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March 10th, 2015

Run AR Magazines in your Rem 700 Bolt Gun

Pacific tool and gauge ar-15 magazine bottom metalHow’d you like to run AR-15 Mags in your Rem 700 bolt gun? Sound far-fetched? Well think again. Pacific Tool and Gauge has developed a unique bottom metal system for Rem 700 short actions that works with standard AR-15 mags, providing reliable function with .223 Rem (5.56x45mm) rounds. The AR-mag compatible Rem 700 Bottom Metal costs $129.00 by itself, or $149.00 with a C-Products 10-round magazine.

The system works with straight 5-round, 10-round, and 20-round metal mags as well as larger, angled 30-round metal mags. (Because they are thicker, Magpul mags and other polymer magazines do not work with this PT&G bottom metal system.)

Pacific tool Gauge Rem 700 bottom metal ar15 ar-15 magpul magazine

At SHOT Show, Dave Kiff showed us the AR-Mag compatible bottom metal. “It took a lot of time to get the geometry just right, but we’re proud of this product”, Dave said. A PT&G exclusive, this special bottom metal as been designed to fit in all Remington 700 standard factory stocks right off the shelf with minimal inletting. This bottom metal features a handy mag release button incorporated into the side of the bottom metal (this is more reliable and secure than a mag release in the trigger guard).

Pacific tool Gauge Rem 700 bottom metal ar15 ar-15 magpul magazine

Slight Modification Required During Installation
Customers purchasing this bottom metal will need to modify their Rem 700 actions very slightly, to create a little extra clearance. The Feed Bevel (left photo) needs to be opened to 0.660″, while the mag well needs to be opened to 0.900″.

Pacific tool Gauge Rem 700 bottom metal ar15 ar-15 magpul magazine

Product tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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April 17th, 2014

Save up to 42% this Month on PT&G Bottom Metal Kits

Do you have a tactical rifle project in the works, or are you looking to upgrade the bottom metal on your existing bolt gun? Then head over to the PT&G website before the end of month. During April Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G) is running a Bottom Metal Blow-Out Sale. You can save 15-42% on quality Bottom metal for a variety of rifle types — Colt, Howa, Remington, Ruger, Winchester. On sale this month are both flush and extended options for detachable box magazines. In addition, you’ll find a variety of hinged, flush bottom metal sets for conventional internal magazines.

PT&G Pacific Tool Bottom Metal Sale

PT&G Pacific Tool Bottom Metal Sale

New PT&G Bottom Metal for Ruger Actions
Ruger owners take note — PT&G is now taking orders for DBM-capable Stealth bottom metal for Ruger rifles. This bottom metal in offered in both Short Action and Long Action Versions. It will fit the M77, M77 Scout (short action only), and M77 Hawkeye, and Ruger American (with aftermarket stock). The Short Action Version is now $99 (28% off) while the Long Action verision is $119.50 (20% Off).

PT&G Pacific Tool Bottom Metal Sale

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December 28th, 2013

PT&G Year-End Special on Bottom Metal — Save 42%

PT&G Bottom metal christmas sale box magazine remingtonDo you need bottom metal for your Remington-footprint action (factory or custom) or a Winchester action? Then visit pronto. Right now PT&G has bottom metal marked down, with savings up to 42%. Choose from a variety of styles. There are hinge-mount, flush-mount, and magwell-type versions offered, starting at just $75.00, a 42% savings over the $129.00 regular price. If you want one of these bottom metal sets, act quickly — the Special concludes at 11:59 pm on December 28, 2013.

PT&G Bottom metal christmas sale box magazine remington

Sale Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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June 22nd, 2013

CDI Precision Bottom Metal and Single-Shot Loading Blocks

CDI Precision gunworksRun by Jeff Allen in Florida, CDI Precision Gunworks offers high-quality, mag-capable bottom metal for a wide variety of rifles and action types. The CDI bottom metal kits, priced at $209.00, feature an integrated trigger guard, mag-well, magazine release, and, of course, action-screw locations.

Most kits are designed for use with Accuracy International (AI) magazines, sold separately. These bottom metal kits are nicely finished and gunsmiths tell us that the fit is extremely good. CDI currently offers bottom metal kits for all these rifle/action types:

• Howa 1500 Short Action
• Howa 1500 Long Action
• FN-SPR Rifles (Also works on FN-PBR rifles)
• Remington 700 Short Action (.308, .300 WSM/7MM WSM, .223 mags work as well)
• Remington 700 Long Action (300 Win Mag, 338 Lapua, 338 CIP Mag box is available)
• Savage Short Action — (Both 4.275″ stagger-feed and newer 4.400″ Center feed)
• Savage Long Action (Call for Tech Data)
• Tikka T3 (Long and Short Action)
• Winchester Short Action (All Post 1964)
• Winchester Long Action, Short Box (.308 Win Length)
• Winchester Long Action Magnum Length (7MM Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag)
• Mauser 98 Large Ring action (.308 Win Mag box size)

CDI Precision Bottom Metal

CDI Precision Bottom Metal

CDI Precision Bottom Metal

CDI Precision Bottom Metal

Single-Shot Loading Blocks just $35.00
CDI has designed a single-shot loading block (SSLB) for use with CDI short action bottom metal kits. The SSLB lets you shoot your rifle in single-shot mode without a magazine. Simply place a round on the black cartridge-holder and close your bolt. This is a good set-up for load testing from the bench, or if you want to shoot very long bullets with a COAL greater than magazine length. CDI’s SSLB costs just $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

CDI Precision Bottom Metal

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January 10th, 2013

Pacific Tool and Gauge (PT&G) 2013 SHOT Show Specials

Pacific Tool and Gauge Dave KiffPacific Tool and Gauge is running a SHOT Show Special with big savings on bolts, bottom metal, chamber reamers, gauges and more. SHOT Show Special prices are offered for FOUR DAYS ONLY: January 15 through January 18, 2013. If you see something you want in the Specials list below, don’t hesitate. You can save $20-$30 (or more) on these SHOT Show Special items.

Call (541) 826-5808 to order and mention the SHOT Show Special. Remember deals expire at the end of the day on January 18, 2013!!

PT&G 2013 SHOT Show Specials

Custom and Wildcat Chamber Reamers
(Sm to Med) with removable pilot — $135 each

Standard SAAMI or CIP Chamber Reamers
HSS with removable pilot — $110 each
Carbide with removable pilot — $175 each

Remington “Stealth” Detachable Mag Bottom Metal — $99 each
L/A: BDL bolt in black | L/A: M5 black | S/A: M5 black
(Not including mag box and no engraving)
Remington PT&G Stealth Bottom Metal

Remington & Winchester Trigger Guard — $79 each
Long Action and Short Action Aluminum in the white
(Not including follower or spring)

RH custom size on the OD. L/A or S/A, with or without flutes
Your choice of extractor type — $175 each

RH standard size .699 OD, with or without flutes.
Your choice of extractor type — $149 each

PT&G one piece 1-piece bolt

Small to medium — $25 each
Large (50BMG) gauges — $42.50 each

PT&G Expands Plant, Adds New Products, Launches Custom Shop

Dave Kiff, founder of PT&G, tells us there are many positive new developments at his company: “We will have new products coming out for 2013. There will be 14 new reamers, fixtures and rifle parts coming out after SHOT Show [plus] we are adding more bolts and bottom metal. Plus, we are now able to sell overseas with our ITAR in place.”

Pacific Tool and Gauge Dave Kiff

Pacific Tool and Gauge Dave KiffWith ever-increasing demand for its products, PT&G has grown dramatically in recent years. The company has invested $2.5 million dollars, expanded its production facilities, and added many more highly-trained staffers. Dave notes: “We have gone from 49 people to 126 toolmakers and office staff. Two years ago I decided to grow to meet the demands and needs of our customers and added machinery, buildings, and new employees. It has been a long, hard road but… we are just about over our growing pains.”

New PT&G Custom Shop
Dave has started a custom shop with fast turn-around. Dave says: “We are offering a 48-hour delivery on emergency tools and a 1-6 week delivery on tools that a gunsmith can wait on[.] We are able to stock SAAMI and Match grade chamber reamers on the shelf.”

Enhanced Certification System
Dave has created a new certification system: “[We have] put together a certification-auditable form that is stapled to the invoice and is filed so that if a customer has a question on a reamer size we can look up the tool and read the inspection data. This is working great.”

Pacific Tool and Gauge Dave Kiff

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October 29th, 2011

New Bottom Metal for DBMs from Stiller Precision Firearms

Stiller Precision Firearms is now offering hard-anodized, billet aluminum bottom metal systems that work with Accuracy International (AI) magazines in Rem-style actions. Currently a short-action version is offered (for both .223 Rem and .308 Win cartridge sizes) and a long-action unit is in the works. Bottom metal for the .223 Rem fits a 10-round magazine. For the .308 Win, there are three mag options: 5-round centerfeed, 10-round centerfeed, and a 10-round, .308 double-column mag. The double-column magazines won’t work in the standard Remington action, but are perfectly suited for dedicated actions such as Stiller’s new TAC30 A/W. Current MSRP for Stiller’s DBM Bottom Metal is $295.00 with one (1) 5-round magazine.

Stiller Bottom Metal DBM

Jerry Stiller consulted many tactical shooters before finalized the design of his new bottom metal. It contains many smart features that enhance reliability/function and simplify the installation process:

  • Strong, billet aluminum construction with Mil-Spec Type 3 hard anodizing.
  • Flared magwell allows fast, positive insertion of Accuracy International magazines.
  • Computer-optimized truss pattern reduces weight while retaining strength and stiffness.
  • Works with all commonly-available triggers for Rem and Rem-clone actions.
  • “Exact-Fit” pillars and screws included to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation.
  • NO SPECIAL INLET is required on the tang ends. Stiller Bottom Metal will fit into a standard BDL bottom inlet in most stocks (must meet Remington specified depths). The only cutting needed is around the magazine box. Stiller has beefed up the material in this area so that a high-precision cut is not needed.

Stiller Bottom Metal DBM

Stiller Bottom Metal DBM

Story tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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February 1st, 2011

Tactical Bottom Metal from R+D Precision

While at SHOT Show, Dave Kiff showed us some nice bottom metal PT&G crafts for R+D Precision. Designed for tactical rifles with Detachable Box Magazines (DBMs), this R+D bottom metal features dual trigger-finger, quick-release latches (photo below). This permits very quick mag changes. This bottom metal is a product of R+D Precision and can only be ordered through R+D Precision,, (626) 806-4389. R&D also makes a $24.95 RAD TACLatch retro-fit for Badger bottom metal. The ambidextrous, dual-lever TACLatch allows the shooter to drop the mag with one hand. Note: All rights and patents associated with these items belong to R&D Precision.

R+D Precision DBM bottom metal

R+D Precision taclatch

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January 30th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: New Items from Pacific Tool & Gauge

Dave Kiff, President of Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G), showed us some great new products his company will offer in 2011. First Dave showed PT&G’s new Rem 40X rimfire bolt. This is a complete bolt that will “drop in” to rimfire 40X actions. So, if you’ve picked up a surplus 40X from the CMP that is lacking a bolt, you can complete the rifle with one of Dave’s $199.00 40X bolt assemblies.

PT&G 40X bolt

YouTube Preview Image

Next Dave showcased his new one-piece Remington bolts with integral handle. Factory Rem bolt-handles are silver-soldered on to the main bolt assembly. With hard use, the bolt handles can break or separate. PT&G has cured that problem with an integrated bolt/bolt handle assembly that is CNC-milled from a single piece of billet. Dave says this produces a bolt-handle that “even the sniper guys can’t break”.

PTG DBM bottom metal

Last but not least, Dave showed some new bottom metal options. PT&G now offers handy Oberndorf-style bottom metal with a convenient push-button release in the front of the trigger-guard (see Video for demo). With a more ergonomic and positive latching system than the standard Rem bottom plate release, the Oberndorf bottom metal is very popular according to Kiff.

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January 7th, 2011

Pacific Tool & Gauge SHOT Show Specials

Pacific Tool Gauge Shot Show specials

Pacific Tool & Gauge, makers of reamers, replacement bolts, bottom metal and other specialty gun tools and parts, has announced its 2011 SHOT Show Specials. These specially-discounted items, listed below, are on sale during show days, January 18 – 21, 2011 only. IMPORTANT: These special prices are limited to on-site SHOT Show attendees or readers of | ONLY. If you order by phone or email, you MUST mention | AND Promo Code SS121 to qualify. Remember, the sale prices are valid Jan. 18-21 only. On those days, call (541) 826-9244, and mention this website and PROMO CODE SS121.

Solid Pilot Finish Reamer – $66.00ea
Removable Pilot Finish Reamer – $125.00ea
Carbide Reamers – $167.00ea

Remington Replacement Bolts with Non-Attached Handle – $99.00
1-Piece Remington Bolt – $147.00

Bottom Metal
Remington 700 – SA and LA & Model 7 Bottom Metal

Aluminum – $75.00 | Steel – $99.00

Winchester Bottom Metal
Aluminum – $75.00

Special Sales Prices limited to Jan. 18-21 purchases, and limited to SHOT Show Attendees or | Readers ONLY. Prices subject to change without notice.
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January 20th, 2010

SHOT Show New Products — Quick Look

Streamlined DBM Mag Release from American Precision Arms
Jered Joplin of American Precision Arms (formerly Patriot Arms) showed us a smart new product that should speed up mag changes for tactical bolt-gun competitors. The new APA detachable box magazine (DBM) bottom metal has two, spring-loaded tabs, one on either side of the tigger guard. Just push down on the tab on either side and the magazine drops out quickly and easily. You don’t have to fumble around with hard-to-operate latches anymore.

American Precision Arms’ DBM system uses the well-proven AICS magazine, as several others do, but APA’s version has the most streamlined and user-friendly mag release mechanism. Releasing the magazine with the trigger finger is very intuitive. The release levers are machined to fit flush with the trigger guard edges, so there is virtually no change of a snag or unintentional release. For more information, call Jered Joplin at (706) 534-1577.

New Protektor Model Deluxe Rear Bags
We stopped by the Protektor Model booth and were pleased to find some new deluxe rear bags on display. The DR bag, a large square rear bag, is one of Jason’s favorites. He suggested to Protektor that it combine this flat top design with the larger Loaf design, shown at right in the picture below. The loaf provides extra stabiity and it can serve as a hand/arm rest as well.

One new Protektor product that caught our attention was a thick-botomed bag with a carry handle. The thick bottom is crafted from hard, thick leather with an extra layer of suede on the bottom for enhanced grip. Though designed for bench use, I dubbed this model the “F-Class Bag” because the extra height would be very helpful when shooting from the ground, and the built-in handle would be ideal for carrying the bag out to the shooting positions. This new F-Class Bag is not on Protektor’s website yet, but it is a production model that should retail for roughly $70.00 unfilled and about $80.00 filled with sand. (Protektor conveniently offers both filled and un-filled versions of most of its sandbags.)

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July 28th, 2009

New Super-Strong Bottom Metal from Tactical Rifles

Tactical Rifles (TR), a Florida-based precision rifle builder and parts-maker, has introduced new, ultra-durable bottom metal for Rem 700 and Rem-clone receivers. Why do we need better/stronger bottom metal? Just take a look at photo below. It shows a factory Rem floorplate that failed at the trigger guard.

Tactical Rifles bottom metal

The TR floorplate/detachable magazine assembly is lighter, yet stronger than factory bottom metal and competitive after-market products: “At it’s thinnest part the TR floorplate assembly is 150% thicker than our nearest competitors’ unit.” That makes the unit much stronger and more durable. In addition the TR floorplate is designed to work with TR’s milspec, dual-stack, center-feed magazines. This center-feed mag design provides more reliable feeding and function.

The photo below left shows a TR floorplate assembly under the wheel of a heavy pick-up truck. As you can see in the right photos, the “overbuilt” TR bottom-metal passes this test with flying colors.

Tactical Rifles bottom metal Tactical Rifles bottom metal

TR floorplate assemblies are now available for purchase as a replacement part for any Remington 700-style rifle. Minimal gunsmithing is required but the end result is, according to tactical rifles, “dramatically increased reliability … without the binding that occurs in some of the other detachable box magazine (DBM) systems available today.” For more info, visit, or call 877-811-GUNS (4867).

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