April 12th, 2012

Stocky’s Stocks Offers MBR Tooley-Type BR Stock for $499.00

Stocky’s Stocks has released a new laminated MBR Tooley-style long-range benchrest stock at an affordable price. Dubbed the Bobby Hart’s Ideal Benchrest Stock (IBS), this stock comes inletted for Rem 700 and Rem clone short actions or long actions.

stockys stocks Bobby Hart Tooley MBR IBSThe basic version of Stocky’s Ideal Benchrest Stock sells for just $499.00 including Pachmayer recoil pad installed. For $100 more ($599.00 total), you can get the stock with a CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum “Accublock” bedding block installed in the stock. Stock’s new IBS stock features a 1.25″ barrel channel, 3″-wide fore-end and weighs 4.8 pounds total.

Stock Geometry — Flat Front with Slight Drop in Rear
Note that the underside of the buttstock is NOT parallel with the fore-end. The buttstock has a bit of drop to improve tracking on recoil and to allow elevation “fine-tuning” by sliding the stock fore and aft. While some shooters will prefer parallel geometry, Dave Tooley’s original design did feature a bit of drop in the buttstock. Dave believes this helps the gun recoil more smoothly, without bouncing on the bags. Of course, a few minutes spent with a wood rasp, sandpaper, and a level can remove the slight angle in the underside of the buttstock, if you prefer parallel geometry. These Stocky’s IBS stocks are available in 14 different laminated colors, in either satin or laminated finish. A half-dozen of our favorite laminated patterns are shown below.

stockys stocks Bobby Hart Tooley MBR IBS

Product tip from Boyd Allen. We welcome reader submissions.
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January 27th, 2012

Accuracy Int’l Updated AX PSRII Rifle — Tooley Reports

Noted gunsmith Dave Tooley saw our coverage of Accuracy International (AI) “Skins” in the Daily Bulletin, and he wanted to inform our readers about updates to AI’s AX line of rifles.

Updated 2012 AI AX Rifle for PSRII
Dave wrote: “As you know I do AI’s smithing in this country. Attached is a picture of the latest version of the AX rifle. This is what was submitted to SOCOM for PSRII the first of January. AI has incorporated a right-hand hinge to make the rifle more compact when folded. There are some other major improvements. First, the way the rails lock up on the tube now completely eliminates any chance of movement (that’s important for lasers and other things). The buttstock is now considerably lighter than the older version, and it now uses simple knobs on the cheekpiece, the LOP adjustment, and the adjustable recoil pad. I think the knobs are more user-friendly than push-buttons.”

Accuracy International PSRII 2012

New Barrel Swap Kit
The most significant improvement to the AX, according to Tooley, is the ability for the operator to change barrels with minimal tools. Tooley explains: “The complete barrel change tool-kit is one 4mm Allen wrench stored in the cheek piece. If you look at the picture you will see a screw about midway under the receiver. Loosen two captured screws under the forearm and the tube comes off. Then loosen the screw under the receiver and unscrew the barrel. This is dead simple and it works. I’ve tested six rifles with a total of 10 barrels and there were no issues. This is a great precision sniper rifle.”

Accuracy International PSRII 2012

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