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January 6th, 2022

Leica Geovid LRF Binoculars — Hunting Field Test

leica geovid laser ranging rangfinder binoculars colton reid field test

Leica Geovid 3200.COM 10×42 Rangefinding Binoculars

Field Test and Hunt Review by Colton Reid
Dawn breaks. It’s a brisk 28 degrees. I sit concealed amongst a grove of fallen trees near the edge of a steep decline where I can see the canyon below and opposing hillsides. Snow blankets the mountainous slopes with patches of fir and naked aspen woven into the landscape. The soft glow of sunrise brightens southeastern slopes and illuminates a solitary statue of orange and green on an adjacent ridge. His presence alerts an already wary elk of the danger that moved in the night before.

It is second rifle season in Colorado and I have a cow elk tag in hand. I would love to say this is not my first rodeo, but in many ways it is. I’m on my first hunt in pursuit of an elk and my first hunt in Colorado. It is, however, the second test of my newest piece of hunting equipment — Leica’s latest, state-of-the-art Geovid 3200.COM 10×42 rangefinding binoculars.

Early morning light in Colorado, on a hunt for elk…
leica geovid laser ranging rangfinder binoculars colton reid field test

These laser rangefinder binoculars I purchased for myself from the good people at I should note that I am not sponsored by EuroOptic or Leica. I happen to know a few people at EuroOptic and they are a knowledgeable friendly group who use the gear they sell.

When I evaluate optics I have a clear priority in how I rank them. At the top of the list is optical quality. That is, how clear is the optical image? How crisp are the edges? Can I resolve and distinguish similar small items? Anyone who has been hunting in the great American West knows that most of your time is spent behind optics of some sort, so it is best to buy optics that make it easier to spot your target and are easy on your eyes.

Second on the list is a combination of weight and durability. I tend to hunt rugged backcountry terrain, so weight is a big consideration for my trips. But if something is feather light but breaks when you sneeze? That isn’t good either. So a combination of a robust rubberized body with modest additional weight is desired. And since the Geovid 3200.COM is a combination optic, i.e. it includes a laser rangefinder, then that helps with weight since I don’t need a separate LRF.

Third on this list is the rangefinder’s performance. By performance I mean mostly accuracy and precision of the measurement. I can live with a max of 500 yards, as long as the measurement is correct and repeatable to within a handful of yards. If, however, the measurement is off by 10% (50 yards in the case of a 500-yard reading) or measurement to measurement varies by say 20 yards, then that will dramatically affect my ability to make an ethical shot.

The Geovid’s laser ranging beam showed excellent precision. Here it picks up a single male pronghorn (not broadside) at nearly 400 yards. The return was immediate.
leica geovid laser ranging rangfinder binoculars colton reid field test

Other considerations such as ergonomics or comfort are less important to me because they start to move away from “functional” requirements. That is, they don’t make a big difference when it comes to spotting and harvesting an animal. So while I do think about “nice to have” features when selecting equipment, they are of lower consideration than the functional requirements.

With my framework for evaluation laid out then, here is my assessment. The Leica Geovid 3200.COM 10x42s are high-quality rangefinding binoculars — well made, with good materials, and a thoughtful design. They weigh a mere 34.6 ounces (about 2 lbs.) and are built to withstand more than a few falls. They also come with both objective and ocular lens caps. Even though they are built tough, I would not take these into the field without some sort of binocular case. I personally use a Badlands Bino case (see top and bottom photos) but there are plenty of other good options.

This 6-minute Leica factory video shows the technical features and operations of the Geovid 3200.COM series of rangefinding binoculars. Worth watching:

The glass is amazing — remarkably good (and I have high standards). The image is extremely crisp, noticeably better than my tried and true pair of Swarovski Habicht 10×40 Porro prism binoculars. This matters because the exaggerated hand motion observed in higher power optics, aka “shake”, initially made me dizzy. Leica does offer a lower power unit, the Geovid 8×42, for those who prefer less magnification. One could argue that the optics being too sharp means they aren’t a good fit, however, my philosophy is to get the best gear possible and figure out how to use it to the max potential. My solution here was an ultralight tripod to stabilize the image when glassing or if weight is a factor I place my arms on my knees while leaning against a tree or rock. Scouting with these binoculars over long periods on a stable platform is a pleasant experience. Shown belong is the Geovid mounted on my tripod.

leica geovid laser ranging rangfinder binoculars colton reid field test

The Geovids present a bright, crisp image, with excellent distance distinction (pop out effect) — all characteristics of high quality optics. The image at the edge of the field of view is less sharp, but that is typical, even for scientific glass. Because the binocular image quality is so good, the image quality change when I go to my spotting scope is a much shorter jump than with previous binoculars. That means I can resolve more items with the binoculars and therefore only go to my Swarovski spotting scope when I really want to clarify something. Overall A+ optics.

Over 950 yards — yes that is what we were looking for…
leica geovid laser ranging rangfinder binoculars colton reid field test

The rangefinder is top shelf. One innovation I like about these rangefinding binoculars is that Leica put the laser source outside of the optic tube. That means the source is unimpeded by additional optics allowing for more power transmission and reflection. They also implemented the patented Perger prism which incorporates the rangefinder into the base optical design as opposed to using extra optics to “modify” a non-laser rangefinder configuration. As an engineer I love the idea of function integration and minimizing components. It usually makes for a more efficient and superior performing design.

One other impressive feature is the ability to link to a rangefinder program. The Leica website explains: “Thanks to Bluetooth® connection, [the Geovid] can be paired to either the Leica Hunting App to adjust and manage quickly and easily on the fly, or to a LINK-enabled Kestrel windmeter to get results from the Kestrel right in your Range Finder[.] In addition, users will benefit from various integrated atmospheric sensors, such as temperature, air pressure and inclination sensors, producing angle-compensated distance measering for shooting uphill or downhill with maximum precision.”

Testing Laser Ranging Performance
To test the Geovid’s laser rangefinder I did my usual measurement of different objects near my house and checked the accuracy with Google earth. I was able to consistently range larger objects (trees, hills, rocks) out to about 2200 yards, which is longer than I would ever shoot, but good when planning where to move for my next vantage point. I was also able to range a large reflective target (pedestrian overpass) out to a staggering 3300+ yards (see below).

In this video, the Geovid ranges a concrete pedestrian overpass at distance of 3334 yards.

I suspect the max range I can consistently get with large, non-reflective objects is somewhere around 2400 yards, but didn’t have the opportunity to test that specific distance. The rangefinder had some trouble at shorter distances and through thick branches. Around 25 to 45 yards I would get several yards variation when ranging tree trunks. Tall grass and a nest of tree branches would also interfere with the measurement. I would either get a slightly incorrect reading or no reading at all. This might come up if I am trying to range a buck bedded in tall grass. That is a drawback for me because that is a typical situation in archery. My workaround was to range nearby objects and estimate the handful of yards separation between the ranged item and target.

Summary: Geovid 3200.COM Rangefinding Binoculars Are Excellent
In summary, the Leica Geovid 3200.COM rangefinder binoculars are excellent in all key respects. The glass is top-notch and the rangefinding performance is very impressive. The modern Bluetooth connectivity is a plus. These Leica Geovids offer a slightly better price point than their equivalent competitors and are the optics I bought with my own money. I doubt you will be disappointed.

leica geovid laser ranging rangfinder binoculars colton reid field test

New for 2022 — Leica Geovid Pro 32 RangeFinding Binoculars

Smaller, Lighter, with Applied Ballistics and GPS Mapping Integration
Trading on the success of the Geovid 3200.COM series, on 1/6/2022, Leica announced a new smaller, lighter version, with enhanced software — the Leica Geovid Pro 32. Weight 30.6 ounces, this is about 4 oz. lighter than the original, and 0.83 inches shorter. With notably smaller objective lenses (32mm for the Pro 32 vs. 42mm with the Geovid these new Geovid Pro 32s should be easier to hold for extended periods, but they may give up a bit of low light capability compared to their bigger brothers.

leica pro 32 new 2022 geovid laser ranging rangfinder binoculars colton reid field test

The other big news is enhanced software in the Pro 32: “Leica Geovid Pro was built ground up to combine the on-board atmospheric sensors with NEW on-board Applied Ballistics[.] The Geovid Pro comes standard with Applied Ballistics Ultralight … upgradable to Applied Ballistics Sportsman or Elite. The Geovid Pro 32 now also offers advanced GPS tracking connectivity, Leica ProTrack, to guide the user to the target based on the last ranged measurement. The Geovid Pro 32 is the first premium rangefinder to feature GPS mapping integration through BaseMaps, Google Maps and Garmin mapping.”

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November 29th, 2020

Bargain Finder 271: Deals of the Week Cyber Monday Edition

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week
Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Stocky’s Stocks — 10% Off with Discount Code

stocky's stocks 10% percent ten off savings gunstock stocks
stocky's stocks 10% percent ten off savings gunstock stocks

As a Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion, Stocky’s Stocks has knocked 10% off the price of virtually all its rifle stock inventory. Use Coupon Code 10OFF to get 10% off the already low price. That amounts to major savings on great stocks that fit a wide variety of barreled actions. For example, a Long Range Accublock Stock is discounted from $219.99 to just $197.99 with the 10% Savings. We don’t know how long the bonus coupon code will work, so don’t delay!

2. Amazon — Samsung Galaxy Tab 8″ 32GB, $99.99 CyberMonday

samsung android tablet tab computer portable ShotMarker black friday sale

Here is a great CyberMonday special on Amazon. This compact 8″ Samsung Galaxy tablet computer is a great accessory for shooters as it can be used with target cameras, ShotMarkers, and Ballistics Apps. You can also use this tablet with the Android Ballistic-X App to measure your group sizes — just take a photo of the group with the Tablet’s camera and run the App. You can also record your shooting sessions with video to diagnose your hold and follow-through. For $99.99 on Amazon this Galaxy Tablet is hard to beat. NOTE: This is listed “In stock December 14, 2020″.

3. Midsouth — Multiple CyberMonday Deals

midsouth lyman rcbs bullets cyber monday chargemaster sale

Midsouth just released a bunch of Cyber Monday Deals. You’ll want to act quickly — this is a ONE-DAY ONLY sale. Save on RCBS ChargeMaster and RCBS Case Tumbler, save $40 on an AR Bolt Carrier group, or grab a Lyman Powder Thrower for just $74.99. Varmint hunters take note — you can get 2000 62gr .224 Bullets for just $174.99.

4. EuroOptic — Save up to $600 on Leica Rangefinding Binoculars

leica rangefinder HD-R Geovid LRF binoculars laser rangefinder black friday sale

Leica makes some of the very best rangefinding binoculars you can buy. The Leica Geovid HD-R series combine superior glass with outstanding rangefinder performance out to very long ranges. We like the controls on these RF binoculars too. Now through December 3rd, save up to $600 on select Geovid HD-R 2700 rangefinder binoculars. In addition, Leica’s Ultravid HD-Plus regular binoculars are on sale at as well.

5. MidwayUSA — SIG Sauer Scope/Rangefinder Combos

sig sauer scope laser rangefinder combo cyber monday sale

Here’s an amazing Cyber Monday Optics Special from MidwayUSA that may be ideal for a hunter on a budget. You get a SIG Sauer Whisky3 3-9x40mm riflescope PLUS a SIG Sauer Kilo 1000 range finder for just $229! All you need optics-wise for your next hunt, this package will save you $170.00 (42%)! If you want more magnification, a similar package with 4-12x40mm scope and Kilo 1000 is $279.99.

6. LongShot Cameras — LR-3 2-Mile UHD Target Camera, $649.00

longshot targetvision LR-3 camera long range black friday sale

This superb system combines a high-definition camera with a special receiver. That set-up delivers sharp, live images at distances up to two miles. The good folks at Longshot created a special Discount Code for AccurateShooter readers that provides an extra $50 off the already-reduced Cyber-weekend price. The final price, with Code ACCURATESHOTS, is $649.00 (see above). IF you add the Bulletproof Warranty the price is $688.00. We do recommend purchasing the Warranty — that way LongShot will repair or replace your unit if it is damaged by gunfire or other hazard. Note, other LongShot products are on sale this week as well — the Marksman for $349.00, and the Hawk Spotting Scope Camera for $149.00.

How the LR-3 Target Camera Works

7. — Vortex 14% Off Sale Through 11/30/2020

EuroOptic Vortex 14% Off black friday sale

Now through 11:59 pm on CyberMonday, November 30th, save 14% on most Vortex products purchased through when you use promo code VORTEX14. This applies to a wide range of riflescopes and spotting scopes. This applies to new scopes with full warranties. Not valid with any other offer or discount, and not valid on Closeouts.

8. Palmetto State Armory — AR15 PSA MagPul Lowers $130 Off

PSA AR15 lower magpul stock black friday

Want to put together a black rifle? Check out the PSA AR15 MAGPUL ACS-L EPT Lower (Black) or the PSA AR15 MAGPUL STR EPT MIAD Edition (Flat Dark Earth). Both units are discounted $130.00 for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. With easy-to-adjust Magpul stocks, these are both good options for a tactical or varmint rifle.

9. Midsouth — TriggerTech Triggers on Sale, starting at $134.99

midsouth shooters trigger tech trigger discount sale cybermonday black friday

Right now Midsouth is offering significant discounts on TriggerTech triggers for bolt guns as well as AR-platform rifles. And with all TriggerTech triggers in stock you get FREE Shipping. Different grade triggers have different price levels, starting at $134.99 for the Primary Series Rem 700 triggers.

10. CDNN Sports — Browning Buckmark, $249.99 with Rebate

CDNN browning buckmark pistol rebate cyber monday black friday

There’s a Browning Black Friday Rebate running through November 30th, 2020. Combine this Rebate with Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts, and you can get a nice Browning Buckmark pistol for under $250.00 net. That’s a steal on an accurate reliable pistol. What’s more, CDNN Sports is currently offering FREE Shipping on all firearm sales.

11. H-S Precision — 25% Off Stocks Black Friday/Cyber Monday

h-s precision stock gunstock inlett discount sale cybermonday black friday

H-S Precision makes outstanding rifle stocks, with inlets to fit a variety of popular actions including CZ, Howa, Remington, Ruger, Savage, Weatherby, and Winchester. Right now you can order any one of 70+ stock designs at 25% off the normal price. Just select the stock you like, pick a color, select recoil pad/rail options, and add to the shopping cart. Then 25% will be automatically slashed off the price as the “blackfridaystocks” discount. NOTE: Along with 25% off stocks, H-S Precision is now offering 15% off complete rifles.

12. MidwayUSA — Pro Series Shooting Mat, $29.99

midwayusa pro shoooting mat cybermonday black friday

The MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat is now on sale for just $29.99. That’s 45% off the regular $59.99 price. The Pro Series mat measures a full 73.5″ x 35.5″ and is nicely constructed. Zippered pockets on the front extension flap hold ammo or log book. There are webbing pockets for bipod feet so you can pre-load your bipod with forward pressure. This quality mat boasts 0.35″-thick padding, multiple pockets, 6 grommets for staking, and a nice carry strap. It’s easy to transport, rolling up to about nine inches in diameter. User reviews of this Shooting Mat have been very positive. At $29.99 on sale (through 11/30/2020), this Pro Series mat is a great deal.

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February 3rd, 2020

Bargain Finder 228: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. MidwayUSA Padded Shooting Mat, $74.99 on Sale

thick deluxe padded shooting mat MidwayUSA form padding

This padded MidwayUSA mat is much more comfortable than typical shooting mats. With 1.5″-thick high-density foam, this is way better for knees and elbows than typical roll-up mats. For your home range, this is a good choice. On sale now for $74.99, this thick mat folds into three sections. It stows flat and fits nicely in the back of a truck or SUV. Actual owner comments: “If you like to be COMFORTABLE … I can highly recommend it! Easy on the elbows. Easy on the knees. Easy on the belly. You can even kneel on it comfortably, even when the surface is rock-hard!”; “I tell you what … Do yourself a favor and spend the few extra dollars on this unit. Highly recommended.” MORE REVIEWS HERE.

2. EuroOptic — Leica 8×42 Geovid LRF Binoculars, $1150 Off

Leica rangefinder binoculars geovid 3000 HD-B binoc

If you’re looking for outstanding glass plus great rangefinding capabilities, the Leica Geovids are among the best you can buy — at any price. Right now save over $1000 on the Leica 8×42 HD-B 3000 Geovids at EuroOptic. These are being marked down to $1799.00 because Leica has introduced a new “smart” Geovid model that communicates with a Ballistic App. That new 8×42 Geovid starts at $2949.00, so you can save big bucks by buying the previous model. Last year’s 10×42 Geovid is also on sale now for $2499.00.

3. Natchez — ChargeMaster Lite Powder Dispenser, $209.99

rcbs chargemaster lite

Precise powder dispensing is critical for accurate loads. Among the many electronic scale/dispensers on the market, RCBS’s ChargeMaster Lite is a very good choice. This week Natchez is selling the ChargeMaster Lite for only $209.99. That’s a great price — almost $60 cheaper than Amazon. Note: Natchez also offers $5 Shipping with $99+ orders through 2/4/2020 with Code FR200201.

4. Multiple Vendors — 20% Rebate on Federal and Speer Bullets

Federal Speer Bullet rebate 20% OFF

Now through the end of April, if you purchase at least $100 worth of Federal and/or Speer bullets you can get 20% of the purchase price back. Minimum purchase is $100.00. Maximum rebate of $100 per person or household. Note: The Rebate amount will be calculated on the product purchase price only — that does NOT include taxes and/or shipping/handling fees. This Federal/Speer Rebate is valid for purchases made 02/01/2020 through 04/30/2020. View REBATE FORM.

5. Midsouth — Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Lite, $99.99

Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Lite

Lots of people love wet-tumbling their brass in stainless pins but not everyone want to do it in a giant unit. We found a sweet deal on the Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Lite. Midsouth has this unit on sale for $99.99. This tumbler is small enough to fit on a counter but still big enough to hold 300 pieces of .223 Rem brass. For folks on a limited budget who want to start wet tumbling, this is a solid choice.

6. CDNN — Ruger American .30-06 Hunting Rifle, $319.99

ruger american rifle
ruger american rifle

Even with so many new cartridge types, the venerable .30-06 Springfield remains a trusted and effective hunting round. Moreover, you can find good .30-06 hunting ammo at most any sporting goods store. Whether you’re looking for an affordable hunting rifle or perhaps a first rifle for a family member, check out this .30-06 Ruger American Rifle with Wolf Camo finish. CDNN’s current sale price is just $319.99 — a great bargain. One recent comparison test declared the Ruger American the best entry-level hunting rifle, and Ruger offers a rock-solid warranty.

7. Sportsman’s Guide — Buck Mark Camper UFX Pistol, $299.99

browning buckmark .22 LR pistol Camper UFX

The Browning Buck Mark is a classic, and for good reason. These pistols are reliable, well-balanced, have a good trigger, and they are very accurate. And now you can get one for under $300.00. Sportsman’s Guide has the Browning Buck Mark Camper UFX with 5.5″ Barrel on sale for $299.99 ($284.99 member price). This Buckmark Camper UFX is a excellent value, especially for Club members who pay just $284.99.

8. MidwayUSA Dogtown Ammo, $21.25 for 50 rounds

midwayusa dogtown nosler .223 Rem ammo varmint ammunition

Dogtown Ammo, made with Nosler tipped FB bullets, offers great “bang for the buck” for .223 Rem shooters, particularly high-volume varminters. Right now get 50 rounds for just $21.24 (43¢/rd). Or order 200 rounds for $86.99 (42¢/rd). Forum member NDAE15MAN states: “This stuff shoots in all of my .223 Rem guns — 7/8″ to 1″ at 100 yards. Best kept secret for ammo. Shoot exact same groups as Black Hills.” NOTE: MidwayUSA also sells .204 Ruger Dogtown Ammo with 32gr tipped flat-base bullets.

9. Midsouth Shooters — 17 HMR V-Max 500 Round Brick, $89.99

17 hmr ammo

Here’s a great deal for varmint shooters with 17 HMR rifles. Midsouth has the Hornady 17 HMR brick of 500 for a low price of $89.99. That works out to just 18 cents per round — cheap enough that you can blast sage rats all days long and never worry about running out of ammo.

10. Amazon — Two Pairs Safety Eyewear, Cords, Covers, $13.50

safety shooting glasses

Eye protection is important! All you need is one case separation or blown primer to cause serious eye injury. Don’t take that risk. Plus the CMP has made Eye Protection mandatory for all CMP Pistol and Centerfire Rifle events. Here’s a great kit with TWO Sets of safety eyewear, each with a neck strap and carry bag. These feature ANSI Z87.1-rated lenses that are anti-fog and scratch-resistant. The lenses also block harmful UV rays. Get the full SuperLite and SuperClear Lens Technology Kit for just $13.50.

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June 3rd, 2019

Bargain-Finder 193: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. CDNN — Winchester XPR Rifle, $50 Off Plus Free Scope

winchester xpr rifle sale

Simple and reliable rifles can be found in just about any safe and if you’re like us you can never have too many of them. If you’re looking to grab something for hunting season or maybe a teen’s first gun, CDNN has a great deal going on. You can pick up your choice of Winchester XPR rifles in a variety of calibers, all with a $50 Factory REBATE. Plus you also get a Weaver 3-9x40mm scope and rings for FREE. Each XPR is now just $319.99 after rebate, complete with scope and rings.

2. Grafs — Berger Bullets 10% Off + Free Hat

berger graf sons hybrid match bullet sale

We’re entering the competition season which means you can never have enough bullets. With that in mind we found a killer deal on Berger Bullets at This sale applies to all Berger bullets in stock, including the most popular calibers. When you buy at least three (3) boxes you even get a FREE Berger Hat. With this 10% OFF discount and free ballcap, we think it’s smart to stock up on Bergers this week.

3. Amazon — MTM Cleaning Rod Case, $22.89

mtm cleaning rod case discount

Good cleaning rods are expensive and can be easily damaged if you’re not careful. To protect those valuable cleaning rods, we recommend the MTM cleaning rod case which holds four rods as well as cleaning supplies. This case protects your rods both at home and while traveling. With this handy, durable case you can stop worrying about bending or breaking those important cleaning rods.

4. Midsouth Shooters — Speer 20% Cash Back Rebate

20% speer bullet sale rebate cash back

Speer bullets have a good reputation for quality and consistency so when we saw this sale we had to share it. For a limited time Midsouth is offering 20% cash back on purchases of $100 or more with a maximum rebate of $100. To get your 20% Cash Back after ordering Speer bullets, you must fill out Speer’s REBATE FORM or submit INFO ONLINE. This offer is for bullet purchases made from 4/1/2019 through 6/30/2019.

5. Grafs — Peterson Brass, 10% Off Promotion

Cartridge brass Lapua Peterson Creedmoor case large rifle

Over the past few years, Peterson Brass products have become very popular for many shooting disciplines, including ELR competitions. Peterson brass is strong and durable, and Peterson offers many hard-to-find cartridge types, such as .375 CheyTac. Head over to this week to save 10% on ALL Peterson brass. This is your chance to grab some great brass in calibers such as 6mm Creedmoor, .284 Win, or .375 CheyTac at very attractive prices.

6. Powder Valley — Winchester Primers, 25% Off

winchester primers sale

Winchester primers work great in pistol, rifle, and shotgun handloads. Because they are both affordable and very reliable, Winchester primers are our favorite for most pistol reloading. And now you can save 25% off the price. Buy Winchester primers from Powder Valley and then complete the REBATE FORM and get 25% back by mail. There’s never been a better time to stock up on WW primers. Stock up now and save.

7. EuroOptic — Leica Geovid LRF Binoculars, $1999.99

Leica binoculars laser rangefinder LRF Sale discount

Leica Geovids rank among the very best rangefinding binoculars you can buy, no matter what the cost. is making that purchase a lot easier by offering the Leica Geovid 10×42 HD-B Edition 2200 Rangefinding Binoculars for $1999.99. That’s $1000.00 less than the original list price. These premium rangefinding binoculars may not suit everyone’s budget but this is still a great deal. These Geovids combine superb glass with outstanding ranging performance.

8. Amazon — Range Station for Pistol Shooters, $29.99

Pistol Case rolling matt ammo holder handgun range kit

The Range Station combines an ammo compartment with a roll-out mat. Some gun ranges only have concrete benches, or shooting stations with horizontal surfaces covered with dirt, powder residues, and other debris. You don’t want to put your $2000 blued Colt Python on that mess. The 12″x24″ Padded Gun Mat stays put on the counter-top and holds guns and gear. The case snaps to either the right or left side of the mat. Interior trays are sized for standard ammo boxes and magazines. Separate compartments hold smaller range gear such as rulers, pens, target markers, and more. When finished, the mat can be rolled and stored neatly and compactly in the case. Buy now for $29.99 at Amazon.

9. Amazon — Caldwell Front and Rear Bag Set (Unfilled), $15.19

Caldwell deadshot front rear bag sandbag sale varminter

Insanely cheap! We noticed this sandbag set when it cost around $25.00. Now this handy bag duo, an Amazon best seller, costs just $15.19! Varminters can keep these bags in a vehicle for deployment any time. Act quick — this is a special sale price at This unfilled bag combo sells for up to $33.00 elsewhere. This inexpensive system works surprisingly well, particularly with “standard” rifles with narrow fore-ends. Rather than sand, you can fill with rice or media to make the bags lighter. This system features a heavy-duty clip and D-Ring for linking the two bags. Bag dimensions (filled) are: FRONT 11″ x 8.5″ X 6″; REAR 5″ x 5″ x 4.5″.

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