June 16th, 2013

Make This a Special Father’s Day

Father's Day 2010Today is Father’s Day, a special Sunday when we acknowledge our patriarchs and show our gratitude for all their hard work and sacrifice on our behalf, and the love they have shown us over the years. If you’re lucky, you’re reading this after having spent a day at the shooting range (or the local fishing hole, or golf course) with your Dad. The important thing is to get outside and do something you both enjoy together. If you haven’t finalized your Father’s Day planning, here are some suggestions:

1. Hand-wash and wax your father’s truck or car.

2. Clean your Dad’s rifles, or help him put together some handloads.

Father's Day 20093. Take your dad out to a live music concert, go to a ball game, or maybe head down to the local fishin’ hole.

4. Go for a hike together or just a drive in the country.

5. Head down to Sears or the local hardware store and let you Dad pick out some new tools.

Whatever you choose to do with your father, use your time wisely. Turn off this computer, and go be with your father today. Do something with him that makes him smile. The time spent together is more important than any gift that comes in a box. And, if he lives far from you, give him a call and let him know how important he is to your life. Remind him of the old adage: “Good fathers make good sons”.

When my father, a disabled WW2 Army vet, passed away I received the flag that was draped on his coffin. On most days I fly one of those nylon flags that you can pick up at hardware or department stores. But on holidays, like today, and his birthday, Dad’s flag is out there snapping in the breeze on top of the pole. I find myself talking to him as it gets put up in the morning and comes down at sunset. Hope when the time comes one of my boys will fly my flag.
— Bill Slattery Jr.

My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, “You’re tearing up the grass”! “We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply, “We’re raising boys”.
— Harmon Killebrew.

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December 17th, 2010

2010 Manly Gift Guide

Looking for last-minute gifts for your shooting buddies and male family members? Don’t want to give some wimpy, frou-frou gift? Well, the Art of Manliness website has selected some interesting “manly” gifts for this holiday season. Here are items we liked from the 2010 Manliness Gift Guide:

British Army Knife

British Army Knife

Buy Here: British Issue Army Clasp Knife

Leather Bound Journal

Leather Journal

Buy Here: Col. Littleton Journal

Dynamite Fire Starters

Dynamite Fire Starters

Buy Here: Dynamite Wood Crate with 20 Fire Logs
Warning for IDIOTS: No these are NOT real sticks of dynamite. The crate is filled with 20 non-explosive fire-starting mini-logs. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE REAL DYNAMITE or other explosive!

Mastery of the Manly Lifestyle
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