April 26th, 2019

Download FREE Gun Publications This Month

FMG publications Guns American Handgunner magazine free download 6.5 Creedmoor Pistol Rifle
In connection with the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, FMG Publications is offering FREE downloads of the July issue of GUNS Magazine and July/August issue of American Handgunner.

Looking for some nice gun-centric reading material? Here’s a cool, FREE offer from FMG Publications. Right now you can access free digital editions of the latest issues of GUNS Magazine and Handgunner Magazine. Both these magazines offer interesting stories and great gun photography. But there IS a catch. To access these digital editions, you must enter some name and an email address first. If you respect your email privacy you can be creative and figure out a simple solution for that. Click the links below to download these two issues for free.

GUNS Magazine July 2019 | American Handgunner July/Aug 2019

Notable features in the GUNS Magazine July 2019 Issue include: 10/22 Collectibles (pp. 32-33), Ross Straight-Pull Rifle (pp. 34-35), T/C LRR 6.5 Creedmoor (pp. 44-48), Brownells BRN-10 Retro AR10 (pp. 50-52), Skinner Sights Bush Pilot .45-70 Survival Rifle (pp. 58-60), Eight Great Knives (pp. 60-62). Honest guys — there’s some good content here, worth reading.

FMG publications Guns American Handgunner magazine free download 6.5 Creedmoor Pistol Rifle

“NRA’s celebration of freedom reminds all of us how important the Second Amendment is. We’re excited to share in the celebration by exercising our First Amendment rights of freedom of the press. In this case, free downloads of gun press to NRA members and non-members alike,” announced FMG VP of Business Development Randy Molde.

FMG publications Guns American Handgunner magazine free download 6.5 Creedmoor Pistol Rifle

Among its feature highlights, American Handgunner’s July/August issue showcases one of Ruger Custom Shop’s debut offerings: The SR1911 Competition Pistol. Working closely with ace shooter Doug Koenig, the result is a beautifully fitted, accurate, easy-shooting American classic — built by a leading USA gun-maker.

Celebrate your rights with direct access to the free issue downloads by visiting https://bit.ly/2L3818n for American Handgunner and https://bit.ly/2IuTGiP for GUNS.

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December 13th, 2017

Get Entire December Guns & Ammo Issue for FREE

Guns Ammo December Free Issue

Merry Christmas from Guns & Ammo. This publication is making its entire 106-page December 2017 issue available for FREE online from December 12, 2017 through January 9, 2018. To read the entire issue for FREE, go to: GunsandAmmo.com/freepreview.

Guns Ammo December Free IssueThe free December issue will include the 2017 Guns & Ammo of the Year Awards (page 52) and a first-look at the new Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact, Shield and M360 lightweight revolver. You’ll want to check out the articles about: Winston Churchill’s Mauser C.96 Pistol (page 104), the Dixie Gunworx DOA Shooting Bench (p. 38), and Concealment Furniture (page 18) that hides your home defense guns. We also recommend the NovX ammo review (page 26). NovX is a new kind of ammunition with a hybrid stainless steel and aluminum case, and polymer-coated copper bullets.

If you haven’t seen a copy of Guns & Ammo recently, here’s a chance to sit down and enjoy a large issue at no cost. We found it interesting to see Guns & Ammo’s Annual Award selections (page 52): CZ P-10 C — Handgun of the Year; Barrett Fieldcraft — Rifle of the Year; Winchester SX4 — Shotgun of the Year. To be honest, we found all those choices puzzling…

Guns Ammo December Free Issue

Guns & Ammo magazine is one of 15 publications from Outdoor Sportsman Group. The publisher claims Guns & Ammo has more than 11 million readers (29.7 readers per copy) — more readers than any other firearms publication. If that’s really true, we wonder, frankly, why the magazine isn’t a whole lot better. With that circulation, and the high percentage of display ads (over 30% of the pages) Guns & Ammo should be minting money. That should allow the Editors to do some pretty exciting stuff. Unfortunately, many of the articles seem little more than sales brochures. And you won’t find much on precision reloading or competitive rifle shooting.

By all means, check out this FREE Issue of Guns & Ammo. After all the price is right. However, we believe you’ll find more reliable, useful information on websites such as ShootingSportsUSA.com, Rifleshooter.com, PrecisionRifleBlog.com, 65Guys.com, UlimateReloader.com, and, of course, our own site AccurateShooter.com. We provide 80-90 features per month on our Daily Bulletin which is always free. We also offer a very active Shooters’ Forum with over 37,500 members. Many top-flight competitive rifle shooters, barrel-makers, and gunsmiths are Forum members. You can learn from their expertise. If you haven’t joined our Forum yet, you should.

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August 17th, 2011

NSSF’s Range Report Explains How to Attract More Shooters

Would you like to increase attendance at your matches and expand the membership of your shooting club? Then check out the latest issue of The Range Report, NSSF’s magazine for shooting facilities. The free digital edition can be viewed online, or downloaded for future reference. Feature stories include how to attract traditional shooters and re-enactment groups for traffic and revenue, one range’s strategy for maximizing exposure on a limited budget and how a statewide gathering sparked Wisconsin ranges to organize. To access more resources for shooting ranges, visit nssf.org/ranges.

View DIGITAL Edition Online | Download PDF Version (iPad compatible)

NSSF 2011 Range Report

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