June 13th, 2020

How to Store and Transport Firearms Safely in Vehicles

Firearms gun safety safe storage transport vehicle car truck NSSF

June is National Firearms Safety Month. As part of that effort, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has prepared tips for gun owners transporting firearms in their vehicles. Project ChildSafe and NSSF are emphasizing gun safety as National Safety Month kicks off, and as the nationwide surge in firearm sales continues and includes millions of first-time buyers.

Firearms gun safety safe storage transport vehicle car truck NSSF

HERE Are Key Guidelines for Safe, Secure Handling of Firearms in Vehicles:

• Take note of and safely control the muzzle direction of firearms in vehicles. This is one of the main rules of gun safety and applies to the inside of vehicles as well as any other location.

• When finished using your firearm outside your vehicle, unload it before you re-enter your vehicle.

• Even after a long hunt or a day in the sun at the range, always check, and then double check, that guns are unloaded before placing them in a car or truck.

• Be very careful if you must unload a firearm in the confined space of a vehicle so as not to have an accidental discharge. If your location allows, it is safer and easier to unload the firearm outside the vehicle.

• Never leave firearms in parts of the vehicle accessible to children or pets.

• Keep firearms and ammunition out of sight to avoid tempting thieves.

• Use secure temporary storage for firearms in vehicles.

• A lockable gun case or a lock box may be the most practical choice to securely store a gun in a vehicle. These come in a range of prices and models.

• If you’re concerned about quick access to your firearm, many types of lockable safes allow for extremely fast access of your gun while at the same time helping to prevent unauthorized access.

• Secure the lock box to the vehicle, if possible. Some companies make custom concealed compartments for specific model vehicles.

Traveling firearms truck car vehicle storage

Firearms gun safety safe storage transport vehicle car truck NSSF

Storing Firearms in Vehicles to Prevent Theft and Misuse
We travel with our firearms all the time, taking them to the range, on hunting trips or carrying them on our person, as permitted by law. As a result, there will be times when you might have to leave your firearm in your vehicle. This creates a situation that deserves careful consideration. The last thing you want is to have your gun stolen and potentially misused by a criminal. In some states, you could even be subject under the law to serious penalties and fines for failure to properly secure a firearm. Unfortunately, thefts of firearms from vehicles are on the rise. Thieves commonly steal cars and trucks even when they don’t obviously contain firearms — a reminder that vehicle door locks are not totally secure.

As a responsible gun owner concerned about your firearms falling into the wrong hands, it’s best to always remember this rule: Your firearm must be under your control at all times; when it’s not, it should be placed in locked storage and out of sight. Locking the doors on your vehicle does not constitute secure firearm storage. As one writer put it: “Cars and trucks aren’t safes. And they’re not holsters. They’re not storage containers.”

Firearms gun safety safe storage transport vehicle car truck NSSF

The glove compartment or console of your car or truck, even if lockable, should not be considered a secure storage device either, as it can be pried open too easily. If you need to leave your firearm in a vehicle, here are some important safety considerations to keep in mind to help prevent theft and unauthorized access.

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May 24th, 2018

Get Fast Access to Handguns at Home or in Your Shop

compact desk closet handgun safe GunVault Amazon Sale

For self-defense in your home or shop, you want quick access to your handgun. This is possible with a security box that works rapidly with the touch of your fingers*. Such smaller safes can be opened in a couple of seconds, while still keeping handguns secure from kids or any unwanted visitors. Right now the two-level GunVault GV2000C-Deluxe is on sale for $117.90 at Amazon with Free Shipping. This is a good deal. This same dual-level safe sells for $155-$195 at most other vendors.

compact desk closet handgun safe GunVault Amazon Sale

The MultiVault Deluxe (SKU: GV2000C-DLX) employs the Patented No-Eyes® Keypad and/or back-up security lock to open the safe. This GV2000C Deluxe unit includes a motion detector and a convenient interior light. It will also automatically block entry after multiple incorrect attempts. This GunVault can be secured via a heavy security cable so a thief can’t simply grab the safe and run. Interior dimensions are: 6″ High x 9″ Wide x 12.75″ Deep. We should note that there are other more expensive safes that employ RFID technology. That works well if you carry a fob or RFID ring. But for shop installation, we like the simplicity of the button keypad. RFID-equipped safes are also much more expensive.

There is also a smaller GunVault safe, the GV1000C-STD, shown below. This single-level model also opens with a finger sequence on the keypad. This smaller safe is also on sale currently on Amazon for $88.36 with free shipping. If you prefer the biometric version (that can also open with a fingerprint scan), that costs $214.64.

compact desk closet handgun safe GunVault Amazon Sale

And for under-desk use in a workshop or business, GunVault offers the SV500 Handgun SpeedVault. This places a pistol in a vertical position under a counter or desk-top. Activate the four buttons in the correct sequence and the unit opens downward so you can quickly grab the pistol. This SpeedVault has multiple mounting options, and, like other GunVault safes, there is a back-up override key.

compact desk closet handgun safe GunVault Amazon Sale

* This is NOT a biometric safe that opens by scanning a fingerprint. This safe uses a sequence of physical key presses with your fingers. “Learn Buttons” make it easy to program millions of user-selectable access codes. A built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries. GunVault does offer a biometric GVB2000 safe for $229.97 at Amazon. Honestly, we prefer the mechanical version at half the price. Less to go wrong.

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February 12th, 2011

GunCases.com Website Debuts — Wide Selection, Good Prices

You should check out the new GunCases.com website if you need a gun case, gun safe, firearms storage solution, and/or shooting accessories. Guncases.com was recently launched by the folks who run OpticsPlanet.com, a major online optics retailer with a good reputation for competitive pricing, reliable shipping, and responsive customer support.

GunCases.com Offers Wide Range of Products
Hopefully the new GunCases.com website will emulate the better qualities of OpticsPlanet.com. A quick pass through GunCases.com shows that the website name is something of a misnomer — it offers much more than just gun cases, safes, and storage cabinets. You’ll find a complete range of firearms accessories, including ear muffs, eye protection, gun cleaning kits, rifle slings, bipods, shooting rests, range boxes, and more. When navigating the GunCases.com site, you can conveniently search by category, brand name, or keyword.


Quality Brands Featured
As expected the selection of rifle cases is very extensive. We were pleased to see that GunCases.com carries Plano AirGlide (vertical) cases, SKB Double Rifle Cases, Storm cases, Pelican transport boxes, and hardshell range boxes for bullseye pistol shooters. The AirGlide is one of the best choices for transporting a wide-forearmed benchrest rifle, and the SKB “bunkbed” two-gun case offers great protection for a pair of High Power or hunting rifles.


Large Gun Safes, Handgun Safes, and Security Cabinets
Guncases.com also carries a wide selection of gun safes and security cabinets. Large, heavy fire-resistant gun-safes are offered from Cannon, Homak, and Mesa Gun Safes. The prices on the big safes are pretty good. The popular Gunvault handgun safes are offered and you’ll find Homak steel security cabinets ranging in price from $99 – $499. While not as theft- or fire-resistant as a heavy-walled gun safe, a security cabinet can provide secure, locked storage for tools, optics, and other valuables.

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June 13th, 2009

Hot Deal on Handgun Safe — $79.99

Here’s a great deal on the GunVault MiniVault. This is one of the best rapid-access handgun safes on the market. Keep it at bedside, in your work area, or it can even be fitted to a vehicle. Built of 16-gauge steel, the 8.5-lb MiniVault can be opened almost instantaneously using finger buttons on the No-Eyes™ keypad. The interior dimensions are 11″ L x 6.3″ W x 2.8″ H. That’s large enough to hold pretty much any defensive handgun, even with a rail light.

GunVault MiniVault MidwayUSA

MidwayUSA has discounted the 8″x12″ MiniVault (item 246722) to $79.99. That’s $26 off the normal price. Elsewhere on the web, the cheapest price we could find was $89.99, so you’re not going to beat this deal. MidwayUSA’s $79.99 price is good through June 30, 2009.

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