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June 28th, 2014

Can’t Find .22 LR Ammo? Here’s One Solution…

.22 LR 22LR Laser Trainer
Watch LaserLyte .22 LR Trainer in Action

Do you own a .22 LR rimfire pistol? Well now you can transform that handgun into a high-tech laser pistol, thanks to a new gadget from LaserLyte. The new .22 Caliber Laser Trainer works with nearly all .22 LR pistols (but not revolvers) with a striker or conventional firing pin. The battery-powered device emits a laser beam when you pull the trigger. The video below shows how it works.

We have to admit we liked the idea of this device so much, we ordered one from The $83.22 retail price seems a little steep, but think of all the money you can save on .22 LR ammo (which is pretty darn hard to find these days anyway). We just wish there was a version for .22 LR revolvers.

.22 LR 22LR Laser Trainer

.22 LR 22LR Laser TrainerWARNING: Before you use the LaserLyte .22 Caliber Trainer, check and double-check to ensure your pistol is UNLOADED!! That means NO ROUND IN THE CHAMBER! Pulling the trigger with the training device in the barrel (and a loaded round) could cause serious injury or death to yourself or someone downrange. As with any firearm, always make sure to follow all basic firearm safety rules! Additionally, never point the laser beam at another person — as the laser can cause eye injury.

New product tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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January 27th, 2014

LaserLyte Plinking Cans Jump When Hit By Laser Beams

laserlyte plinking cans

Snow on the ground? Can’t go shooting outside? Here’s one way to have fun indoors while practicing your aiming skills. LaserLyte offers a set of three cans equipped with laser-activated “kickers” on the base. When a laser hits the can in the right spot the can topples over. The laser activates a solenoid that releases a spring-loaded plunger. To reset the cans, simply stand them up and depress the plunger.

Watch Laserlyte Plinker Training Cans:

The LaserLyte® Laser Plinking Can Set is sold in a three-pack with three 9V batteries included. One battery will tip the can over about 8,000 times. Watch the video to see how it works. This would be fun with kids (just follow safe practices with the laser beams).

laserlyte plinking cans

To direct a laser at the plinking cans, you’ll need a firearm fitted with an in-barrel laser (instead of live ammo). Or, alternatively, you can use the blue plastic LaserLyte training pistol ($54.95). For actual handguns, you can use the universal LT-Pro laser module, or a caliber-specific unit that fits the chamber of your gun. The blue training pistol is designed to work with the LT-Pro universal module, as you can see in the video below, a field test by The testers noted that the cans may be sensitive to very bright light sources.

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September 21st, 2013

LaserLyte Training Target Registers Laser Beam “Hits”

laserlyte training targetIf you have a laser fitted to one of your firearms, here’s a training gizmo that can help you practice your aiming and target acquisition. The LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target can register and display “hits” on its large bullseye display using 62 laser-activated LED lights. Under normal conditions, this laser-activated target can register shots up to 50 yards away. The $140.00 (street price) Laser Trainer Target is good for about 6,000 “shots”, drawing power from three (3) AA batteries. The unit is fully independent — there is no hook-up to a computer or separate processing pack.

Though it may appear smaller in the photos, the Laser Trainer Target is about the size of a school textbook: 9.5″ H x 6.25″ W x 2.0″ D, with a target area roughly five inches in diameter. The device can be used inside or outside, but you’ll probably get best results indoors. The Laser Trainer target can function with all user-activated lasers, such as grip lasers, front rail lasers, in-chamber “laser cartridges”, and even laser boresights (so long as they can be activated by trigger movement).

Ruger LC9 LaserFun to use and easy to deploy, the LaserLyte Trainer Target was named a 2012 Golden Bullseye Award Winner by American Rifleman magazine. MSRP is $219.95 but “street price” is WAY lower. These units sell at WalMart for $139.41. That makes it affordable. Of course you don’t experience the noise and recoil of actual shots with the LaserLyte Target Trainer, but the device can easily pay for itself, if you compare the cost of batteries vs. live ammo. These days, 1000 rounds of 9mm ammo can cost $400.00 or more.

laserlyte training target

WARNING — UNLOAD FIREARM FIRST: When Training with the LaserLyte Training Target and a firearm fitted with a laser-emitting device or laser sight, always remove and unload the magazine and then double-check to ensure the chamber is empty, and the gun is unloaded. If there is a live round in your gun, not only can you destroy your target device, but the round could cause injury or death to someone downrange.
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April 16th, 2011

New Cabela’s In-Chamber Laser Bore-Sighter from LaserLyte and LaserLyte have teamed up to produce compact laser bore-sighters that fit inside your firearm’s chamber. The laser is housed in a brass assembly machined to duplicate an actual cartridge. To activate the laser, simply place the bore-sighter in the rifle’s chamber and close the bolt. There are two core units, the Laserlyte Cabela’s Premium .223 (collimated lens $99.00) and the Pro .223 (standard lens $69.99). Both the Premium and Pro bore-sighters fit a .223 Rem, but they can be adapted to other chamberings by adding a caliber-specific sleeve over the .223 core unit. In addition, LaserLyte makes separate in-chamber bore-sighters for the 17HMR and 50 BMG.

Laserlyte Cabela's

Laserlyte Cabela's

Adapt Basic Unit to other Calibers with SAAMI Sleeves
Both the Premium and the Professional .223 Boresighters can be used for a variety of chamberings by fitting additional caliber-specific sleeves (sold separately). Each sleeve is precision-machined from brass to SAAMI specs. Available chamber sleeve calibers include:

Laserlyte Cabela's

Bore-Sighting the Old-Fashion Way
We are not big fans of laser bore-sighters, as we think they are unnecessary for most situations — at least with conventional bolt-action rifles. Visual bore-sighting is not difficult. Set up your gun securely on bags, remove your bolt and set up a 50-yard target with a large bright orange or black center circle. Look through the back of the action and you should be able to sight down the bore with your own eyes just fine. In fact it may be easier to bore-sight the “old-fashioned way” rather that try to see a laser in bright sunlight at 50 or 100 yards.

When a Laser Bore-Sighter is Valuable
There are instances when having a laser bore-sighter can save time, such as when setting up a chronograph. Also, with many semiautos and lever guns, it is difficult to sight down the bore because of the action design. Without using mirrors, it’s hard to visually bore-sight an M1 Garand, for example. Likewise, it can be difficult to bore-sight an AR15, because the stock and buffer is in line with the bore. For these rifle types, a laser bore-sighter is a valuable tool.

In-Chamber Laser Should Be Safer
We like the new LaserLyte design because it fits in the chamber, rather than in the bore. In-Chamber laser bore-sighters are also made by Aimshot, Firefield, and SightMark, in a variety of sizes. With muzzle-entry laser bore-sighters, you could have a nasty accident if you forget to remove the device. There is always the chance you could chamber and fire a round with the muzzle-entry bore-sighter still in place. Instant Kaboom. That has happened more than once. The new LaserLyte/Cabela’s bore-sighter fills your chamber, so there is no possibility you could chamber a loaded round with the bore-sighter in place. That’s an important safety advantage. The LaserLyte K-50 in-chamber bore-sighter is shown in the video below.

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April 2nd, 2010

LaserLyte Offers Laser Integrated into Pistol Rear Sight

An integrated laser sight can be very useful on a defensive handgun. When properly adjusted, the laser displays a small red circle where your shot will impact. When shooting at night, or in a crisis situation where you don’t have time to carefully align font and rear iron sights, a laser sight can be a life-saver. Some people also believe that laser sights can have a deterrent effect — if the bad guy sees the red dot shining on his body, he may withdraw, if you’re lucky.

The problem with most handgun laser installations is that they are bulky or the laser can be obscured by your fingers/hands when holding the gun. Crimson Trace has developed a series of grips with integrated lasers. These work pretty well but we’ve found that you can still obscure the beam with your hands with the smaller pistols. You can mount a laser in front, under the barrel, but then you’ll have trouble finding a holster to fit.

LaserLyte, a small company in Arizona, offers an impressive new system that may be the most practical laser mount yet devised for “carry” pistols used for personal defense. The compact laser and battery are integrated into the rear sight. This mounts the laser up away from the hands. So, you never have to worry about blocking the beam with your fingers, and you can use any “normal” holster.

Introduced in 2009, the LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser (RSL) has proven very popular. It is priced at $199.95, and there are models to fit Glock, Springfield XP, Smith & Wesson M&P, Ruger SR, and other popular handguns. LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser modules come with a one-year limited warranty.

Rear Sight Laser handgun

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