000 fps) — $37.00 MSRP ($26.83 from Amazon)
King of Diamonds (for .22 Rimfire pistols and rifles) — $41.00 MSRP ($33.41 from Amazon)
Ace of Diamonds (AR500 Steel for Centerfire pistols and rifles) — $140.00 MSRP ($73.25 from Amazon)

The Ace of Diamonds™ is constructed of ½” AR500 steel. That’s tough enough for centerfire handguns and rifles. The King of Diamonds™ is designed for .22 rimfire pistols and rifles. The least expensive variant, the Jack of Diamonds™, is rated for airguns up to 1000 fps. These Diamond Spinning Targets are made in the USA. For more info, visit www.birchwoodcasey.com or call 800-746-6862.

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October 7th, 2015

White/Black Shoot-N-C Targets for Long Range Practice

Here’s a unique product that may be useful for practice sessions at 400 yards and beyond. Birchwood Casey now offers high-contrast, White/Black versions of its popular Shoot-N-C targets. There are four types of Shoot-N-C White/Black targets: 8″ Bulls-Eye X (#34802), 12″ Bulls-Eye X (#34019), and 12″ multi-diamond target (#34219), and 12″ x 18″ silhouette (#34615).

On all White/Black Shoot-N-C target types, the target background is all-white, and a large black “halo” or circle appears around each bullet hole. This makes the bullet impact much easier to see at long range. Normally it is very difficult to see 6mm (and smaller) bullet holes past 500 yards or so, unless conditions are absolutely perfect. At 800 or 1000 yards it can be nearly impossible to see even 30-caliber bullet holes in conventional paper targets. With these new white/black Shoot-N-C targets the large black ring surrounding each hit can be seen fairly easily, even at extreme ranges. NOTE: These targets work great with a target-cam — even if you have a monochrome monitor.


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April 12th, 2015

Spring-Loaded Belly Dancer Target Moves When Hit

Here’s a clever new product from Birchwood Casey, makers of Shoot-N-C targets. The innovative, spring-loaded “Belly Dancer” target moves when hit. This does the duty of a gong at a fraction of the weight and cost. The Belly Dancer is handy, easy to transport, and affordable ($34.07 at Amazon.com). What’s the down-side? Well, eventually you’re going to hit those springs and they will need replacement. Also, while the polymer target zone can withstand hundreds of shots, it will not last forever.

Polymer belly dancer gong target springs rifle shooting AccurateShooter

Ground Strike “Belly Dancer” Target

The new Belly Dancer Target employs springs to move back and forth when hit. The 9.5″ x 6.5″ yellow target section is made from a self-healing polymer that can withstand hundreds of hits. Designed for use with any caliber from .22 up, this Belly Dancer target doesn’t “clang” like a gong but the waiving motion indicates a hit. Shoot the neon-yellow gong-shaped head by itself or add stick-on 6″ Bullseye targets for precision work. This Belly Dancer target system works well as long as the ground is relatively soft. In rocky areas you may have trouble inserting the support shafts. But we still like this new product. It’s great for rifle practice at 300-600 yards.

Belly Dancer Target Features
– Yellow Hit Zone measures 9.5″ high and 6.5″ wide.

- Metal stand is 14″ high.

- Rated for all calibers and firearms.

- Long-last technology handles hundreds of rounds.

- Includes twelve 6″-Diameter Shoot•N•C Targets.

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April 19th, 2014

Better Viewing at 600 Yards with ‘Negative’ Targets

At long range, small bullet holes are much easier to see in the white than in the black. When you’re practicing at long range on high power targets, one way to enhance your ability to see your bullet holes is to print a “negative” version of the regulation bullseye target.

How do you create a “negative” of a target image? Many image programs, including the FREE Irfanview software, have a “Negative” function in the pull-down menu. If you don’t see a “Negative” menu option in your program, look for a “substitute colors” option. Many printers also have a “reverse colors” function. If you can’t find a solution with your computer or printer, just take a normal bullseye target to a copy shop, and the staff can easily print you a set of targets with white centers in black fields.

Forum member Watercam uses a Pentax PF-80ED spotting scope. With his 80mm Pentax he can see 6mm bullet holes in the white at 600 yards (in very good conditions), but holes in the black are only visible out to 400 yards or so. Accordingly, Watercam uses a modified “reversed” black-to-white target for 600-yard practice.

Watercam told us: “The view through the Pentax is very sharp and contrasty with great color. Eye relief with the Pentax 10-60 power zoom is 18-22mm (much more than the Kowa zoom), so I can use glasses with no problem. With my 6mm and limited mirage I’m seeing defined, 6mm holes in the white out to 600. In the black, I can see bullets holes at about 400 with my eyes. I am printing reverse-color targets for training without a pit partner at the 600-yard line.”

Pentax PF-80 ED scope

Brits Use New White-Field Target for F-Class
In the UK, ranges are now using a “reverse-style” target with a mostly white area. Laurie Holland says this allows shooters to see shots much more easily. Laurie reports: “Here’s a photo of the 500/600 yard F-Class match target we use in PSSA comps at Diggle Ranges with club members Chris Hull (L) and Terry Mann (R). We now use this target form at all ranges up to 1K for F-Class, and, yes you can often see your hits at 600 on the target before the markers pull it. Regards from England — Laurie”.

Day-Glo Stick-on Targets
If you’re not concerned with official scoring rings, you can use an all-white target with a bright, fluorescent target dot in the middle. A 2″- or 3″-diameter stick-on target dot is highly visible at 600 yards. With a high-quality scope, you can use the small black diamonds in the center for precise aiming. The Birchwood Casey Target Spots® assortment (item #33928-TSA) offers neon orange target dots in 1″, 2″, and 3″ diameters. This “value pack” includes 72-1″, 36-2″, and 24-3″ self-adhesive circles.

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August 30th, 2013

Make Your Own Shoot-N-C Type Targets for Pennies

Birchwood Casey Shoot N CBirchwood-Casey brand Shoot-N-C targets are great for fun shooting. When your bullet passes through the target, a large yellow splash of color surrounds the bullet hole. This is ideal for plinking at short range without optics. Even when using a powerful scope, the color splash on the high-contrast background helps you see your hits at long range. We’ve been able to see Shoot-N-See bullet hits at 800 yards with a 42-power scope.

The only problem with official Shoot-N-See targets is the price. A 30-sheet pack of 8″ Bullseye Shoot-N-C targets costs about $22.00 plus shipping.

Well folks, put your money back in your wallet. In the YouTube Video below, SebalHP shows how to make your own color-splash targets for pennies per target. All you need are sheets of neon (day-glow) poster paper, cheap bulk packing tape, and a can of spray paint. (You can even speed up the process if you can find full size laminating sheets at an office supply store — these replace the tape.)

Making the targets is easy. Simply place the plastic tape over the neon paper. Then spray with matte black paint. Of course do your painting outdoors, in a well-ventilated area! When the paint is dry, cut target to desired size. Watch the video and see how simple it is.

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July 24th, 2013

New Fun Splatter Targets with Reactive Zones

Birchwood Casey’s new splattering Pregame™ Targets offer shooters three new games for shooting alone or for some friendly competition with other shooters. New technology now creates reactive zones within each target, making it easy to see scoring hits. Shots inside the reactive zones show a white halo. Shots outside of the main aiming points display without a halo effect.

The new Pregame Targets include the Trick Shot™ pool game, Star Burst™ (three rows of red, green and blue stars), and the Checkered Flag™ race game. Shooters can make up their own rules and shoot against a competitor or time themselves and shoot against the clock. Watch the Video to see how the new targets’ reactive zones function. The 12″ x 18″ (30cm x 45cm) targets offer dozens of different possibilities. Pregame Targets come in packs of eight and sell for $12.60. For more information visit www.birchwoodcasey.com.

Pregame Trick Shot
Large Image

Pregame Star Burst
Large Image

Pregame Checkered Flag
Large Image

Watch Video to See How New Reactive Zone Splatter Targets Work:

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May 26th, 2013

New 17.75″ Shoot-N-C Grid Target with Five Aim Points

Birchwood Casey Sight-in Target 17.75Birchwood Casey has just introduced a super-sized grid target that should work great at 250 yards and beyond. The new Shoot-N-C “Sight-In” target, 17.75″ on a side, features five (5) red aiming points inside large, yellow-edged diamonds.

The background is a grid of 1″ squares with a larger cross outlined in heavy yellow lines. The accurately-sized grid pattern makes it easy to estimate your groups (and adjust your scope to center point of impact). Even if shots fall inside the large, black diamond zones without grid lines, you easily make a quick correction using the nearby grid markings.

As with other Shoot-N-C “splatter” targets, this big 17.75″ target produces a bright, highly-visible yellow ring around each bullet hole. In most conditions, with a 25-power or greater scope, we can see bullet holes at 600 yards using this kind of target. You can buy a lot of these targets for the cost of a target cam — something that might be otherwise required to see bullet holes reliably beyond 500 yards.

Birchwood Casey also recommends this target for sighting in. We can see how that might be useful if you have very low-power riflescope or no spotting scope. Again, the handy grid pattern lets you dial your correction with precision, which should speed up the sight-in process.

Birchwood Casey Sight-in Target 17.75After sighting-in, if you have a very accurate rifle, this may not be the best choice of target at 100 and 200 yards. A half-inch group will just create a big yellow blob, and it may be difficult to distinguish single bullet holes. But at longer ranges, even the most accurate rifles will normally produce large enough groups that you can see individual shot placements (with black separating yellow splatter rings).

Shoot-N-C 17.75” Sight-In Targets come in packs of five targets, with 85 stick-on pasters. There are red diamond pasters (for additional aiming points) and black pasters to cover shot marks. MSRP for the 5-pack is $25.30, but many vendors are selling the 5-pack for under $17.00. The lowest price we found was $11.89 at www.bigsupplyshop.com.

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