May 7th, 2019

USAMU Shooter Breaks Records in Eastern CMP Cup Win

Sergeant SGT Benjamin Cleland USAMU CMP Eastern Games

Good Shootin’ Soldier!

U.S. Army SGT Benjamin Cleland recently won the 2019 CMP Cup at the CMP Eastern Games in Camp Butner, North Carolina. And in taking that impressive victory, the USAMU’s Cleland set a new CMP Cup Record of 2389-133X.

The CMP Cup, a 3-day course of fire, includes four stages: 20 standing shots at 200 yards in 22 minutes; two series of sitting/kneeling 10 shots at 200 yards in 60 seconds; two series of 10 prone shots at 300 yards in 70 seconds; and then 20 prone shots at 600 yards in 22 minutes.

Sergeant SGT Benjamin Cleland USAMU CMP Eastern Games

Cleland’s new Aggregate Record of 2389-133X beat out his own 2018 CMP Cup record of 2368-111X. What’s even more impressive, Cleland’s score tops the NRA Service Rifle Championship Record of 2386-128X, which the talented SGT Cleland himself set in 2018*.

More Great Performances by USAMU Shooters
SGT Cleland wasn’t the only USAMU hotshot at the Eastern CMP Games. Sgt. Jarrod McGaffic won the CMP Eastern Games’ EIC Match with a 491-21X. SFC Brandon Green won Silver at CMP Cup with a 3-day aggregate of 2385-118X. And SSG Amanda Elsenboss (below) finished as High Woman and 4th Overall in the CMP Eastern Games with a 2378-114X.

Sergeant SGT Benjamin Cleland USAMU CMP Eastern Games

CMP Eastern Games Cup Electronic Targets
The CMP Cup and Eastern Games are shot on Electronic Targets with portable wireless monitors.

* The NRA lists a “Service” record of 2396-181 set in 2009 by SFC Sherri Gallagher. But that was with a Match Rifle. SGT Cleland now holds both the CMP Record and the NRA Record for this Course of Fire with an actual Service Rifle. The USAMU explains: “SFC Gallagher’s record was in a different class, or category: Match Rifle. But since she is military, it may have been labeled as a ‘service record’ and caused confusion. SGT Cleland’s records mentioned above were all in the Service Rifle class, or category. The 2389-133X is the new, 2019 CMP record for this course of fire. In 2018, at the same CMP course of fire, he set a record with his 2368-111X. So he broke his own CMP record this year. However, also in 2018, he set the NRA Rifle Championship record by shooting a 2386-128X. It’s the same course of fire but in an NRA match, so technically, a different “record” since CMP and NRA keep separate records.”

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April 6th, 2018

Registration Opens for CMP Travel Games

CMP travel games creedmoor Cup

Registration is now open for all of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) 2018 Travel Games, featuring a variety of rifle and pistol events held around the country throughout the year. The CMP has revamped its 2018 Travel Games schedule by adding matches and establishing its own Classification System. Moreover, the CMP will take over the Creedmoor Cup Matches, and all matches will now follow CMP High Power Rifle Competition Rules. CLICK HERE for Travel Games INFO.

The 2018 Travel Games Schedule

10-16 April – Oklahoma Games, Oklahoma City, OK
26 April-5 May – Eastern Games, Camp Butner, NC
8-10 June – Talladega D-Day Matches, Talladega, AL
18-24 September – New England Games, Jericho, VT
16-22 October – Western Games, Phoenix, AZ
4-9 December – Talladega 600, Talladega, AL

Click links to Register, or to get more information.

The 2018 Travel Games schedule now includes the Cup Matches (formally the Creedmoor Cup Matches), now administered by the CMP. These will be part of the Eastern Games and the Western Games.

CMP travel games creedmoor Cup

Events fired at the Travel Games include a mix of modern and vintage military rifle competitions like the John C. Garand, Springfield, Rimfire Sporter, Carbine and Vintage Sniper Matches. The Travel Games also feature pistol matches, as well as a Small Arms Firing School and other training clinics taught by qualified CMP staff members.

For more details, visit the CMP Travel Games Page. Pre-squadding will be completed for certain events. Double-check the match program prior to registration. Download Travel Games RULES.

Registration Procedures
Upon registration, competitors will choose match date, relay, relay time and rifle for the Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Modern Military Rifle Matches only. There will be different relays and relay time choices available for competitors to fire Garand (GAR), Springfield (SF), Vintage Military (VM) or Modern Military (MM) rifles. Competitors may only choose a maximum of FOUR relays per day to allow the opportunity to fire the GSM 3-Gun and 4-Gun Aggregates.

CMP travel games creedmoor CupNew Classification System
Additionally, the CMP has created a new Classification System. Competitor scores in the 80 Shot, 100 Shot or EIC Rifle matches will count towards CMP Classification. Competitor classifications are based on a competitor’s average scores fired in his or her most recent competitions. The CMP maintains a national database of competitors and scores that are used to establish competitor classifications. Competitors can view his/her current CMP Classification by logging into CMP Competition Tacker and clicking in his/her personal “Competitions” and “EIC Results” files.

Electronic Targets at Travel Games
As last year, rifle competitions will be fired on CMP Targets, a user-friendly electronic target system shows shot placement and records scores. This system and eliminates the need for pit duty — allowing matches to run more quickly with less physical strain.

CMP Travel Games 2018

New Pay-Back Program for Clubs
A Club Pay Back Program is also being introduced during the 2018 Games season, where $5.00 per competitor will be awarded to any CMP Affiliated Club that has five or more of their members attending and participating in the marksmanship competitions held at the event.

CMP Travel Games

About the CMP Travel Games
The Travel Games are regional competitions held throughout the year, featuring exclusive CMP rifle and pistol outdoor events. A common part of the CMP schedule for the last decade, the Games are centered around recreation-oriented competition and educational activities that are designed to accommodate experienced marksmen as well as those hoping to learn more.

CMP Western Travel Games Ben Avery

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May 5th, 2014

Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches

Eastern CMP Games

The 2014 Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches are underway at Camp Butner, NC. This popular event, held May 2-11, offers a wide variety of shooting competitions, including: Rimfire Sporter Match, M16 Match, M1 Garand Match, Springfield Match, M1-Carbine Match, Vintage Military Match, Modern Military Match, Vintage Sniper Match, Pistol Matches and more. The Eastern CMP Games kicked off Friday, May 2nd. Set for the next two days are the Garand/Springfield/Vintage & Modern Military Match (two days), Carbine Match (Monday), and Vintage Sniper Team Match (Tuesday). The Creedmoor Cup Matches segment commences on May 7th with a Highpower Clinic and 4-man Team Match.

CLICK HERE for Complete CMP Eastern Game Results
CLICK HERE for Complete Creedmoor Cup Matches Results
View Eastern Games Booklet With Event Info, Match Schedule, and Rules

CMP Eastern Games

CMP Eastern Games

CMP Eastern Games

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May 16th, 2011

Match Report: Eastern CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup

The 2011 CMP Eastern Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches took place the first week of May at Camp Butner, NC. The overall winner (no surprise) was current NRA National High Power Champion SGT Sherri Gallagher, who tallied a spectacular 797-50X. Finishing second was fellow USAMU shooter SSG Tyrell Cooper, with 794-41X. Sherri also had the highest individual score, 499-29X, in the 4-person Team Event. Sherri showed, once again, that she leads the field in High Power Match Rifle shooting. When Sherri is “on her game”, she’s hard to beat. You can see a large collection of Eastern Games photos from the Garand and Springfield matches (on Day 1) at the CMP online photo archive.

Sean Leighton won the Garand Match (289-3X) AND the Springfield Match (290-9X), and had the highest Three-Gun Aggregate with an 870-15X combined score. Great shooting Sean! In other specialty matches, Ken Lygren won the Carbine Match (356-1X), Doug Armstrong won the individual Vintage Sniper match (194-6X), and William Flagg Jr. won the Rimfire Sporter match. In 4-person team competition, USAMU teams took both Service Rifle (Craig Team, 1967-74X) and Match Rifle Divisions (Praslick Team, 1991-103X).

Complete results are found on the CMP Competition Tracker webpage. This includes Rifle Match Scores and Pistol Match Scores.

Creedmoor Cup Results

Match Rifle
1. SGT Sherri Gallagher, High Master, Agg 797 – 50X
2. SSG Tyrell Cooper, High Master, Agg 794 – 41X
3. SSG Armando Ayala, High Master, Agg 793 – 41X
4. Nat Guernsey, High Master, Agg 792 – 39X
5. John Friguglietti, High Master, Agg 783 – 32X

Service Rifle
1. SPC Kevin Trickett, High Master, Agg 793 – 34X
2. SSG Scott Grant, High Master, Agg 793 – 24X
3. SPC Augustus Dunfey, High Master, Agg 790 – 33X
4. SPC Amanda Elsenboss, High Master, Agg 789 – 25X
5. SFC Grant Singley, High Master, Agg 787 – 30X

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