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May 6th, 2019

Opportunities for Junior Shooters at CMP National Matches

CMP Camp Perry National matches youth junior rimfire sporter
Hundreds of junior shooters enjoy the Rimfire Sporter Match each summer.

The CMP’s National Matches, held at Camp Perry in the summer, are not just for seasoned veterans. The CMP encourages juniors to attend the National Matches. There are numerous clinics for younger shooters, as well as many competitive events suitable for juniors. The CMP recently released a lengthy summary of all the opportunities for young shooters at the National Matches. Read Full Article HERE.

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Smallbore Small Arms Firing School
After a successful premier in 2018, the CMP will again be bringing Smallbore back to Camp Perry in 2019. To enhance the schedule, changes have been made to this year’s Prone Championship, and the CMP has purchased new smallbore rifles for a newly-developed Smallbore Small Arms Firing School (SAFS). The goal of the SAFS class is to provide new opportunities to junior shooters in an effort to grow the smallbore shooting community. The SAFS class will be instructed by the renowned U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. The Smallbore lineup will also feature three-position individual and team events.

CMP Rimfire Sporter

Rimfire Sporter Clinic and Match
The Rimfire Sporter clinic presents an opportunity for individuals who do not have access to equipment for air rifle, smallbore or highpower service rifle to compete and enjoy the National Matches. This is a great way for juniors to get started as it requires minimal equipment and expense. The CMP offers a training clinic as well as a match for rimfire sporter. It is designed as a recreation-oriented competition limited to .22 caliber sporter rifles. There are three classes: the “O class” for open-sighted rifles, the “T-Class” for rifles with telescopic sights or rear aperture sighted rifles and a “Tactical Rimfire” class for a .22 caliber A4 or AR15 style rifle. Firing is conducted from 25 yards and from 50 yards. The current National Record, a perfect score of 600×600, was fired in 2015 by a junior, Samuel Payne.

CMP Rimfire Sporter

Rifle Small Arms Firing School (SAFS)
The rifle Small Arms Firing School is a wonderful way to introduce juniors to High Power service rifle. Even if people do not pursue competitive service rifle, SAFS teaches them firearm safety, handling practices, shooting fundamentals and how to properly use an AR-15. The Army Marksmanship Unit takes a starring role in largely coaching individual competitors, though trained CMP instructors and other military marksmen also help lead the class. Ammunition and a rifle for use during SAFS is provided. Participants receive training and can participate in a match the next day. An advanced SAFS is available for returning students and/or more accomplished shooters.

CMP Camp Perry National Matches summer junior
The National Trophy Junior Team Match attracts squads of young shooters from around the country.

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February 29th, 2016

NEW Hearing Protection for Infants and Small Children

Walker's baby child kids earmuff ear muffs

Here’s a new product we’re pleased to see on the market. Walker’s, a major supplier of hearing protection for shooters, has introduced a new set of smaller-sized NRR 23 ear muffs specifically designed for infants and small children from six months to eight years of age. Walker’s new Baby & Kids Muffs provide protection for infants and children against dangerous loud noises. The muffs are designed to fit smaller heads properly, and protect the sensitive hearing of youngsters.

The adjustable headband on these muffs is designed for the smaller heads of kids up to age 8. These Baby & Kids Muffs have a 23 NRR noise reduction rating. We wish that were at least 25 NRR, but this can be supplemented with foam plugs for extra protection (plugs under the muffs). The important thing is that these muffs are sized right for youngsters and fit properly (for a good sound-seal). Walker’s® Baby and Kids muffs start at $14.99 MSRP and come in four color choices: blue, pink, green and camo.

Baby BanZ for Children 0-2 Years
Parents of very young infants should consider Baby BanZ Muffs, which are designed for infants 0-2 years. These small-sized muffs can protect toddlers’ hearing during rock concerts, when loud machinery is running, during fireworks displays, or other noisy activities. These really work for tiny tots. One mother reports: “I bought these for my two-month old and they work great! He’s never fought us putting them on. He’s now falling asleep with them. He’s slept through a demolition derby and a rowdy wedding reception. I’m ordering another pair for my nephew.” Another mom says: “We bought these when we took our four month-old to a loud event. They fit her head well and were well-padded. She looked very comfortable, so comfortable in fact that she slept for most of her first rock concert. I’d say they worked exceptionally well!”

Baby BanZ ear muffs kids
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December 5th, 2015

Sharing the Fun of Shooting is Rewarding for Young and Old Alike

Why I love Shooting Father Son

It’s important for all serious “gun guys” to share our hobby with new shooters. Sharing the fun with those new to the sport helps keep our shooting heritage alive. And going to the range is also a great way for family members and friends to spend “quality time” together. A father and son outing to the range can be very rewarding, as Forum Member Belton45 observed recently.

Forum Member Belton45 started a thread in our Shooters’ Forum, entitled “Why I Enjoy Shooting.” In the thread, Belton45 described a day at the range with his 11-year-old son: “My son wanted a nice gun like my PPC so I fixed him up a Krieger-barreled 223 AR. [The photo shows] my son shooting the newly-put-together AR. He had the best two small groups of the day with it. Smallest was this .295″ and one a little over .3″. He was very happy as I was also. He is 11 and loves going to range. I am pretty sure I was happier than he was. Although he had to call his grandpa and tell him. On the drive back home he was giving me pointers on how to shoot. He has been shooting with me for 5 to 6 years. He is definitely a good shot. He also shoots a MKIII .22LR pistol very well also. He thinks I’m the ‘coolest dad in the world’. He is a very hard working young man — he mows yards, gets good grades, and is very athletic. I could not be happier.”

READ ‘Why I Enjoy Shooting’ Forum Thread

Forum Member Tim B had a similar positive experience with his nephew: “I don’t have kids but feel that we need to keep alive the gun aspect of our heritage. I bought a .22 mag rifle and gave it to my nephew. He is a natural in my eyes. He loves that rifle more than anything. He has learned to read the wind and can shoot some tight groups with it. I recently let him shoot my AR I just finished building. The look in his eyes after shooting it was priceless. I hope to build him a very nice target gun someday.”

Forum Member Ray in Wenatchee also gave a young shooter a special thrill: “A 10/22 shooting teenager sideled up to me behind my Anschutz M1413 free style rifle and was amazed at my grouping. His dad had taken him down to do a little shooting, then maybe archery. I set him up on my Bald Eagle rest and let him shoot 5 rounds. [He drilled] a 5-round, nickel-sized hole at 50 yards. Both of them were still waving ‘Thank You’ when I left.”

benchrest school

As an eighth grader, Amanda L (photo above), attended a Benchrest Clinic in Southern California. She ended up shooting one of the small groups of the day, an impressive 0.163″. Who said short-range benchrest is just for pudgy old guys with cranky personalities? Amanda is living proof that precision shooting can be enjoyed by just about anyone, at any age.

And we can also help the sport by giving adult shooters the chance to try a very accurate rifle for the first time. Often, when a novice gets a chance to shoot a real tack-driver, he gets “hooked” on the sport. Forum Member LawrenceH writes:

One of the most fulfilling aspects of benchrest shooting, for me, is to get others interested in the sport. At my home range, most shooters have never seen a benchrest rifle, or wind flags. During range visits I get at least one person who comes over and asks questions about my gun and the flags. I will take a break from my shooting and talk with the interested shooter as long as they care to talk. I will then ask them if they would like to shoot a group with my rifle. More often than not they will say yes. The smile on their face when they finish their group and the cheer in their voice as they talk about how fun it is to shoot that rifle is enough to make my day. I got one guy hooked on the sport and made several friends this way. Being open and friendly with other shooters can go a long way toward sustaining our sport.

When I am at the range practicing, I do all I can to dispel the stigma that benchrest shooters are unapproachable or arrogant. My intention of being open and friendly with other shooters is to provide them the thrill of shooting a benchrest rifle and giving them the opportunity to find out what they can do with good equipment. In the process they will see that benchrest shooters are a good bunch of guys and that benchrest competition might be a fun endeavor. If they chose to pursue the sport, that is a bonus. In any case, it has always been a positive experience to share my knowledge and equipment with other shooters. It boils down to having fun and being a good steward of the shooting sports. I will continue to do my part and hope that other benchrest shooters do the same.”

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May 4th, 2015

600-50X! Teen Shoots First-Ever Perfect Rimfire Sporter Score

Rimfire sporter match new record 600-50x Sam Payne
Sam Payne (far left) shot the first-ever “clean” 600-50X score in the CMP Rimfire Sporter Match.

15-year old Sam Payne of Kingston, GA, made history during the Rimfire Sporter Match at the Eastern CMP Games. Sam shot a stunning 600-50X in the T-Class, the first person to clean the Rimfire Sporter Match Course of Fire. (The total possible is 600-60X.) Congratulations to Sam! Full results from CMP Eastern Games can be viewed on the CMP Competition Tracker Site.


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May 15th, 2014

CMP Summer Camps are Filling Up Quickly

CMP summer Air Rifle CampEach summer the Civilian Marksmanship Program sponsors a popular series of Junior Air Rifle Camps and Clinics to teach intermediate and advanced marksmanship skills to junior shooters. All camps are one-week-long, three-position air rifle camps, with the exception of the Outreach Clinics and the Advanced Standing Camp.

The CMP’s summer Rifle Training Camps are filling up fast. Many camps are now posted as full, and several more will be full soon. If you want to help a Junior get involved, act soon. Interested Juniors should sign-up today for one of the remaining CMP Camps or Clinics. These are great training options for the summer. For more information, visit:



Camp Dates


Anniston, AL- CMP South

2-6 June

Clinic A

Progresso, TX (Outreach Clinic)

2-4 June


Anniston, AL- CMP South

9-13 June


Camp Perry, OH- CMP North

9-13 June

Clinic 1

Willard, MO- Springfield Area (Outreach Clinic) **FULL**

16-18 June


Anniston, AL- CMP South **FULL**

16-20 June


Camp Perry, OH- CMP North **FULL**

16-20 June

Stand A
30 June-2 July

Clinic 2

Port Orchard, WA- Seattle Area (Outreach Clinic)

7-9 July

Clinic 3

Bozeman, MT (Outreach Clinic)

7-9 July

Stand 1

Phoenix, AZ- Ben Avery (Advanced Standing Camp)

10-12 July


Anniston, AL- CMP South **FULL**

14-18 July


Phoenix, AZ- Ben Avery **FULL**

14-18 July


Anniston, AL- CMP South **FULL**

21-25 July


Kerrville, TX **FULL**

21-25 July


Anniston, AL- CMP South**FULL**

28 July-1 Aug


Fountain, CO **FULL**

28 July-1 Aug

Stand 2

Anniston, AL- CMP South (Advanced Standing Camp)

4-6 Aug

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July 24th, 2011

Video Features Shooting Programs for Women

YouTube Preview Image

The best thing that can be done for the future of sport shooting in America is to recruit more female and junior participants. Young people are the future of the sport. Involving women in shooting can help reverse a “gender gap” in voting patterns that has favored anti-gun politicians. The more we can get women to enjoy shooting and adopt a positive attitude towards firearms, the harder it will be for anti-gun forces to marshal support for restrictive new laws.

The above video features NRA programs for women of all ages and experience levels. Such programs include Women On Target® (WOT) Instructional Shooting Clinics, hunts for women, and the popular Women’s Wilderness Escapes. There are even ladies-only WOT Postal Matches. Ladies can also take part in all the NRA competitive shooting disciplines: handgun, trap/skeet, air rifle, smallbore, silhouette, high power, F-Class, and even the new NRA-sanctioned multi-gun matches.

Junior Womens’ Programs
Young women have the chance to participate in many specialized shooting programs for juniors, including the Youth Hunter Education Challenge, NRA Day events, CMP Junior leagues, and the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. The NRA Foundatrion also offers a Women’s Wildlife Management/Conservation Scholarships. This women’s scholarship, from the Women of the NRA, is a renewable, one-year, $1,000 scholarship available to full-time college juniors or seniors with a minimum grade point average of 3.0, majoring in wildlife management/conservation.

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June 4th, 2011

Openings Available at 2011 Camp Perry Junior Shooting Camps

If you or someone you know is a young shooter looking to mix some top-notch coaching with summer fun, then look no further than the NRA Junior Shooting Camps. Each summer, the NRA offers a Junior Pistol Camp and a Junior Smallbore Rifle Camp at Camp Perry in Northern Ohio. The slideshow below shows the 2010 Junior Smallbore Rifle Camp.

Both Pistol and Rifle programs are conducted as five-day camps offering expert instruction by NRA Certified Coaches. Both camps are geared towards intermediate shooters, but beginners are accepted on a space-available basis. Open to youths 12-18 years of age, these camps provide young people with the chance to improve their shooting skills under the guidance and supervision of experienced coaches.

The Junior Pistol Camp will be held July 12-16 and the Junior Smallbore Rifle Camp will be held July 23-27, both in conjunction with the National Matches at Camp Perry. The Junior Pistol Camp is limited to 50 shooters and will focus on conventional and international pistol shooting, while the Junior Smallbore Rifle Camp is limited to 72 shooters and centers on 3 and 4-position rifle shooting.

Advanced registration (by June 15) is just $200.00, standard registration (after June 15) is $225.00. This includes training materials and administrative fees, but does not cover travel or lodging costs. First-time campers for the Junior Pistol Camp only are eligible for tuition and travel reimbursement of up to $500.00 per individual thanks to the generous support of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association.

Information packets and registration forms for both camps can be downloaded online, or call 703-267-1411 for more information. You can also view the new Junior Pistol Camp brochure online. If you know a junior who would like to attend a shooting camp, submit an application right away!

Camp Perry Shooting Camp

Story by Kerrin Brinkman, courtesy The NRA Blog.
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May 26th, 2010

Eastern Jr. High Power Clinic & Championship, June 19-25

The CMP’s Eastern U.S. Junior High Power Clinic and Championship will take place on 10-25 June at Camp Butner, North Carolina. This event offers a full week of clinics, coaching and competition for junior service rifle competitors. Enrollment is now open for the Clinic and Championship.

Junior Highpower

The clinic offers instruction on and off the firing line covering both shooting in individual matches and shooting as a member of a coached team. During the 6 days of clinics and competition, juniors fire a 600 yard 20-shot prone slow-fire match, an 80-shot Bushmaster Trophy Match (4×20 shots), a Billy Atkins Team Match (two-person teams with each firer shooting a 50-shot NMC with coaching), a CMP 50-shot EIC Match and an Infantry Team Match. CLICK HERE to register | DOWNLOAD Match Flyer.

Junior Highpower
Photos courtesy

The fee for the 2009 Clinic and Championship is $100 which includes on-base housing at Camp Butner, lunches (Sunday-Thursday) and evening meals (Sunday-Thursday). Space for on-base housing is limited, so register early. Adult coaches/parents can register for $50.00 which includes some meals, but the on-base housing is limited to juniors. CLICK HERE for Complete Match Info and Schedule.

If you have questions about the Eastern U.S. Junior Highpower Clinic and Championship, email Bob Hughes at rlhj43 [at], Brad Palmer at palmerpatch [at], or Christine Elder at celder [at] This event is hosted in cooperation with the North Carolina National Guard, NC Rifle & Pistol Assn., and the USMC Rifle Team.

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June 30th, 2009

Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic & Championship

We applaud programs that promote youth participation in the shooting sports, particularly programs that successfully involve both boys and girls in competitive shooting. At the recent Eastern Junior Highpower Clinic & Championship, held June 20-26 at Camp Butner, NC, dozens of boys and girls honed their shooting skills under the guidance of experienced instructors from the USMC Rifle Team.

After lecture-style teaching sessions, the junior shooters headed to the range where they received personalized instruction from the Marine Corps coaches. June 21 and 22 were dedicated to dry-fire and live-fire exercises. The 23rd began with a “Whistler Boy” format, 500-yard, two-person team match, followed by a 600-yard match. On the 24th, the juniors competed in the Bushmaster Trophy Match, an 800-yard Across-the-Course event. On Friday the 25th, a CMP Juniors EIC Match was held, followed by a cook-out and awards ceremony.

There were many female shooters at the Camp Butner event, and the young ladies did very well in competition. In fact, Amanda Elsenboss won the EIC (Excellence in Competition) match with a 484-14X score. Amanda also finished second to Tyler Rico in the Bushmaster Trophy Match. Tyler Rico won the Clinic/Championship Overall Aggregate with an impressive 1962-66x score, followed (yet again), by Amanda Elsenboss (1943-56x).

Photos courtesy

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