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July 29th, 2018

Factory Rebate Programs for Summer Savings

Factory Rebate Summer RCBS CCI Nikon Hornady

There a number of good rebate programs going on right now, but some conclude in just a few weeks. To take advantage of these deals you’ll need to start your shopping soon. Here are some current Rebate Programs for rifles, optics, ammunition, reloading gear, and shooting accessories. You can save up to $125.00 with these direct Rebate offers, or you can get bullets worth over $150.00 (500 count).

1. Bushmaster Rifle Rebate — Save $125.00

Bushmaster MSR AR15 AR rebate $125 bush-master black rifle

Bushmaster has a very attractive rebate right now — but you’ve got to act soon. You can save $125.00 on the most popular Bushmaster and DPMS models. Bushmaster QRC rifles are $75 off, while the DPMS Oracle models (both .223 and .308) are $50 off. Act soon to qualify for this Mid-Year promotions which ends July 31, 2018.

Start Date: 6/15/2018
End Date: 7/31/2018

2. Savage Arms Rifle Rebate Program

Factory Rebate Savage tactical rifle

Purchase a Model 10 Savage® Ashbury Precision, 10/110 BA Stealth, or 10/110 BA Stealth Evolution and receive a $100.00 Factory Rebate. These rifles are available in a variety of chamberings. FFL Dealer required for purchase.

Start Date: 6/1/2018
End Date: 8/31/2018

3. Nikon $50 Rebate on Stabilized Rangefinder

Factory Rebate Nikon stabilized LRF Rangefinder

Nikon now offers $50 Instant Savings on the new Nikon Monarch 3000 Laser Rangefinder with image stabilization. This stabilizing system really works — allowing you to range distant objects faster and more reliably.

Start Date: June 24, 2018
End Date: August 26, 2018

4. Hornady Get Loaded 2018 Rebate

Factory Rebate Hornady lock load

Receive 100 or 500 Free Bullets when you purchase select Hornady Products. 500 Free Bullets with: Iron Press Kit, Ammo Plant, AP Press, Classic Kit, Classic Kit Deluxe, Hot Tub Sonic Cleaner and More.

Start Date: 1/1/2018
End Date: 12/31/2018

5. Bushnell — Get $40 Back on Select Optics

Factory Rebate bushnell scopes

Purchase a Bushnell AR Optics riflescope (excluding red dot) to receive $40 back. Qualifying purchases must be made 6-18-18 through 7-31-18. You’ll have to act soon on this rebate — purchases must be made not later that July 31, 2018. That’s upcoming Tuesday, just two days away.

Start Date: 6/18/2018
End Date: 7/31/2018

6. Federal Ammo Rebate — Up to $50

Factory Rebate Federal Ammunition Fusion Ammo

Get up to $50 BACK. Get $5.00 back for each box of Fusion® rifle ammunition by Federal you purchase. Limit 10 boxes/$50 per address. Rebates are available on other types of Federal Ammunition.

Start Date: 7/27/2018
End Date: 12/31/2018

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April 21st, 2014

Great Deal on Hornady L-N-L Auto-Progressive Press at Midsouth

Anyone who shoots 3-Gun matches, or who burns through a lot of pistol ammo, can benefit from a quality progressive reloading press. These machines have multiple stations with a rotating shell-holder plate that advances the cartridges. Once you’ve got everything set up and running, you can crank out hundreds of rounds per hour, producing a loaded round with every pull of the press handle.

Right now, Midsouth Shooter’s Supply is offering a great deal on the 5-Station Hornady Lock-N-Load AP (Auto-Progressive) reloading press. This high-quality machine, which sells for $450.00 or more elsewhere, is now ON SALE at Midsouth for just $389.99. To sweeten the deal even more, when you buy the L-N-L AP press you qualify for free bullets. That’s right — buy the Hornady AP Press and get 500 free bullets (retail value $70-$120).

Hornady L-N-L AP progressive press sale midsouth shooters supply

The video below, created by our friend Gavin Gear for, illustrates the features and functions of the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press. You can see how the dies are positioned in the tool head, and how the rotating cartridge plate moves cartridges from station to station:

Video Demonstrates Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press

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January 30th, 2011

Free Bullets with Hornady Product Purchase

Hornady has launched it’s latest “Get Loaded” Free Bullet Promotion. Now through 12/31/2011, if you purchase certain Hornady reloading products, you can get up to 500 free bullets. We think the best deal may be the 100-bullet offer. You can get 100 free bullets with purchase of ANY one of the following: Hornady New Dimension Die Set, Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer, Hornady manual Powder Measure, or Hornady AutoCharge Electronic Powder Dispenser. We’ve purchased and used New Dimension dies for pistol cartridges and they work very well for those applications. They also work fine in our RCBS Progressive press.

free bullets Hornady

500 Free Bullets with Reloading Kit or AP Progressive Press
To get 500 free bullets you’ll have to purchase something much more expensive, either a Lock-N-Load Classic reloading kit ($319.99 on sale now at, or the Hornady L-N-L AP Progressive Press ($427.67 at

NOTE: Not all Hornady bullets are offered through this promotion. Your free bullets must be selected among the following types:

22 CAL .224 — 55gr SP W/C, $17.53 MSRP
6MM .243 — 100gr BTSP, $26.59 MSRP
25 CAL .257 — 100gr SP, $30.88 MSRP
270 CAL .277 — 130gr SP, $28.71 MSRP
7MM .284 — 139gr BTSP, $31.27 MSRP
30 CAL .308 — 150gr SP, $29.51 MSRP
9MM .355 — 115gr HP/XTP, $21.32 MSRP
38 CAL .357 — 110gr HP/XTP, $21.51 MSRP
10MM .400 — 155gr HP/XTP, $26.53 MSRP
44 CAL .430 — 180rP/XTP, $28.55 MSRP
45 CAL .451 — 185gr HP/XTP, $28.20 MSRP

CLICK HERE to download Free Bullet Promo Flyer

CLICK HERE for Free Bullet Promo Redemption Form

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