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January 27th, 2013

Kruger Premium Targets Showcased at SHOT Show

Story by Lars Dalseide for NRABlog
There were many European exhibitors at the 2013 SHOT Show, including Kruger Premium Targets from Germany. After a successful first run at the 2012 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio, the call for Kruger targets has been picking up steam.

“We are always surprised by how many people come to the show,” said Kruger Sales Manager Joachim Seibold. “For us it is a big advantage because so many people stop by our booth. So many orders.” Now with a state side warehouse located in Oregon, their ability to fill those orders promises to be even quicker than before.

Photo by NRABlog

After agreeing to provide the National Rifle Association with targets for the National Championships back in 2010, Kruger has experienced a rise in demand for their product. Especially from the pistol competitions. “I asked many pistol shooters at Camp Perry what they thought about the targets,” explained Seibold. “There were no complaints. Everyone said how pleased they were with the quality. They had no problems seeing the holes, easily scored the targets, and everyone was happy. That’s why the NRA asked us to be their manufacturer.”

Kruger Targets

That success has created a new demand in the American marketplace. Venturing into the archery industry has been keeping Kruger busy. And a competition target contract with USA Shooting has things humming too. Busy as it is, Kruger has even managed adjust to the strict standards surrounding NRA’s move to the Orion Scoring System. “Yes, we also print targets for the company Orion. Those are in our new Oregon warehouse too,” he concluded with a laugh.

Kruger targets can be ordered online through or you can call Kruger’s USA distributor, MK Tactical, at (503) 746-6816. MK Tactical is located in Hillsborough, OR.

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October 13th, 2012

Download FREE Targets… Or Create Your Own has a HUGE collection of FREE downloadable PDF targets. We offer a very wide range of target designs: Load Development Grids, NRA Bullseye targets, Official-Size BR targets, Realistic Varmint Targets, Silhouette Shapes, Fun Plinking Targets, and even specialized tactical training targets.

If our collection of free targets isn’t enough, or if you want to create a new kind of target — you’re in luck. There’s an Australian-based interactive website that allows you to create your own customized, printable PDF targets. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to set paper size, layout, bullseye color and diameter. You can even add Score Numbers to your target rings. The Aussie Shooting Targets website is easy and fun to use. It’s much faster to create targets this way than to try to draw a series of circles with PowerPoint or MS Paint. And, if you’re not feeling creative, you can download nearly 100 pre-design A4-sized targets from the same Website.

CLICK HERE to Design Your Own Target | CLICK HERE to Download Free Pre-Designed Targets

Free downloadable targets

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March 11th, 2012

Download Free, Printable Targets from

Here, from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), are eight (8) Free Targets that can be downloaded as PDF files and printed. All targets are available as PDFs and print on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. In the future, other targets may be posted on the NSSF Target Page. Want more FREE targets? Visit’s Target Archive to access dozens of FREE, printable target designs, including load-testing targets, varmint targets, NRA bullseye targets, and fun targets.

Click a target to view and print. Right-click and ‘Save As’ to save PDF to your computer.

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July 24th, 2011

Report from Camp Perry — 3P and Pistol Championships

The NRA’s Smallbore 3-Position Awards Ceremony took place last night in the Hough Theater. Top honors went to SGT Joe Hein of the USAMU with an overall score of 2379-154x. Second was Missouri teenager Garrett Spurgeon with Arizona’s Tarl Kempley placing third. Brad Driscoll won the 2011 Camp Perry Junior Championship. Lisette Grunwell-Lacey was the Womens’ 3P smallbore champion and Ronald Durcholz of New York took the Senior title. This was a tough week of competitive for the 3P shooters — competitors battled through numerous weather dealays caused by thunderstorms.

Camp Perry National Championship

Pistol Championships
Captain Philip Hemphill of the Mississippi Highway Patrol won his first National Championship at the NRA National Pistol Championships held July 12-16 at Camp Perry, Ohio. Although Hemphill’s consistently high scores produced an aggregate total of 2632-113X. Hemphill is a ten-time winner of the National Police Shooting Championships, but this is his first big win at Perry. “This is the Super Bowl of pistol competition and winning feels great,” said Hemphill. “This is harder than the National Police Shooting Championship because of the distances you’re shooting, but winning here at Camp Perry is like winning at the Mecca of shooting.”

Earning an aggregate score of 2629-112X, two-time National Champion SFC James Henderson of the USAMU took the silver medal and the title of Regular Service Champion. Third place and the title of Civilian Champion went to John Zurek with a 2626-115X. For the fourth year in a row, Judy Tant clinched the titles of Woman and High Civilian Woman Champion by firing an aggregate score of 2549-68X. Bryan Layfield of Clarksburg, West Virginia, was named the Junior Champion and Collegiate Champion after firing a 2565-95X.

Camp Perry National Championship

The National Rifle Association and the Civilian Marksmanship Program conduct the National Matches at Camp Perry each summer, considered to be the “World Series” of the shooting sports. Participants range from novices to Olympic-level shooters, and include civilians, military personnel, and law enforcement officers. The NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships are open to everyone; NRA membership is not required. Ongoing daily reports on the NRA National Championships are found on the NRA Blog.

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October 25th, 2010

Sam Moore’s 3000-Bullseye Winchester Model 52

by Lars Dalseide, courtesy the NRA Blog.
A Model 52 rimfire target rifle with a storied history was recently added to the NRA National Museum Collection. With this rifle, one of America’s great marksmanship feats was accomplished.

Sam Moore Historic Model 52The 3000 Bullseye Rifle
Back in 1926, an 18-year-old Massachusetts shooter named Sam Moore took his Winchester Model 52 rifle in hand and began shooting. By the end of the day, he had set an amazing record in competitive shooting, totaling 3,000 consecutive bullseyes with his trusty Winchester.

The amazing feat received national attention, with Moore being presented with a gold medal by President Calvin Coolidge on behalf of the NRA. The engraving on the back reads:

Presented to L.S. Moore by the President of the United States in behalf of the National Rifle Association Junior Rifle Corps World Record — 3000 — consecutive bullseyes.

Moore went on to graduate from the US Naval Academy in 1931, helped develop the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, served in WWII as a USMC aviator and maintained his interest in shooting until his passing in 1982.

Moore’s rifle and engraved gold medal arrived at the National Firearms Museum earlier this week, donated by his son David. While unwrapping the bolt-action in the museum, I remember thinking that there is a lot of shooting history tied up in these two pieces. This suspicion was confirmed when one of the provenance documents received with the rifle revealed that Moore ceased shooting on the 3,000 bulls-eye day only because the heat of the rifle finally made it impossible to handle.

Moore rifle history provided by NRA Museum Curator Doug Wicklund.
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February 22nd, 2010

Barrett 98B in .338 Lapua Named "Rifle of the Year"

We had fun testing the new Barrett Model 98B (Ninety-Eight Bravo) at Media Day before SHOT Show last month. In the video below, Jason shoots a 98B, after trying its bigger brother, the Barrett model 82A1. The new 98B, chambered in .338 Lapua, has some very nice features and it certainly is a sturdy beast. We predicted this gun would be popular, and attract considerable media attention.

YouTube Preview Image

That prediction was right on. Barrett’s 98B rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum has been named the American Rifleman magazine “Rifle of the Year”, earning a coveted Golden Bullseye® Award. This year the Barrett Model 98B was selected by a seven-member committee who considered a variety of factors including reliability, accuracy, design innovation, styling, and “perceived value” to the purchaser. As the “Rifle of the Year”, the 98B was chosen over other recently introduced long-gun offerings from major manufacturers.

Barrett 98b bolt action rifle

Barrett will be presented with the Golden Bullseye Award for 2010’s Rifle of the Year at the 2010 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Charlotte, North Carolina. There Barrett CEO and founder Ronnie Barrett will also be personally honored as the NRA’s 2010 Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award winner. In addition, the Barrett Model 98B will be featured in the NRA’s print magazines, in the May issue of American Rifleman and American Hunter®, and the June issue of Shooting Illustrated.

In the video below, Barrett engineers explain the technical features of the Model 98B and show how to field-strip the rifle.

YouTube Preview Image
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February 6th, 2009

Test Your Skills with Bullseye Shooting Challenge

Birchwood Casey Bullseye Challenge
It you want to burn some time on a cold winter evening (or in the daytime–just don’t tell the boss), have fun with this online flash shooting game from Birchwood Casey. It’s easy — just aim the crosshairs at the ten-ring when each bull pops up.

Warning: This game is loud, so you may want to turn down your sound levels before starting. Click the link below to go to the game page.


Birchwood Casey Flash Game

The game has multiple levels. After you get through level one, you’ll be prompted to play again.

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