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December 6th, 2012

NRA’s Guns & Gold TV Travels the USA to Value Classic Guns

The NRA’s popular Guns & Gold TV Series returns to The Sportsman Channel for ten (10) new episodes in 2013. Season Two kicks off Monday, January 7th and future episodes of Guns & Gold will air Monday nights at 9:00 pm ET/PT. Guns & Gold was the #1-rated show on The Sportsman Channel in early 2012. This season’s 10 all-new episodes will feature “more guns, cooler guns and weirder guns”.

During Guns & Gold’s new season, NRA National Firearms Museum experts travel around the country, making a circuit of important gun shows (including the NRA Annual Meeting). At each venue, Museum Director Jim Supica and Senior Curator Phil Schreier appraise collectible and unusual firearms brought in by show attendees. Think of this as a PBS-style “Antiques Roadshow”, but with antique and unusual arms as the centerpiece. For more info, visit

NRA Guns and & Gold television

Watch the video below to see a Guns & Gold sample from 2012 covering Teddy Roosevelt and the Winchester Model 1895. Roosevelt loved the 1895. He famously referred to his 1895, chambered in .405 Winchester, as his “Big Medicine” rifle. Did you know T.R. took a crate of 1895s to Africa for his safaris?

Report based on story by Kyle Jillson in


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April 7th, 2011

World’s Most Expensive Plinking Target — $99,000 Gold Cup

John Weber, a 70-year-old from England, was given a metal mug by his grandfather in 1945. Though his grandfather had a “good eye” for antiques, John never thought the metal mug was worth much. He played with it as a child, and even used it as a target for his air rifle. The mug, assumed to be brass, has languished in a shoe box under Weber’s bed for decades.

Million-Dollar Target

Well, it turns out Weber’s old mug may be the world’s most expensive plinking target! The cup is actually made of solid gold, and is a rare, ancient artwork, crafted over 2300 years ago. The unusual mug, decorated with twin, opposite-facing female heads, was appraised with a value exceeding one-quarter million dollars ($250,000)!

According to news reports, Weber decided to have the old mug (thought to be brass) appraised when he moved from his house. He was shocked to learn that the mug is a Persian gold treasure, beaten out from a single sheet of gold before the time of Alexander the Great. Experts said the type of gold and the way the cup was hammered was “consistent with Achaemenid gold and gold smithing” dating back to the third or fourth century BC. The Achaemenid Empire ruled most of the Middle East and was conquered by Alexander the Great in 330 BC. Could this cup be one of Alexander’s war trophies? What stories could it tell from the past 2300 years?

Ancient Gold Cup Brings £50,000 at Auction
The rare cup was sold at auction by Duke’s Auction house in southwest England in June, 2008. Though the Cup was valued much higher by experts, it only fetched £50,000, or roughly $99,000 U.S. Dollars (at 2008 exchange rates). John Webber said he was still very pleased with that result.

CLICK HERE for Auction Description (Item 378).

Achaemenid Empire (in green)
Million-Dollar Gold Cup

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