May 13th, 2017

Forster Co-Ax Press — Unique Operation Showcased in Video

Forster Co-Ax Coax Reloading Press Grafs Sale Co-Axial rockchucker

In recent years, Forster Co-Ax┬« presses have been somewhat hard to find, as demand has out-stripped supply. However, right now has Co-Ax presses in stock, at just $299.99 — that’s six percent off the regular price. This sale price includes a set of jaws, and includes ground shipping (in the lower 48), after a single $7.95 (per order) handling fee. If you’ve been hankering for a Co-Ax press, now is definitely a good time to buy.

If you are not yet familiar with the many unique features of the Forster Co-Ax, we recommend you watch the video embedded below. This shows how the press operates and highlights the design elements which set the Co-Ax apart from every other reloading press on the market.

Video Shows Special Features of Forster Co-Ax Reloading Press

Forster Co-Ax Press Video Review
This is a very thorough review of the Forster Co-Ax done by Rex Roach. This 14-minute video shows the key Co-Ax features, explaining how the floating case-holder jaws work (3:30 time-mark), how the dies are held in place (4:40 time-mark), how spent primers are captured (6:10 time-mark), and how to set the primer seating depth (10:00 time-mark). We’ve used a Co-Ax for years and we still learned a few new things by watching this detailed video. If you are considering purchasing a Co-Ax, definitely watch this video start to finish.

Forster Co-Ax Coax Reloading Press Grafs Sale Co-Axial rockchucker

The Co-Ax case-holder features spring-loaded, floating jaws. These jaws have two sets of openings, small and large. This allows the system to adapt to various rim diameters. The jaw plates can simply be reversed to switch from small jaw to large jaw. In the photo above, the Co-Ax is configured with the large jaw openings in the center.

Photos are screen shots from Forster Co-Ax Review by Rex Roach on YouTube.

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September 3rd, 2009

Good Reading in September Target Shooter Magazine

The September edition of Target Shooter, the FREE digital shooting sports magazine from the UK, is now available online. There are some excellent articles in this edition. On pages 61-65, you’ll find Laurie Holland’s comprehensive review of the Forster Co-Ax Press. This is probably the most thorough Co-Ax test you’ll see anywhere. Holland puts Forster’s unique reloading press through its paces — decapping, full-length sizing, and priming cases — and concludes that the press is a winner. If you’re considering buying a Co-Ax, this article is a “must-read”.

Forster co-ax press

Vince Bottomley contributes two major stories in this month’s edition. First, Vince reviews two Sightron 36X target scopes, comparison testing the new “Big Sky” 36X scope alongside the earlier Sightron 36X SII model. In addition, Vince showcases his latest project gun. This is a 6.5×47 tactical rifle in an Accuracy International chassis. Apart from the AI folding stock, the gun uses mostly American components. It features a Surgeon action, Bartlein gain-twist barrel, and Jewell trigger. The finished rifle sports a handsome Dura-Coat camo finish from North West Custom Parts in Manchester, England.

6.5x47 Tactical Rifle

You’ll find many other items of interest in this month’s Target Shooter e-zine, including a Benchrest Air Rifle, an intro to Gallery Guns, plus reports from the Imperial Match and the F-Class World Championships held in Bisley, UK. There’s 92 pages of reading, cover to cover, and the price is right. Target Shooter magazine is FREE, just CLICK HERE for the latest edition.

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