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December 15th, 2020

16-Year-Old Katrina “Three-Peats” at Big CMP Air Rifle Event

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner

Report by Ashley Brugnone, CMP Staff Writer
After earning wins in 2018 and 2019, Katrina Demerle, 16, returned to Camp Perry in 2020 to claim her third overall win in the precision class during the CMP’s Gary Anderson Invitational (GAI) air rifle event. This teen’s GAI win was a major triumph — not only did she achieve a notable “Three-Peat”, but she set a National Record in the process.

Katrina earned her third straight GAI title with a record-breaking score in the 2020 GAI match. Not only did Katrina achieve an unprecedented three-peat during the match, she also fired a new National Record Precision Individual 3×20 plus Final score of 701.4 — only dropping three points in her qualifying round.

Katrina Wins GAI with Brand New Pardini Air Rifle
Katrina’s performance was notable under any circumstance but was especially remarkable during the GAI match, as this was only her second time firing her Pardini GPR1 in competition: “I’ve only had it for a few weeks. With this new gun, my scores have come up a little bit and have been repeatable.”

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner
CLICK HERE for large Pardini GPR1 photo.

Katrina is lucky enough to have a range set up right at her house, allowing her to keep up with regular practice, despite the pandemic and its effects. Committed to maintaining her performance level, she has also been firing in any matches she can find — competing nearly every weekend since September.

She traveled to the GAI with her father, Butch, who excitedly watched as his daughter took each shot toward her third win. “I think I’m more nervous than she is,” he said as Katrina prepared for her Finals.

With each shot and each “10” added upon her score, Butch’s anxiousness grew, knowing very well Katrina could be making history. He held his breath as she fired her last pellet downrange – a 10.5 and her ninth “X” out of 10 total shots. A quick glance from the firing line back at her dad, a smile and a sigh of relief were shared between the two as her goals were realized through her extraordinary composure. “I told her I wanted her to beat 700 – and she did,” he said, proudly.

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner

Gary Anderson Invitational Match
The annual GAI match is conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) at its two 80-point electronic air gun ranges: the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry, Ohio, and the CMP South Competition Center in Anniston, Alabama. The junior 3×20 sporter and precision air rifle event allows competitors at both locations to compete against one another, even while miles apart, as their scores are compared to determine overall winners.

270 junior athletes competed in the 2020 event, firing record shots at prone, standing, and kneeling positions. A 10-shot Final for the top eight competitors usually follows, but the 2020 GAI’s unconventional schedule led all competitors to an additional 10 shots to act as a Finals score. Instead of one weekend, the GAI was extended weeks out to allow social distancing within the facilities.

Teen three peat GAI Gary Anderson Invitational air rifle match Katrina winnner

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May 18th, 2020

McMillan A-10 Stock for Smaller-Stature Shooters

McMillan A-10 rifle stock fiberglass stocks womens junior smaller stature ergonomic

Not all rifle shooters are created equal…

Some have smaller stature. Ladies, on average, have smaller torsos and shorter arms than men. Junior shooters are also smaller than adults. For all these types of competitors, particularly ladies and juniors, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has created the new A-10 stock. This new stock is shorter, lighter, and more compact than other popular McMillan stocks, such as the A-5 and A-6. It has a modified, more-forward grip, and the LOP adjusts down to 12 inches.

The A-10 incorporates features of McMillan’s popular tactical stocks but in a more compact format to match the ergonomic needs of smaller-frame shooters. The new A-10 is a well-balanced tactical design that combines a thinner forearm like the A3-5, a butt hook similar to the A-5, and the sleek lines of the A-6.

The vertical grip is positioned further forward than other A-series stocks, which allows for a more relaxed 90-degree trigger finger placement and shorter trigger reach — perfect for shooters with smaller hands. The grip also features a small shelf to assist in consistent hand placement and reduce fatigue. To further accommodate smaller-frame shooters, the adjustable buttstock can deliver a length-of-pull as short as 12 inches. An adjustable cheek-riser ensures optimal head alignment.

McMillan A-10 rifle stock fiberglass stocks womens junior smaller stature ergonomic

Britainy McMillan, McMillan V.P. of Operations, revealed how the A-10 was developed:

“We consulted many of the top shooters in the country throughout the R&D process of the A-10, including Regina Milkovich, one of the top competitors in PRS competition. We wanted to know what the pros would like to see in a precision stock, and the result is the A-10.

We feel this is the optimal rifle platform not only for women and other small-stature shooters, but especially for the youth shooter. The overall design, coupled with full adjustability in length-of-pull and cheek piece height, provides a stock that younger shooters can ‘grow with and not grow out of.’ We also went with the A-10 designation because this is a totally new stock in the McMillan lineup.”

McMillan A-10 rifle stock fiberglass stocks womens junior smaller stature ergonomic

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May 5th, 2020

The Shootin’ Sisters — Jalise and Justine Williams

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Here’s a feel-good story about two young people excelling in the shooting sports. We can use this kind of positive message in these times, when shooting ranges have been closed and major matches have been cancelled. It’s good to see two very talented young ladies making their mark in the shooting sports.

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Colt’s Manufacturing Company (Colt) has signed two talented young ladies to the Colt professional shooting team – Jalise Williams and Justine Williams. This talented twosome will now represent Colt at shooting competitions and industry events. Jalise and Justine bring exceptional young talent to the sport. Justine is a USPSA Production Grand Master and Jalise is a Single Stack Master — that means these young ladies, even as high schoolers, rank among the top USPSA shooters. Both ladies continue into 2020 with full competition schedules, including Safariland Single Stack Classic Nationals, IPSC Nationals, and IPSC World Shoot XIX in Pattaya, Thailand.

Before Joining Team Colt, the Williams Sisters Shot for Team Springfield

Jalise Williams, 17, competes in USPSA, IPSC, 3-Gun, and Steel Challenge. At the young age of 15, Jalise became the youngest Single Stack Lady National Champion in USPSA history at the age of 15. She now holds more than 100 titles. Her 2019 titles include:

Limited Lady National Champion
Single Stack Lady National Champion
L-10 Lady National Champion
L-10 A-Class National Champion
IPSC Classic Lady National Champion

“My whole world revolves around my love for the shooting sports”, said Jalise. “Colt is a legendary company and I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to represent the brand. I am beyond excited…”

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Justine Williams, 15, has competed in a variety of shooting disciplines for six years. At age 13 she became the youngest-ever Production Grandmaster and at age 15 earned the PCC Grandmaster title. The first and only female to become a two-time USPSA Grandmaster, Jusine won FIVE national titles in 2019:

USPSA High Lady in the Open, Carry Optics, and Productions Divisions
USPSA High Junior National Production Champion
IPSC High Lady Production Division

Interview with the Williams Sisters

Want to learn more about the Jalise and Justine Williams? Follow the girls on their Facebook Page. There’s also a great interview with the two young talents on

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Q: When was the first time you shot a gun, who taught you and why?

Jalise was 4 and Justine was 3 when we shot our very first gun. The gun was a .357 Marlin because our parents didn’t own any .22s. My dad is a big hunter and wanted us to learn how to hunt and shoot. Our dad taught us how to shoot shotguns and rifles.

Q: What drew you to competition and what do you like best about it?

We have always been thrill seekers. We look for the biggest adrenaline hype we can find. We love to find the biggest roller coasters or scary ride we can find. We participated in swimming, gymnastics, dance, and got our black belts in Karate. But when we started shooting, it was unlike anything we had done before.

We love the rush the timer gives you. The way you move through a stage like a dance or a form in karate. The way you have to be precise like hunting. It is so different and so interesting that we can’t stop! The people are also great — they are the nicest people you will meet.

READ Full Interview HERE »

And the girls keep on winning — Jalise Williams recently took home the High Lady and High Junior titles at the Western States Single Stack Championship. Justine Williams recently shot the Mesquite Mayhem Steel Challenge Match, taking home the 1st Overall Match title and 1st Overall PCC title.

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September 7th, 2017

Anderson Book Explains How to Train New Shooters

Gary Anderson Coaching Juniors Training Manual CMP

DCM Emeritus Gary Anderson has authored a good book, Coaching Young Rifle Shooters, that fills an important need. Anderson, one of the most successful American marksmen in history, has created a new fully-illustrated guide to help parents and coaches train young shooters. This 187-page, full-color book is the most comprehensive instructional guide of its kind currently in print. In his training guidebook, Gary provides coaches with the tools needed to develop young shooters and improve their skills. In his 11 years of international competition, Gary won two Olympic gold medals, seven World Championships, and 16 national titles.

Gary Anderson Coaching Book

Coaching Young Rifle Shooters
By Gary Anderson

Instructional and teaching guide for coaches and parents who work with beginning and intermediate junior rifle shooters.

187 pages, full color.
Fully Illustrated.
$19.95 plus S&H

CMP Store
Item NLU 758

Order through the CMP E-Store.

About Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson served as the Director of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) from 1999-2009, and is now DCM Emeritus. At the 1962 World Shooting Championships in Egypt, Anderson won four individual titles and set three new world records. At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Gary won the 300m free-rifle Gold Medal, setting a new world record in the process. At the 1966 World Shooting Championships in Germany, Anderson won three additional world titles. At the 1968 Olympics, Gary won a second gold medal in the 300m free-rifle event.

DCM CMP Gary AndersonGary retired from active international competition after the 1969 World Championships in Spain, where he set a 50m, three-position world record. After his “retirement” from international competition, Gary competed in the National High Power Championships, winning the President’s National Trophy in 1973, 1975 and 1976. Over his competitive career, Anderson won two Olympic Gold Medals, seven World Championships, and sixteen National Championships. No American has ever won more major shooting titles.

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April 8th, 2013

National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships in Colorado

The rifle phase of the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC) commences this week at the Olympic Shooting Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Women’s matches start on Tuesday April 9th, while the men commence their rifle competition on Monday, April 15th.

National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships

Pistol matches were held this past week, and National Junior Team member Starlin Shi scored an impressive win. Starlin still handily defeated her opposition to capture a third straight NJOSC Women’s Sport Pistol title. In the 10m Air Pistol events, USA Shooting Junior National Team members Wyatt Brown and Alana Townsend both secured national titles (in the men’s and women’s divisions respectively). In the men’s 25m Sport Pistol division, Robert Wells took top honors.

National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships

Rifle Shooting Starts Tomorrow
Women’s Rifle competition begins Tuesday (April 9) in Colorado Springs as the 17-day NJOSC competition moves on to its second of three weeks. The competition takes place over a three-week period with over 500 of the finest junior shooters in attendance. The top two finishers in each event earn a spot on USA Shooting’s National Junior Team. The 17-day event features shooting matches in Men’s and Women’s Pistol (Air/Sport) and Rifle (Air/Smallbore). More information can also be found on the USA Shooting website. For scores visit USA Shooting’s Match Results Page

National Junior Olympic Shooting ChampionshipsWomen’ Rifle (April 9-12)

  • April 9-10 — Air Rifle
  • April 11-12 — Smallbore

Men’s Rifle (April 15-19)

  • April 15-16 — Air Rifle
  • April 17-19 — Smallbore
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November 7th, 2011

Fund-Raising Program for Michigan RPA Junior Rifle Shooters

There’s a new effort underway to support the Michigan Junior Shooters. The fund-raising campaign hopes to raise $500.00 by Christmas time. Bryan Litz is helping with the effort, donating $4.00 from the purchase price of copies of his book, Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting.

Michigan Junior Shooters

Bryan explains: “Funds raised in this campaign will be used to support all disciplines of rifle shooting for Michigan juniors including High Power, Long Range, and Smallbore. Funds will be used to offset costs of team T-shirts, entry fees, travel, housing, and so on. Basically, we are hoping to defray the expenses of competing at a higher level — costs which juniors often cannot cover on their own. I’ll be updating the ‘thermometer’ image as we approach our goal of $500.” Visit the Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association – Juniors WebLog to learn about the juniors’ participation in recent competitions.

The $4 donation per book applies for books sold directly from the Applied Ballistics website. Ordering direct is also the only way to order ‘autographed’ copies of the book.

Bryan adds: “Please consider this as a gift option for a fellow shooter, and to help support young people involved in the shooting sports.”

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