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November 26th, 2016

Steel STEAL– Bargains on Steel Targets from Three Suppliers

Steel Target Sale discount ShootSteel MGM X-Steel gong AR500

Three leading steel target manufacturers are running some very exciting sales promotions this weekend. Customers can save 25% to 35% on quality steel targets from MGM Targets,, and With a big order, you can also get FREE shipping from each of these target markers. If you want to get steel targets at bargain prices, don’t delay — these promotions expire soon.

MGM Targets — 25% Off Everything

Steel Target Sale discount ShootSteel MGM X-Steel gong AR500

MGM Targets is one of the leading steel target producers on the planet. MGM offers a huge variety of targets, from simple steel gongs to elaborate shooting arrays and spinning targets. Now through Tuesday, November 29th, MGM targets is offering 25% Off its in-stock target inventory (except for cardboard and Sportsman Series targets). In addition, you can get FREE Shipping on orders of $250.00 or more. For orders placed before Midnight on 11/29/2016, MGM guarantees delivery by Christmas. A reactive MGM target could be a great Xmas gift item for a shooter in the family. Promo pricing is good through end of day, November 29, 2016.

The Real Deal of Steel — Why You Need Some Steel Options
We love steel targets for a variety of applications. Even if you prefer shooting paper at long range, setting up a gong at your target distance lets you quickly confirm your zero. Hearing the reassuring “clang” as you hit the steel confirms that you’ll be on paper. If you are a tactical or PRS shooter, you’ll be shooting steel at your matches, so it makes perfect sense to have steel practice targets. Last but not least, reactive steel targets are great for novice shooters as they provide “instant gratification” when one scores a hit.

Steel Target Sale discount ShootSteel MGM X-Steel gong AR500
28% Off Everything has put almost all its entire steel target inventory on sale at 28% Off. Use Code “28OFF” for that deal. In addition, a variety of Blowout Steel Targets will be offered at huge savings — 33.8% Off. Use Code “CyberMonday” for these exceptionally-priced Blowout items. also offers FREE Shipping on orders over $199.00. Offers can’t be combined, orders will not be combined. Don’t delay — the sale runs through the end of day Monday, November 28th (CyberMonday).

Steel Target Sale discount ShootSteel MGM X-Steel gong AR500

X-Steel Targets
25% Off Everything

X-Steel Targets is running a great sale this weekend, with nearly its whole line of Steel targets priced at 25% Off. Use Code “Black16″ during checkout to get the 25% Off pricing. In addition, X-Steel Targets has a host of Bargain Bin items at up to 35% Off regular price. Different items will be added to the Bargain Bin each day. NOTE: The Bargain Bin items are in limited supply. Once they are gone, they are gone. X-Steel Targets also offers FREE Shipping on orders over $250.00. This offer expires on 11/28/2016 at 11:59 pm.

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September 7th, 2016

PRS Action at Snake River Sportsmen Range in Oregon

Idaho Shootout Snake River Sportsmen PRS

Clear skies and calm winds welcomed 85 of the nation’s best Precision Rifle Series (PRS) shooters to the PRSID Shootout at the Snake River Sportsmen range in Vale, Oregon. Held on August 27-28, this sold-out event was hosted by the Precision Rifle Shooters of Idaho (PRSID). Finishing first was Jake Vibbert of Washington state with a 163.500 score, followed by Oregonian Jon Pynch with 156.500. In third place was Ben Cleland of Georgia with 152.500.

Over the two-day event, competitors shot 20 challenging stages such as ‘MGM Spin Cycle’, ‘Run through the Rocks’, and ‘MGM Spinner Chicken Dinner’. The course of fire featured many reactive targets. The “instant feedback” offered by reactive targets is a major “fun factor” contributing to the rapid growth of PRS shooting. Shooters engaged MGM targets on 19 of the 20 stages at distances from 300 yards to 1160 yards with MGM Flash Targets on all engagements past 300 yards. The Flash Target Systems made impacts easy to see for both shooters and spotters.

Idaho Shootout Snake River Sportsmen PRS

Light React LED Hit Sensors were also used to help confirm hits on the two long-range stages with engagements out to 1160 yards. In the past couple of years the PRS has emerged as a very popular competitive shooting discipline. PRS specializes in tactical-style target shooting “on the clock” with challenging scenarios and targets placed at distances out to 1200 yards. More typical, however, are PRS stages with targets placed from 200 to 500 yards.

Event organizers commented afterward: “A big thanks to Travis Gibson and MGM Targets for backing our club and for making targets that show clear impacts, it made it easy on the spotters. [The] Max light react system ran flawlessly on the long range in combination with MGM flashers. There was never any guessing whether you had an impact or not.”

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August 18th, 2014

MGM Unveils Mobile Electro-Pneumatic Automated Target System

Watch this video guys. You’ve got to see this Automated Target Trailer to believe it. The clever folks at MGM Targets have created the world’s first transportable, programmable, compressor-powered Electro-Pneumatic Pop-Up Steel Target Trailer. And get this — it even reads credit cards and bills them wirelessly! We kid you not. Check it out:

MGM Targets Automated P2P pay to play target rail pneumatic range trailerTen Automated Targets on Trailer
This is one impressive piece of target technology. MGM Target’s P2P Automated Range is the only trailerable, “Pay to Play” live-fire target system on the planet. It offers 10 separate plate targets each with its own electro-pneumatic lifter, so the plates can rise and lower in a infinite series of variations. MGM’s “Reaction Mode®” option runs as fast as the shooter can knock the targets down! The lifters are driven by an 45 PSI compressor (that’s also part of the trailerable package.)

MGM Targets Automated P2P pay to play target rail pneumatic range trailer

Much like operation systems used at a DIY carwash, a stand-alone control pedestal houses the credit card reader, and the game selection keyboard. The shooter swipes his/her credit card, then chooses one of 10 pre-programmed game option / shooting scenarios. Shooters have several options including various timed games, Random Plates, and “Dueling Tree” for man-on-man competition.

Designed to be a cash generator for public and private commercial ranges, the system combines the proven technology and durability of MGM’s electronic ‘Pop Up’ trailer with a credit card reader/integrated cell phone system. This technology is presently in use at private ranges and military bases.

If you own your own range, this could be the ultimate toy… and you can get your shooting buddies to pay for it with their credit cards. (Default “pay to play” rate is $5 for 10 minutes.) Commercial inquiries are invited — contact MGM at 888-767-7371 for information.

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July 8th, 2012

MGM Targets Sponsors Training Camp for Junior Shooters

MGM Targets is sponsoring an action pistol shooting program for Junior shooters. The MGM Junior Shooter Camp runs July 21-23 at the Parma Rod and Gun Club in Idaho. The 3-day Junior Shooter Camp offers firearm training and competition for up to 60 junior shooters. Instruction and training will be provided by top shooters from the U.S. military, law enforcement, and competitive shooting disciplines. The list of past instructors includes: World Speed Shooting Champion, Max Michel, regional, state and national Champion, Phil Strader, IDPA and USPSA Ladies Champion, Randi Rogers, World Champions B.J. Norris, Matt Burkett and Manny Bragg as well as others.

Junior shooters camp MGM Idaho

Price for the program is $260, and students must have a reliable gun, holster, belt, 3+ magazine pouches, at least four working magazines, and 1500 rounds of loaded ammunition. The requirements are simple: The participant must be an active member of USPSA, IDPA, or SASS, must have competed in at least 4 pistol matches, and must possess good handgun handling skills already. This is not a beginner’s firearms safety class.

Graciously hosted by The Parma Rod and Gun Club, the Junior Camp is made possible by sponsors who provide funding, and a great array of prizes, some valued at over $500. Generous sponsors include MGM Targets, Leupold, Warne Scope Mounts, Colt Rifles and more. Most of the cost of the program is covered by MGM Targets.

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June 20th, 2012

280 Competitors at MGM Ironman 3-Gun Match in Idaho

The 15th annual MGM Ironman Match drew 280 competitors — the largest field ever. Present were elite professional teams, privateers, juniors, ladies, top military and LEO teams, and shooters from as far away as Denmark. This challenging 3-Gun event, held June 3-9, 2012 at the Parma Rod & Gun Club in Idaho, featured 11 diverse stages of pistol, rifle and shotgun challenges.

Ironman MGM Idaho 2012

The aptly-named Ironman match is one of the toughest 3-Gun matches on the planet. Over the course of three grueling days, competitors must complete 11 stages (segments), shooting in excess of 900+ rounds per shooter per segment. EVERY stage requires the use of ALL three guns. The Ironman is long, intense, and you shoot till you drop! Mike Gibson, the founder of MGM Targets, and the “inventor” of the Ironman, has said: “This match isn’t for weenies or crybabies”. Mike adds, “Over the past 15 years, I estimate over 4.5 Billion rounds have been fired in this event.” That’s a lot of lead going downrange!

Ironman MGM Idaho 2012

Ironman MGM Idaho 2012MGM Ironman Has Unique Stage Designs
The MGM Ironman is an intense test of both shooter and equipment. Participants shoot a variety of classes and various scenarios including shooting from the back of a moving vehicle, from a 20-foot tower, while driving a golf cart, and while carrying a dummy. Of course there are plenty of MGM-made reactive targets (photo right). There’s even a 285-foot-long Zipline pistol stage. You don’t see that in the typical 3-Gun match!

With creative and challenging stage designs, high round counts, and a great RO crew the Ironman is truly a unique match. Every stage has a 10-minute time limit with an average shooting time of about 7 minutes per stage. This year, some of the times were hampered by a day of steady rain and wind, making it all the more challenging. Overall, great efforts and camaraderie made for a great event.

Ironman MGM Idaho 2012

2012 MGM Ironman Match Winners by Class:
SCOPED TACTICAL CLASS – Daniel Horner; OPEN CLASS – Michael Voigt; LIMITED CLASS – Warren Becker; HEAVY SCOPED CLASS – Barry Dueck ; TROOPER CLASS – Ben Fortin; JUNIOR TS CLASS – Brian Nelson; SENIOR TS CLASS – Ralph Arredondo; LADY OTLH CLASS – Bethany Harris; MILITARY/LAW TS CLASS – Ben Fortin.

Here is a video from the 2010 MGM Ironman. It shows many of the multi-gun stages, including the Zipline stage, filmed from multiple camera angles.

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March 12th, 2012

MGM Targets Awards Prizes Each Month to Lucky Customers

MGM Targets ContestMGM Targets is now the nation’s #1 portable steel target manufacturer. To reward MGM’s customers, MGM is running a year-long “12-for-12″ contest though the end of 2012. Each month a dozen lucky winners are selected among those who have purchased one of the MGM product specials. Prizes worth up to $425 are supplied by a variety of respected manufacturers, such as FNH, DPMS, and Benchmade. MGM has already announced winners for January and February, but you can still get involved for drawings in March and future months. (Purchase of target required for prize eligibility.)

MGM’s monthly prizes include: gift certificates, rail systems, .22LR uppers, gunstocks, safety eyewear, gunstocks, shooting mats, slings, data books, knives, and flash suppressors. Prizes are supplied by well-known manufacturers: Benchmade, DPMS, ESS Eye Pro, FNH, Predator Tactical, Primary Weapons, Safariland, and Seekins Precision. MGM’s Jim Potter noted: “This will be one of the biggest giveaways in the industry in 2012 [with prizes] given away every single month.”

March Specials from MGM
This month MGM features the MGM Flash Target for long-range shooting. The March Special price is $350.00 — $77 off the regular $427.38 price. Along with the Flash Target, for March, MGM is featuring the IPSC Half Size Target for $119.00, marked down from $179.36.

MGM Targets Contest

New Remote-Control Running Man Target
Experienced shooters know that moving targets are much harder to hit than static targets. To provide realistic challenges for hunters, tactical shooters, and 3-Gun competitors, MGM has introduced a very cool (and speedy) portable “Running Man Target”. This motorized, cable-drive system boasts adjustable targets speeds from 3 to 22 feet per second, with quick-stop and instant reverse capability. Speed and direction are modulated with a handheld, wireless (radio) remote control effective out to 100 yards. For more info, visit or contact Mike Gibson Manufacturing, (888) 767-7371.

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January 23rd, 2011

SHOT Show Report: 1760 sq-ft Armored SHOOT HOUSE from MGM

MGM Targets Shoot HouseWhat do you give the man who has everything? How about his own 1760-square-foot, armor-plated shoot house from MGM Targets? Heck he can even assemble it himself with a couple big wrenches (and a lot of help from friends). Of course you must lay a solid concrete foundation first — MGM’s Shoot House is composed of 40,000 pounds of steel (20 tons). The MGM Shoot House employs a modular design so it can be assembled in a wide variety of layouts to suit the owner. All walls are constructed of 3/8″-thick armored plate. Plywood facings serve as a “containment system” to protect shooters from splash-back and bullet fragments from shots fired. To protect folks on the outside, the 3/8″-thick steel is thick enough to prevent penetration by all pistol cartridges, all shotshells, and rifle rounds up to a 7.62×51 (.308 Win).

$117,000 for the SHOOT HOUSE — But Recoup Costs via Rentals
What does all this cost? The SHOT Show price is just $117,000, not including foundation and assembly labor costs. MGM calls this “affordable”. Well we know some shooters who have over $100K tied up in a motor home. Realistically, this is not something an individual would buy, although it would be within the budget of some larger shooting clubs, considering that some of the cost could be offset by renting out the Shoot House to law enforcement groups.

YouTube Preview Image

While the Shoot House was designed primarily for military and law enforcement group training, it can also be used by private shooting clubs for pistol and multi-gun matches. In addition, a private range or club may want to construct a Shoot House, and then earn revenue by leasing it back to the local police or sheriffs’ agencies. For more information, visit, or call 1-888-767-7371 toll-free.

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