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November 1st, 2014

Top Teams Smash Records at F-Class Nationals

There have been some remarkable team performances at the 2014 F-Class Nationals. With good conditions, talented shooters, and ultra-accurate rifles, three teams have “raised the bar” with record-breaking performances this week in Phoenix.

Team Long Shots Breaks Records with 800-42X Score at 1000 Yards
Congratulations to the Long Shots rifle team for breaking the 80-shot, 1000-yard, F-Open Civilian and Open Team Match National Records with a score of 800-42X. That is amazing shooting! Give credit to Michelle Gallagher, David Bailey, Ken Dickerman, David Gosnell, and Mark Walker.

Michelle Gallagher (as Snow White) on Halloween with her four team-mates.
F-Class National Championship team F-TR Phoenix

Team Grizzly — F-Open National Champions
Shiraz Balolia reports: “Team Grizzly just won the F-Open National Team Championship. This is the third major match that Trudie Fay has coached four shooters into winning. She was also our coach when she coached us to a win at the last National Championship in Raton, and then again in February this year (2014) when we set a new National record in the Palma course in Phoenix at 800, 900, and 1000 yards. Trudie is a heck of a wind reader!” Shooters are: Kenny Adams, Shiraz Balolia (Captain), Emil Kovan, and John Myers.

F-Class National Championship team F-TR Phoenix

Team Sinclair — Six-Time National F-TR Champions
Ray Gross Posted: “I just got home after the Team Sinclair victory dinner… teammate Derek Rodgers set a new 1000-yard national record Wednesday, then beat it for a new, higher, record Thursday. Then we won the team National Championship today and set a new National Record doing it! We are ‘stone cold’, 6-time National Champions. I’m proud to be a part.”

F-Class National Championship team F-TR Phoenix

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February 7th, 2014

Team Grizzly Sets National Record at Berger SW Nationals

The wind gods smiled on the shooters at the Berger Southwest Nationals on Thursday. For most of the day, the wind flags were hanging straight down or barely moving. Many shooters managed to go through the 800-yard stage without dropping a point. Conditions got tougher for the 900-yard and 1000-yard stages but it was still a day of low winds and high scores.

F-Class Team Grizzly Shiraz Balolia

F-Class Team Grizzly Shiraz Balolia

Team Grizzly made the most of the good conditions in the F-Open Division. Coached by Trudie Fay, and anchored by 2013 World Champion Kenny Adams, the four-person team shot brilliantly, scoring 1786 with 104 Xs. That beats the existing 800/900/1000 Palma course National record by five (5) points and ten Xs. The previous record, 1781-94X, was set by Team Berger in 2008.

F-Class Team Grizzly Shiraz Balolia

During the match we had a chance to chat with Shiraz Balolia as he was getting his .300 WSM ready for the 1000-yard stage. Since stepping down as the captain of the USA F-Open Team, Shiraz had told us that he planned to shift his priorities, and devote more time to non-shooting activities. But here he was, back in the thick of competition. Shiraz smiled and said “You’re right, I was planning to get away from shooting a bit. But I just couldn’t miss this match … I guess I have the bug”. When a man’s this good at long-range shooting, you can’t keep him away from the firing line for long. Shiraz serves as Captain of Team Grizzly.

F-Class Team Grizzly Shiraz Balolia

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January 3rd, 2014

Rick Jensen Named Captain of U.S. F-Class Open Team

Shiraz Balolia has announced that Rick Jensen will take over the reins as Captain of the U.S. F-Class Open Team. Departing Captain Balolia deserves a great deal of praise for his hard work, dedication, and leadership of the team over recent seasons. Shiraz gave generously to the squad, in terms of both time and resources. Under his tutelage, the Open Team raised its standards of training and team-work. Shiraz will be a tough act to follow.

Rick Jensen USA U.S. F-Class team captainAbout Rick Jensen, New Team Captain
Rick Jensen lives in Claremore, Oklahoma with his wife Crystal and his daughters Riley and Zoey. He started shooting local F-Class matches at Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club in 2005. Since then he has competed at the National and International levels. Rick’s first Nationals were in Lodi, Wisconsin in 2008. In 2010, Rick was a member of the winning North America Shooters team at the 4-man National Championship Team matches in Sacramento. Rick has shot at two World Championshipse — the 2009 F-Class World Championships at Bisley, England, and the 2013 FCWC at Raton, NM.

Rick considers one of the most memorable highlights of his career to be in the summer of 2011 when, along with Team USA, Rick won a gold medal in a combined F-Open/F-TR match against Ireland for the Creedmoor Cup. He felt that this was truly a special trip that will never be forgotten, in part due to the cup’s special ceremonies. Rick is honored to be representing the United States as the new Captain of the U.S. F-Class Open Team.

Rick Jensen USA U.S. F-Class team captainShiraz tells us: “Yesterday marked my last day as Captain of The United States F-Class Open Rifle Team. I had indicated to the team several months back that I would not be able to continue serving as the Captain of the team due to time constraints.

I am pleased to state that the NRA has picked a very good replacement for our team. Starting today, Rick Jensen is the new F-Class Open Rifle Team Captain for the United States. Rick has been a member of the U.S. F-Open Team for over six years and knows many of the various functions associated with it. He will make a fine Captain. Please join me in congratulating Rick as the new Captain of our United States F-Open Team. Congratulations, Rick!

Personally, I will continue as a team member — doing whatever the Captain asks of me. I am actually looking forward to simply showing up and shooting or coaching at matches and various events.”

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November 7th, 2013 — New Shooting Supplies and Accessories Webstore

Reloaders Rejoice! There’s a new source for bullets, brass, powder, and primers, as well as loaded ammunition. The all-new website offers all these products, plus reloading tools and dies, barrels, gun stocks, scopes, rings, shooting rests, range bags and much more. Primers, you need primers you say? Yes, currently has some types of CCI, Federal, and Remington primers in stock, including the hard-to-find CCI 450 small rifle magnum primers.

You definitely want to include among the vendors you visit when you need components and gun hardware. The new webstore will carry 8,000+ shooting-related products from over 50 top brands such as Lapua, Norma, Federal, CCI, Berger, Sierra, Berry’s, Bald Eagle, Bushnell, Hodgdon, Alliant, Nightforce, Kowa, Vortex, Winchester, MTM, Magpul and many more! Check out the website at or call 1-800-235-0272 to get a free 60-page color catalog.

POWDERS IN STOCK — Among the popular powders in stock at today are:

  • Hodgdon H4895, Hodgdon H4350, Hodgdon H1000, Hodgdon Benchmark (all one-pounders)
  • IMR 4064, IMR 4198, IMR 4895, IMR 4350, IMR 7828 SSC (all one-pounders)
  • Ramshot Hunter, Winchester 748 (all one-pounders)

NOTE: Powders in stock as of 11/7/2013 at noon Pacific time, one-pound containers only. This is not a complete list. CLICK HERE to see entire Powder Inventory. Grizzly Shiraz Balolia carries projectiles from the leading bullet-makers including Berger, Lapua, Sierra, Speer, and Berrys. Yes has premium bullets in stock right now, including the hard-to-find Berger 6mm 105gr Hybrid, and 7mm 180gr Hybrid. Grab ‘em while you can boys!

Along with reloading components, factory ammo, and reloading dies, you’ll find the hardware you need to build a complete rifle. caries Bartlein barrels (in a wide range of calibers and contours), laminated gun stocks, and a full line of optics, including Nightforce, Kowa, and Vortex rifle-scopes and spotting scopes. Grizzly Shiraz Balolia

Who Are Those Guys? About Bullets.Com Grizzly Shiraz was launched as a result of the intense passion for shooting by its President, Shiraz Balolia. Shiraz has been shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns for almost 40 years and has been involved in long range rifle shooting at the National and International level for almost 10 years. He served as the Captain of the U.S. F-Class Open Rifle Team for the 2013 World Championship and was a member of the 4-man team that won the 2013 Nat’l 1,000-yard Championship. He has won numerous gold medals in long range shooting and has set several National records. is a division of Grizzly Industrial that was started by Mr. Balolia in 1983. During those 30 years, Grizzly became a powerhouse in the metalworking and woodworking machinery industry serving over a million regular customers and growing its warehouses with 1.2 million square feet of space in three states (WA, PA, MO).

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February 5th, 2010

Gunsmithing Gear: Grizzly Digital Tailstock Readout

Grizzly Industrial, makers of gunsmith lathes and other products, offers a Digital Tailstock Readout Kit for just $149.95. This digital readout (DRO), model T10118, is an affordable, helpful tool for shooters who do their own lathe work, and who need a fast, handy way to measure depth of cut with their tailstock. On the website, you’ll find a full description of the Digital Tailstock Readout, complete with photos and product features. The unit is very versatile. It has two (2) digital readouts. One on the unit itself, PLUS a remote display that can be positioned up to 6 feet away. Both displays feature 0.0005″ resolution, inch or millimeter display, zero keys and ON/OFF keys. The scale has an 8-inch range and its display features ABS or INC mode as well as a Hold key. Both displays read independently of each other.

Grizzly Digital Tailstock Readout

Shop Review by Mark LaFevers
What I find most helpful using this Grizzly Digital Tailstock Readout is the way it enhances the speed and certainty of multi-step processes. For instance, when preparing to bore a deep hole by first stepping through various bit diameters to get close, you are unlocking and moving the tailstock to change bits. The Grizzly DRO lets you lock down with a new bit in the chuck, hit zero as the leading edge of the flutes align with the face of the bore. As you are backing each bit all the way out to clear chips, the DRO lets you fast return without counting handwheel revolutions to within a hundredth, then slow down to begin the cut. This is very helpful in keeping track of what’s going on, and it’s a good backup for fine control (comparing the last few thousandths with your tailstock’s manual dial). I have a dial indicator set-up for fine work off the tailstock, but opted for this DRO instead because of its greater range and equal accuracy.

Grizzly Digital Tailstock Readout

Mounting Tips and Splash-Guards
As the digital transducer is sensitive to contamination by liquids, you’ll need to be careful about splash from your cutting fluid sources. I used a simple stationary spring clip to hold a plastic sandwich bag over the face to catch any splash during chamber reaming using high pressure through-the-barrel flushing. The plastic was easy to see through with the eye, but the camera wanted to catch light glare and not show the on-tool digital display well. You can mount the remote readout wherever it is convenient, but I wanted my vision focused only in the working area for this operation.

Grizzly Digital Tailstock Readout

For the value, I would rate this tool as a “must have” for anyone currently working without a DRO on their lathe tailstock. The Grizzly DRO is simple to set up, easy to operate, and has an ample 8″ range. Durability is unknown at this time as I’ve just started using the unit, but hopes are high. Like all your other electronic tools, keep an extra set of batteries on hand. Also, please note — to keep the price down and make the Grizzly DRO fit anyone’s particular tailstock quill diameter, Grizzly correctly judged that if you were in the market for this tool you will be able to build your own quill adapter.

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November 15th, 2009

New Tactical and Hunting Rifles from Kelbly's Inc.

Kelblys Inc., long-respected as a producer of benchrest actions and rifles, has expanded its product line. Now Kelbly’s will be offering complete tactical and tactical/hunting rifles. Produced in a wide variety of chamberings from 6.5×47 Lapua all the way up to 300 Win Magnum, these new Kelbly rifles are available as either single shots or as repeaters. To learn more about the new Kelbly rifles, visit Kelbly’s enhanced website.

Kelbly's Atlas

Shown above is Kelbly’s new Atlas rifle. This rifle’s$2800.00 base price includes premium components: Single-shot Atlas action with 20 MOA or Flat integral scope base, Jewell or Shilen trigger, Krieger or Bartlein Barrel, Kelbly’s HCFB or Hunting stock (with recoil pad and swivels), Double screw rings (30mm or 1″). Available options include: McMillan A5 stock, CDI Magazine w/ 5 round AICS Magazine ($260), 3-Round Blind Mag ($150), Kemper or Vais Muzzlebrake ($185 Installed), Karsten Adjustable Cheek Piece ($75), Barrel Fluting ($120), Long-Action Upgrade ($70), Painted stock ($300), CeraKote Barreled Action ($200).

Kelbly's Grizzly II

Kelbly’s new Grizzly II Tactical/Hunting rifle costs $3300.00 before options. Shown above in wood thumbhole stock, this rifle features a single-shot Grizzly II Action with 20 MOA or Flat integral scope base, Krieger or Bartlein Barrel, Jewell or Shilen Trigger, Kelbly HCFB or Hunting stock (with recoil pad and swivels), Double screw rings (30mm or 1″ scope tube). Grizzly II options are the same as for the Atlas model, except that a detachable box magazine is not offered with the Grizzly II. NOTE: The stock in the photo is a prototype wood thumbhole. The production Grizzly IIS will use a Kelbly fiberglass HCFB stock (standard), or McMillan A5 stock (optional at extra cost).

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December 8th, 2008

Spectacular SEB Rest for F-Class Team Vice-Captain

seb rest F-ClassRight out of the box, the SEB Coaxial Rest is already one of the slickest pieces of hardware in the shooting game. The SEB joystick rest functions smoothly and is beautifully machined.

But Americans always like to “hot-rod” their gear, and this SEB rest enjoyed some very special customization by Grizzly Industrial’s Shiraz Balolia. Shiraz, who the Vice Captain of the USA F-Class Open Team, teamed up with Bob Pastor of Viper Rests to create what may be the “Ultimate” SEB rest. This candy-apple-red beauty features a new CNC-machined base with integral carry handle. The base was finished mirror-smooth then treated to a stunning bake-on red finish. The base started as a solid block of aluminum which was milled out on the underside to save a bit of weight. The rest now also boasts large-diameter custom footpads fabricated by Bob Pastor. These aluminum pads feature wide conical “spikes” in the bottom. “US F-Class Team” is engraved in the top of each pad.

seb rest F-Class

seb rest F-Class

The base required many hours of expert machine work by Shiraz to complete. Sorry, for now, the base is a one-of-a-kind, so you can’t buy one. Shiraz says “It would be way too expensive to produce these one at a time.” But, you can get the large-diameter footpads from Bob Pastor. Call Bob at (269) 521-3671 for specs and prices.

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