August 19th, 2011

Junior Shooter Wins Optics Category at National Defense Match

NRA National Defense Match Camp PerryAt the recent National Defense Match at Camp Perry, one young man gained more than just experience at his first rifle match — he took home top honors. 14 year-old Colton Cerino won first place in the Optics Category, no small feat for a young man competing with a rifle for the very first time. Shooting a FNH SCAR, Colton beat many older, experienced shooters, including his own father, Chris Cerino. Chris, you may recall, was the runner-up on Season 1 of The History Channel’s Top Shot TV show. Chris nearly won the open division, falling short only to his friend, Iain Harrison, (Top Shot’s Season 1 Champ) in the Open Category. Both Chris and Colton competed together at the 2011 Bianchi Cup, but for Colton, Camp Perry was his time to shine.

“Everyone noticed him and came up to talk to him, which was really cool” said Chris of his son Colton, who trained with his father for just three days before shooting the National Defense Match. Chris added: “If you’re going to lose to anyone, you might as well lose to your own son!”

Match Can Be a Family Affair
In addition to Colton, three other juniors shot the match including fellow 14 year-old competitors Remington Judd, Phoenix Hutchins, and Duncan Stewart. All four young men came to the match to compete with a family member. Like Colton, Duncan competed alongside his father, Zeb Stewart, who was also a Range Officer. Remington shot the match with his older brother, Nathan, and Phoenix competed with his grandfather, Dick Jones. “I designed the match after shooting with my sons,” revealed Match Director Trey Tuggle. “It’s something that everyone can do, from beginners to people who have been competing for years.”

Story by Kerrin Brinkman for The NRA Blog.
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August 15th, 2011

New Defensive-Oriented Rifle Match Debuts at Camp Perry

Iain Harrison of “Top Shot” fame won the inaugural National Defense Match at Camp Perry this weekend. This is a new practical/tactical match designed to mimic real-world training and tactics. Marking a departure from the usual Camp Perry matches, scores are based on both time and accuracy as shooters engage targets positioned at 7, 15, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards. The 5-zone NDM5-120 target is used out to 30 yards, while the NRA D-1 Tomestone target is used at 60 yards and beyond. The event is open to AR15s, FN SCARs and other modern defensive rifles with either iron sights or optics. There are three classes: Tactical Limited, Tactical Optic, and Open. The first two classes are limited to 20″ barrels with 4.5-lb or greater triggers. Open guns may have longer barrels, lighter triggers, bipods, and multiple sighting systems. CLICK HERE for Nat’l Defense Match Guidebook.

Iain Harrison

Harrison, who now works as marketing manager for Crimson Trace, showed the skills that made him the Season 1 “Top Shot” Champion. In a neck and neck race with Team FNH’s Tommy Thacker, the two shot almost identical times during the first half of the match, until Thacker made a procedural error. That gave Harrison the edge he needed to win. Also joining Harrison for the event was fellow Top Shot finalist and Ohio native Chris Cerino.

Iain Harrison

Match Director and ex-Navy SEAL Trey Tuggle masterminded the event and brought in Swiss-manufactured electronic targets from Shot Response. Although new technology played an important role in the national match, the course of fire is designed to be adaptable to the club level. “We wanted to remove barriers to people enjoying competitive shooting and get more folks involved in the sport,” said Tuggle. “This match is designed to be challenging, but not so overwhelming that the average guy with an off the shelf semi-auto rifle can’t come out and play. We hope that clubs across the country will adopt the new format as a way of getting new shooters involved in competitions.”

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