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September 27th, 2019

CMP High Power Clinics at 2019 National Matches in Ohio

CMP Junior high power highpower clinic Camp Perry

While the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) National Rifle Matches are most well-known for the President’s Rifle Match and other prestigious National Trophy Individual Rifle matches, the CMP offers several training programs for shooters of all levels.

In addition to the Small Arms Firing School (SAFS), tailored to new shooters, the CMP offers excellent High Power Clinics. Junior competitors (20 years or younger) can sign up for the USMC Junior High Power Clinic. Experienced adults as well as top juniors can select Team CMP’s Advanced High Power Clinic.

CMP Junior high power highpower clinic Camp Perry
Benjamin D. of New York attended the clinic for the first time, focusing on position shoting with the AR-15.

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) Junior High Power Rifle Clinic offers personalized training, dry-fire and live-fire practice and an opportunity to confirm zeroes. Many juniors attend the USMC clinic year after year, using the opportunity to sharpen their skills before the bigger matches, to reconnect with friends and to meet new juniors and to learn from members of the USMC Shooting Team.

CMP Junior high power highpower clinic Camp Perry
The 2019 USMC Junior Clinic started out with presentation on optics.

CMP Junior high power highpower clinic Camp Perry
CMP 2019 Advanced High Power Clinic participants and instructors.

Team CMP conducts the Advanced High Power Clinic each summer and this year added a live-fire portion for the first time. The Advanced Clinic begins with a classroom Q and A session before dry-fire practice and position work on Petrarca Range. To learn more about the CMP High Power Clinics, CLICK HERE.

CMP Junior high power highpower clinic Camp Perry AiR-15 air rifleThis year Team CMP split the students into rotating groups: mental management, wind reading, and live-fire standing practice. Live-fire practice was conducted in the Gary Anderson Competition Center with AiR-15 air rifles (photo right). This added a new dimension to the clinic that allowed for near immediate application of what students learned earlier in the class.

While most juniors attend the USMC Junior Clinic, some sign up for the Team CMP Advanced High Power Clinic. James Friend, 19, of the Illinois Hard Dogs Junior Team, has been shooting High Power since 2013 and attended Team CMP’s clinic for the second time this year. Friend, who focused on rebuilding his prone position and improving mental skills, says the clinic is a great way to “move to the next level. I’d definitely go again — you can always pick up different tips and tricks from different people.”

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June 1st, 2017

Arizona Scorpions Junior High Power Team Prepares for Perry

Scorpion Junior High Power Rifle Team Arizona Scorpions

Story based on report by Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer
The Arizona Scorpions Junior High Power Rifle Team has earned a great reputation at major matches. These young folks can shoot. Year after year, the Scorpions have ranked among the top Junior teams in the nation. Since 1983, the team has earned six Minuteman Trophies — awarded to the top junior team in the CMP’s National Trophy Rifle Team Match. The team has also taken home 14 Junior Infantry Team Trophy National Champion titles since 1988. Sponsored by the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association (AZRPA), the team is headed to Camp Perry this year with lofty goals.

At last year’s National Matches, three AZ Scorpions (Zac Clark, Sarah Nguyen and Kade Jackovich) placed among the Top 20 junior competitors during the CMP’s National Trophy Individual match. What’s more, four Scorpions teams placed in the Top 25 at the National Trophy Junior Team event. A six-person AZ Scorpions team also beat out 14 other junior teams to earn the top place and 13th overall in the difficult Infantry Team Match (Rattle Battle).

Scorpion Junior High Power Rifle Team Arizona Scorpions

Look for the AZ Scorpions and other junior High Power teams at this year’s National Matches, firing throughout the month of July at Camp Perry! Registration is open for the 2017 National Matches. CLICK HERE for more information.

Scorpions Shooters Go Distinguished at a Young Age
Many Scorpions juniors are on their way to earning their Distinguished Rifleman Badge. Recently, Scorpions juniors Zac Clark and Sarah Nguyen took first and second, respectively, during the 2017 Desert Sharpshooters Excellence In Competition (EIC) Service Rifle Match in March, which helped the pair move closer towards their individual Distinguished Rifleman Badges. Clark and Nguyen also took the top two places during the 2016 Creedmoor Cup Match in Phoenix in October.

Scorpion Zade Jackovich earned a spot on the coveted President’s 100 team after an outstanding performance during the President’s Rifle Match in 2015. Zade earned his final EIC points during the National Trophy Individual Match, so he could take the stage to be pinned with a Distinguished Badge.

Scorpion Junior High Power Rifle Team Arizona Scorpions

Scorpions Team Members Earn Military Academy Appointments
Nguyen, recently received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, class of 2021, and is the fourth Scorpion to do so. Other talented Scorpions “alumni” include Tyler Rico, who fired on the team from 2007 to 2012, and became the youngest marksman to earn the Distinguished Rifleman Badge when he was 13 years old. He has also held several National Records, among other accomplishments, and went on to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy. In total, four members of the team earned shooting scholarships to military academies in 2012, including spots at West Point and the Naval Academy.

To learn more about the AZ Scorpions Junior High Power Team, visit and the team’s Facebook Page.

This video shows Scorpions Team Members in Action at Ben Avery Range in February 2017.

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