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June 21st, 2021

NRA 2021 National Championships Schedule for Camp Atterbury

NRA national match championships camp atterbury 2021 f-class high power mid-range Long range ELR pistol smallbore

The 2021 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships will be held July 6 through August 28, 2021 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Registration for the 2021 NRA National Championships for Smallbore Rifle, High Power Rifle, F-Class, and Precision Pistol is now open. Competitors can REGISTER ONLINE for the 2021 NRA National Championships via the NRA Competitive Shooting Web Portal.

NRA national match championships camp atterbury 2021 f-class high power mid-range Long range ELR pistol smallbore

The following 2021 NRA Rifle and Pistol Championships will be held at Camp Atterbury this summer, starting with Smallbore Rifle. Camp Atterbury has hosted the High Power Rifle Nationals since 2017. Here is the schedule for the Major events. NOTE: There is NO ELR event this year:

Smallbore Rifle Championship: 6-18 July, 2021
Precision Pistol Championship: 20-25 July, 2021
F-Class Mid-Range Championship: 22-26 July, 2021
F-Class Long Range Championship: 27-30 July, 2021
Fullbore Championship: 1-7 August, 2021
High Power Mid-Range Championship: 9-13 August, 2021
High Power Long Range Championship: 14-19 August, 2021
Over-the-Course (OTC) Competition: 22-28 August, 2021

View Latest Match Calendar (6/18/21) — CLICK TO ZOOM!

NRA 2021 Championships schedule

Note, this year the Smallbore Nationals will include Rimfire F-Class, starting on July 11th. Among notable specific rifle matches include: Fullbore America Match (August 7); Palma Team Match (August 15); Wimbleton Cup Match (August 18). For 2021, the NRA will NOT host an Extreme Long-Range Championship. Specific start dates are listed at end of article.

In addition to the main NRA matches, there are Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association (ISRPA) events including: Junior Intermediate Smallbore Clinic, Ladies’ Day on the Range, Family Day on the Range, Basic Safety Class, Introduction to Shooting Sports Class, Laser Range.

Camp atterbury indiana satellite map

Lodging Options at Camp Atterbury — Summer 2021
Shooting Sports USA (SSUSA) recently released information on the NRA Championships at Camp Perry. The SSUSA article states: “As for lodging, there are several options. The most convenient are on-base, with Camp Atterbury offering hotel-style buildings with suites, along with standard rooms, and ‘open military squad bay’-style quarters available by reservation. Camp Atterbury also offers a limited number of RV spots, plus the MWR campground and cabins. NOTE: Lodging is controlled by the Camp Atterbury Lodging Office, not the NRA.

Click Photo for Large Map of Camp Atterbury, Indiana
NRA national match championships camp atterbury 2021

To REGISTER for the 2021 NRA National Matches, go to

Key NRA Championship Start Dates by Discipline
6 July — Smallbore Nationals 3-Position
11 July — Smallbore Nationals Prone and Rimfire F-Class
17 July — Metric Smallbore Prone and Rimfire F-Class
20 July — Precision Pistol (including Revolver)
22 July — F-Class Mid-Range Individual
26 July — F-Class Mid-Range Team Match
27 July — F-Class Long-Range Individual
29 July — F-Class Long-Range Team Match
1 August — Fullbore Match
7 August — Fullbore America Match
9 August — Midrange Cycle
14 August — Long Range Cycle
15 August — Palma Team Match
16 August — Palma Individual Match
18 August — Wimbleton Cup Match
22 August — OTC (Over the Course) Week

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November 12th, 2019

CMP & NRA 2020 Nat’l Matches at Camp Perry, Camp Atterbury

national matches cmp nra 2020 calendar

Good news — the NRA and the CMP are coordinating the schedules of their respective pistol and rifle National Match and Championship events at Camp Perry (CMP) and Camp Atterbury (NRA) in 2020. This should allow competitors to shoot ALL their favorite events, without conflict. Coordinating CMP/NRA event schedules will also help competitors save on travel time and expense.

CMP’s Programs Chief, Christie Sewell and NRA’s Cole McCulloch, Director of Competitive Shooting, said jointly: “It’s important that competitors of both organizations have the opportunity to shoot matches of their choice without conflicting dates, by event.”

Key 2020 National Matches Dates:
NRA National Matches First Shot Ceremony — July 1, 2020
NRA National Matches Pistol Championships — July 1-5, 2020
CMP National Matches First Shot Ceremony — July 7, 2020
CMP National Matches Pistol Championships — July 7-12, 2020
CMP Smallbore Championships — July 14-22, 2020
CMP High Power Rifle Championships — July 21-31, 2020
CMP National Games Events — July 30 – August 3, 2020
CMP Long Range Matches Camp Perry — August 4-8, 2020
NRA Smallbore Championships — July 23 – August 5, 2020
NRA High Power Rifle Championships — August 9-15, 2020
NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championships — August 16-20, 2020
NRA Long Range Rifle Championships — August 21-25, 2020

national matches cmp nra 2020 calendar

CLICK HERE for Full-Size 2020 Nat’l Match Calendar PDF »

CMP National Matches Program 2020 at Camp Perry
The CMP will open the National Matches at Camp Perry with its First Shot Ceremony and pistol matches on Tuesday, July 7. CMP pistol events will run through Sunday, July 12. CMP Smallbore rifle check-in and practice will commence on Tuesday, July 14 and matches will run for a week with championships and prone awards on Wednesday, July 22. CMP’s Rimfire Sporter Match and CMP Junior Smallbore camp will also be completed during that period.

CMP Cup High Power Rifle matches begin Tuesday, July 21 and will conclude with a CMP Cup awards ceremony on July 23. CMP Rifle Clinics will begin July 24 and conclude July 26. CMP’s National Trophy Rifle Matches will begin July 27 – July 31, with CMP National Games Events July 30 – August 3. CMP Long Range matches open on Tuesday, August 4 and conclude with the CMP Palma Rifle match and Long Range awards on Saturday, August 8. All CMP events will continue to be held at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio.

NRA National Matches Program 2020 at Camp Atterbury
The NRA Pistol Championships run July 1-5, 2020. NRA Smallbore 3P Rifle begins on Thursday, July 23 and concludes Tuesday, August 4 with a final awards ceremony. NRA High Power Rifle commences on Monday, August 9 and concludes with an awards ceremony on Saturday, August 15. NRA Mid-Range Rifle opens on Sunday, August 16 and closes on Thursday, August 20 with an awards ceremony. NRA Long Range Rifle begins Friday, August 21 and concludes Tuesday, August 25 with the final awards ceremony.

For more information CLICK these links:

CMP National Matches at Camp Perry | NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury

NRA CMP matches map indiana camp perry atterbury

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October 30th, 2017

2018 NRA National Match Schedule Released

2018 NRA National Match schedule Camp Perry F-Class High Power Smallbore Camp Atterbury

Mark your calendars boys and girls — here is the complete 2018 NRA National Match schedule. This includes the National High Power Championship, National F-Class Championship, Fullbore (Palma) Championship, and a 15 more major national events.

2018 NRA National Match schedule Camp Perry F-Class High Power Smallbore Camp AtterburyThe 2018 NRA Championship season kicks off with the Intercollegiate Pistol and Rifle Championships at Fort Benning (GA). Then comes the NRA Bianchi Cup, followed by the National High Power Matches at Camp Atterbury (IN), the National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry (OH), the National Smallbore Championships in Bristol (IN), the National HP Silhouette Championships in Raton (NM), the NRA World Shooting Championship in Glengary (WV), the National F-Class Championship in Raton (NM), and many more major events throughout the summer and fall.

The complete 2018 NRA National Match schedule is as follows:


Intercollegiate Pistol Championships / March 17-20, 2018 / Fort Benning, Georgia

Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships / March 23-25, 2018 / Fort Benning, Georgia

NRA World Action Pistol Championship / May 19-20, 2018 / Hallsville, Missouri

NRA Bianchi Cup / May 23-25, 2018 / Hallsville, Missouri

National Muzzle Loading Championship / June 9-17, 2018 / Friendship, Indiana

National Air Gun Championship / June 14-19, 2018 / Bloomington, Illinois

National High Power Matches / July 5-24, 2018 / Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana

Camp Perry Pistol championship F-class

National Pistol Championships / July 9-13, 2018 / Camp Perry, Ohio

National Silhouette Smallbore Championships / July 16-18, 2018 / Raton, New Mexico

National Smallbore Championships / July 19-30, 2018 / Wa-Ke’-De Range, Bristol, Indiana

National Smallbore championship Bristol Indiana wa-ke'-de

National Silhouette High Power Championships / July 19-21, 2018 / Raton, New Mexico

National Silhouette Championship Lever Action Rifle / July 24-27, 2018 / Raton, New Mexico

National Silhouette Black Powder Cartridge Rifle / July 30-Aug. 3, 2018 / Raton, New Mexico

Fullbore Prone National Championship / September 8-14, 2018 / Raton, New Mexico

NRA World Shooting Championship / September 13-15, 2018 / Glengary, West Virginia

National F-Class Championship / September 16-23, 2018 / Raton, New Mexico

National Police Shooting Championship / September 24-26, 2018 / Albuquerque, New Mexico

National Silhouette Black Powder Target Rifle / October 1-7, 2018 / Raton, New Mexico

Black Powder Target Rifle Championship

How to Get More Information about NRA Championships
CLICK HERE for more information about NRA Competitive Shooting, including MATCH INFO and program rules. Visit Shooting Sports USA Magazine online at for shooting news, competitor profiles, and match reports.

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March 4th, 2017

Registration Opens for 2017 NRA Nat’l Rifle and Pistol Matches

Camp Atterbury Indiana range High Power championship
Camp Perry photo. Starting this year, the High Power Championships will be held at Camp Atterbury, IN.

Camp Atterbury Indiana range High Power championshipThere are some big changes this year for the NRA National Rifle and Pistols Championships. The NRA High Power Rifle Championships will be held in Indiana (at Camp Atterbury), not at Camp Perry, Ohio. That’s new for 2017. The smallbore championships was moved a few years back to Camp Wa-Ke’-De Range in Bristol, Indiana. The Pistol Championships will remain at Camp Perry. So, when once all three Championships were held in the same historic place, Camp Perry, now they are in three locations. Some folks lament that change…

REGISTRATION OPEN for Championships

If you want to compete in any of the NRA National Championships, you can now register online. We provide links below for Highpower Rifle, Smallbore, and Pistol Event. When you register, you’ll need an identifier — NRA Member ID, NRA ID (15 digit number) or an NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships Online Entry ID from a previous year’s entry. See the individual championship entry links listed below.

Camp Atterbury Indiana range High Power championship

High Power Rifle Championship (Camp Atterbury, IN — July 7-25, 2017)
Webpage: CLICK HERE for National High Power Rifle Championships INFO.
High Power Rifle Registration:
Updated Schedule: Updated Schedule for 2017 National High Power Rifle Championships
Program: 2017 NRA High Power Rifle Championship Program (PDF)

Camp Wa-ke'-de range Bristol indiana IN championship

Smallbore Rifle Championship (Wa-Ke’-De Range, Bristol, IN — July 8-17, 2017)
Webpage: CLICK HERE for National Smallbore Rifle Championships INFO.
Smallbore Rifle Registration:

NRA National Bullesye pistol championship camp perry ohio OH

Precision (Bullseye) Pistol Championship (Camp Perry, OH — July 9-13, 2017)
Webpage: CLICK HERE for National Pistol Championships INFO
Program: 2017 NRA Pistol Championship Program (PDF)

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November 17th, 2016

NRA Moves National High Power Rifle Championships to Indiana

Camp Perry Atterbury Indiana Port Clinton Ohio

No more High Power Championships at Camp Perry. No, this is NOT an April Fools Day story. The NRA has announced that it is moving the National High Power XTC Rifle Championship, Mid-Range Championship, and Long Range Championship away from Camp Perry, Ohio, starting in 2017. These matches will henceforth be held at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The CMP Matches will continue to be held at Camp Perry, so we are told. That means if you want to compete in both CMP and NRA rifle matches, you would need to go two different venues, located 280 miles apart, in two different states.

Camp Perry Atterbury Indiana Port Clinton Ohio

There is a century of tradition at Camp Perry, with the National Matches held there since 1907. It appears that this venue change is going to happen, although one source states that it might be subject to change: “The move was apparently prompted by the director of NRA Competitive Shooting, and will face final approval by the NRA Board of Directors in January 2017. If enough support is garnered among the competition community by then, it could be feasible that it would be reversed, but we doubt that is the case.” Source: The Firearm Blog.

Here is the notice issued by the NRA, as published on Shooting Sports USA.

NRA Moving National High Power Rifle Championships from Camp Perry

In an effort to keep the National High Power Rifle Championships up to the high standards that competitors have enjoyed for over one-hundred years, the NRA will move the Championship from its historic home at Camp Perry, OH, to Camp Atterbury, IN. This change in venue will take effect during the 2017 National Matches, pending approval by the NRA Board of Directors in January 2017.

Dennis Willing, director of NRA Competitive Shooting explained the decision.

“The NRA High Power Rifle Committee met and determined it would be beneficial to all competitors if we moved the Championship from Camp Perry to another site. After much discussion, the range at Camp Atterbury, IN, was selected as the new home of the NRA National High Power Rifle Championships.”

The proposed match schedule (subject to change) is below:

— First Shot Ceremony – July 7
— Welcome BBQ (afternoon) – July 7
— Across the Course – July 8-13
— Mid-Range – July 14-17
— Long-Range – July 18-22

Willing added, “I intend to change the face of High Power Rifle as a discipline, and will be presenting matches that are better than competitors have ever seen before.”

Since Across the Course is scheduled to end on July 13th, there will be sufficient time for competitors to attend the CMP National Trophy Matches.

The NRA Smallbore Prone Championship is scheduled to end with sufficient time for competitors to leave Bristol, IN, and come to Camp Atterbury to compete in Mid-Range Prone and Long-Range Prone. The NRA National Pistol Championship will remain at Camp Perry but will be held July 9-14, 2017, following previous year’s practice.

The Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center is administered by the Indiana National Guard, and has just under 35,000 acres of training and maneuver space—plenty of room in case the NRA decides to expand beyond the High Power Rifle Championships. Additionally, Camp Atterbury is home to several active U.S. Army components, including several from the First Army Division East. The site also provides various training and testing sites for military and civilian responders from around the world.

Camp Perry Atterbury Indiana Port Clinton Ohio

Camp Perry Atterbury

Camp Perry National Championship

Competitors’ Comments — Pro & Con

Comments on this Venue Change have been both negative and positive.

“Nothing like abandoning over 100 years of tradition. Really stupid idea!” — C.G.

What venue could possibly be better than Camp Perry? It’s not a destination, it’s an experience.” — Stephen B.

“Very disappointing decision. The NRA should have asked shooters for their input instead of decision by committee, and, my bet…some politicians.” — Jeffrey C.

“How about the people that wants to shoot long range and CMP? Keep it Camp Perry or change the dates.” — Kevin G.

“Don’t see how this will help attendance. It doesn’t make sense.” — Alton N.

“It makes beautiful sense! Are you kidding?! Atterbury is a much more modernized facility and is HUGE. The accommodations for sleeping quarters are infinitely better and more extensive than Perry and with Indianapolis only 30 min away or less it will make attendance MUCH easier for so many people. I love Perry but you will see just how superior this facility is when you come. This should have happened a LONG time ago.” — Ron W.

“Atterbury’s ranges are outstanding, and there’s LOTS more housing options available on base if that’s part of the package put together with the base. The carriers are the same as the new ones at Perry (they were installed at Atterbury first).” — W.M.

History of the National Matches at Camp Perry

NRA National Matches

The National Matches have been held at Camp Perry since 1907. The range is located along the shores of Lake Erie in northern Ohio near Port Clinton. The site was first acquired in 1906, in response to the need for a larger facility for military training and the NRA’s shooting programs. In 1906 Gen. Ammon B. Crichfield, Adjutant General of Ohio, ordered construction of a new shooting facility on the shores of Lake Erie, 45 miles east of Toledo, Ohio. The original land for Camp Perry was purchased in 1906, and the reservation was named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the American naval commander.

On August 19, 1907, Cpl. L. B. Jarrett fired the first shot at the new Camp Perry Training Site. And that year, 1907, Camp Perry held its first National Pistol and Rifle Championship events. This location has hosted the annual NRA National Matches ever since. Today, over 4,000 competitors attend the National Matches each year, making it the most popular shooting competition in the western hemisphere.

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January 15th, 2014

Ten-Time Champ Carl Bernosky Talks about the High-Power Game

Carl Bernosky Interview SHOT Show Brandon GreenIt’s a rare thing when you can talk with a living legend about the sport he loves. We had just that opportunity yesterday at SHOT Show when we chatted with Carl Bernosky, TEN-TIME National High Power Champion. We covered a lot of ground in the interview, discussing the future of the High Power game and the changes in hardware Carl has seen during his storied career. Carl also offers some “rock solid” advice for younger High Power shooters hoping to improve their skill sets. We also talked about Carl’s plans for 2014 and his epic battle with SSG Brandon Green at the 2013 High Power Championships at Camp Perry. Carl and Brandon battled to the last shot of the last relay of the last day. After four complete days of shooting, the two men remained tied on points and tied on X-count. Apply a tie-breaker rule based on X-count at long-range, Green was named the 2013 Champion, with Carl named runner-up. That 2013 event was a true “Battle of the Titans” between two immensely talented marksmen.

We asked Carl about trends in the High Power game. He said that more and more shooters are moving to the AR15 platform. The accuracy is there, and there are advantages to the self-loading actions particularly during rapid-fire. Carl also felt that it takes more training time to master cycling a bolt while shooting in the standing position. Because he does not have to manipulate a bolt, Carl says his self-feeding AR helps him when standing (Carl is considered one of the best standing shooters ever).

Watch Interview with Carl Bernosky, 10-Time National High Power Champion

Though most readers will recognize Carl from reports of his many National Championships, you may not realize that Carl is also a very skilled stock-maker. Carl produces high quality laminated-wood stocks at his shop in Pennsylvania. He offers a full range of stocks for Prone, Palma, F-TR, F-Open, Long Range Benchrest competition, and he also builds fine tactical stocks and hunting stocks. You can see examples of Carl’s stocks at Carl recently acquired a CNC machine for inletting. This can create ultra-precise inlets for a wide variety of actions.

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June 23rd, 2013

NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships Commence Soon camp perry 2013 NRA championshipsIn just two weeks, the 2013 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships commence at Camp Perry, Ohio. The big event kicks off with the Pistol SAFS on July 7th. There’s still time to register online for the National Championships. To sign up, visit

In response to increased interest in F-Class shooting, event organizers have even added a new discipline this year, the Mid-Range Rifle Championship with shooting at 300, 500, and 600 yards. (We wonder what chamberings F-Open competitors will choose for this new event — could this be the year of the Dasher at Perry?) For 2013, F-Class competitors can enter the NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championship and/or NRA Long Range Championship.

CLICK HERE for Camp Perry Championships Program

Birds-Eye View of Camp Perry Ranges
We know many of our worldwide readers may never have a chance to visit Camp Perry in person, but they are still interested in this historic facility on the shore of Lake Erie, near Port Clinton, Ohio. If you’ve always wanted to see what Camp Perry looks like, here are a series of “Birds-eye” photos taken from the Beach Tower.

NRA National Championships Camp Perry

Photos Courtesy Civilian Marksmanship Program.
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March 27th, 2013

FREE Guide to 2013 National Championships at Camp Perry

The NRA National Pistol and Rifle Championships are coming to Camp Perry, Ohio in just a few months. And now you can read all about this year’s Camp Perry activities online. The official Program for the 2013 NRA National Pistol and Rifle Championships is now available as a FREE 158-page eZine.

Camp Perry National Matches 2013

CLICK HERE to Read Program for 106th Annual National Matches at Camp Perry.

The Official 2013 Camp Perry Program covers match schedules, rules, range locations, scoring procedures, and much more. You’ll fine a comprehensive calendar (pp. 24-25) plus separate sections for each of the major championships: Pistol, Smallbore 3-Position, Smallbore Prone, High Power Rifle, and Long Range High Power Rifle.

Camp Perry Registration
If you plan to go to Camp Perry this year, you can register in a few weeks. Online entry starts in early April, 2013. To sign up, visit and submit your information. Then you can be part of one of histories greatest marksmanship competitions. The NRA explains: “For over 100 years, shooters in the United States have made the pilgrimage to Camp Perry for the NRA National Matches, and the honor to shoot shoulder-to-shoulder with the best.”

2012 Nat’l High Power Champ Carl Bernosky. Photo courtesy

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July 14th, 2012

John Zurek Wins NRA Rimfire Pistol Championship

John Zurek captured the .22-Caliber Pistol Championship on July 12. On the final day of rimfire competition, John Zurek surged ahead to win the .22 Caliber Championship with an Aggregate score of 893-35X. Brian Zins finished second with an Aggregate score of 887-57X.

July 15 Update: John Zurek also won the .45 Caliber Pistol Title, Scoring 886-43X vs. 883-46X for runner-up ‘Gunny’ Brian Zins. Gunny Zins did win the overall title NRA Pistol Championships — the 11th in his career. Read More on NRA Blog.

John Zurek.22 Cal. Championship
1. John Zurek: 893-35X
2. Brian Zins: 887-57X
3. James Henderson: 887-44X
4. Gregory Wilson: 884-39X
5. Greg Markowski: 883-42x

Profile: John Zurek

Story based on report by Lindsey Morgan in the NRA Blog

Zurek grew up hunting with guns. Then he joined the USMC and became a member of the Marine Corps Pistol Team. Later he joined the Marine Corps Reserve Pistol Team. After leaving the sport to pursue business interests for a few years, Zurek came back to competitive shooting in 2001.

Zurek’s primary focus as a shooter is Olympic style pistol shooting — air pistol and free pistol. The precision events are his specialty. While he did not make the U.S. Olympic Team this year, the skills he developed for international-style shooting served him well at Camp Perry. “That’s why this is easy for me,” Zurek explained. “That’s why I’ve had such wonderful successes this year from training for free pistol. By practicing free pistol it allows you to work on your focus and concentration by bringing everything in smaller and smaller and smaller.” NOTE: Olympic free pistol uses a smaller bullseye target than the targets at the NRA Pistol Championships.

Zurek’s Shooting Tips: Practice for Long Periods, Use SCATT Training System
If you can’t spend time on the range, then just stay home. That’s a truth that Zurek discovered through his years and years of training. “Most shooters only get 15 minutes here, or 30 minutes there to go and train — and that’s fine when just dry firing,” Zurek explained. “I wouldn’t even go to a range unless you have a four-hour period of time to spend. If you just have a short period of time to train, it’s just better to stay at home and dry fire against the wall. Work on building up your concentration and making each shot perfect.”

Another tool Zurek uses is the SCATT Shooter Training System. SCATT, Zurek believes, gives a shooter great feedback with immediate results. SCATT Training Systems employ an infrared optical device attached to the gun. The shooter aims at an electronic target. The muzzle movement is tracked and displayed as a continuous trace on a ‘real-time’ display screen. When the shooter pulls the gun’s trigger, the point of impact is also plotted. By analyzing the displayed muzzle movement, a shooter can see any flaws in his hold and perfect his technique. CLICK HERE to learn more about SCATT training.

Photos courtesy The NRA Blog.

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July 9th, 2012

NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships Commence Today

Camp Perry 2012

Lt. General William E. Ingram The 2012 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry begin today with the traditional First Shot Ceremony. Following a military band concert, the First Shot Ceremony began at 10:00 AM. Hundreds of shooters, volunteers, employees and spectators were gathered at Camp Perry’s Memorial Monument. This year’s First Shot Speaker, Lieutenant General William E. Ingram Jr., Director Army National Guard, has the honor of firing the First Shot to officially open the 2012 National Matches. Highlights included a color guard, a military band and a National Guard combat maneuver. Dignitaries from the National Rifle Association, CMP, National Guard, all branches of the armed forces and local government representatives were recognized during the ceremony.

Complete day-by-day coverage of the NRA National Championships will be provided by the NRA Blog, which will have a team of reporters on site at Camp Perry throughout the next few weeks. Starting July 10, the NRA Blog will deliver competition updates, with match standings, photos, and video clips.

Pistol Shooters Lead the Way
Camp Perry 2012 Brian ZinsPistoleros take the stage for the first phase of the National Championships. After today’s Pistol Small Arms Firing School and SFAS M9 Pistol EIC Match, the NRA National Pistol Championships commence tomorrow, July 10, and run through July 14 (with National Trophy Matches on the 15th). The Pistol Championships should be hotly contested this year. Legendary handgunner (and Top Shot Season 2 Runner-Up) Brian ‘Gunny’ Zins (USMC retired) returns to Perry with the goal of securing his his eleventh pistol title. Standing in his way will be 2011 Pistol Champion Philip Hemphill along with of James Henderson, John Zurek and others.

2012 CMP National Trophy Matches
9 July: First Shot Ceremony
9 July: Pistol Small Arms Firing School
9 July-4 August: NM Air Gun Events
10 July: Warm-up Pistol Match
15 July: National Trophy Pistol Matches
22 July: National Rimfire Sporter Match
27-29 July: Rifle Small Arms Firing School

2012 NRA Rifle and Pistol Championships
10-14 July: NRA National Pistol Championship
18-26 July: NRA Nat’l Smallbore Rifle Championships
5-15 August: NRA Nat’l High Power Rifle Championships

First Shot Camp Perry 2012

This story is based on report in the NRA Blog.
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July 13th, 2011

NRA National Championships Commence at Camp Perry

Camp Perry CannonOn Monday, 11 July, the 2011 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships officially commenced at Camp Perry, Ohio. DCM Emeritus Gary Anderson led a procession of special guests into the ceremony.

Poor weather cancelled the traditional delivery of the colors by a parachute team, so the flag was presented to Anderson by a squad from the Ohio National Guard. VIP Guest Joseph Westphal, Under Secretary of the Army, addressed the gathering, and then Westphal fired the ceremonial First Shot, followed by wounded warrior SFC Sene Polu, who fired the second shot.

Now that the championships have begun, each morning the National Matches start with a bang — a big bang. With the raising of the colors, a cannon is fired in salute. On 12 July, Mike Krei, NRA’s Director of Competitive Shooting was chosen to fire the cannon, marking the first day that shots are going down range at the NRA National Pistol Championships.

Camp Perry Cannon

Pistol Championships Underway
We are now into the second day of competition in the National Pistol Championships. It’s day two of the NRA National Pistol Championships, and that means competitors are firing the NRA Preliminary Pistol Championship today in three separate relays. In this morning’s first relay, shooters took to the range to complete the Center Fire, .22 Caliber, and .45 Caliber stages of fire. The aggregate of these stages comprises each competitor’s total score.

Who are the front-runners? SFC Jim Henderson of the Army Marksmanship Unit won this Championship last year with a score of 890-42X, but the record of 894-50X was set by Brian Zins in 1996. At this stage in the match it’s too early to tell who the winners might be, but with 10-time National Champion Brian Zins sitting out this year, there may be some surprises. James Lenardson, SSG Jean-Noel Howell, David Lange, and SSG Patrick Franks are just a few of the competitors who are riding high after yesterday’s Revolver Matches, but Philip Hemphill, SFC Henderson, John Zurek, and many others could still finish on top of the podium.

Story by Kerrin Brinkman and photos courtesy the NRA BLOG.
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April 7th, 2011

Online Registration Opens for 2011 Camp Perry Championships

Camp Perry Championships registrationCamp Perry shooters, get out those computer keyboards. Online entry is now officially activated for the 2011 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships at Camp Perry. If you plan to attend the National Championships, CLICK HERE to submit your entry information online at

The Online Entry Form for the 2011 National Matches has links to download Liability forms and Special Squadding Request forms for the Smallbore Rifle Phase. Please note that team entries must be made on-site at Camp Perry. Visit, for more info. If you have questions about online entry, email

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August 16th, 2009

NRA Blog Covers Long Range Matches at Perry

The folks at the NRABlog have done a superb job covering the NRA National Rifle Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. Now that the National High Power Championship has been decided (congrats to 2009 Champion Norm Houle!), attention shifts to the long-range events, including the Leech Cup, Mustin Trophy, Porter Trophy, and Andrus Trophy competitions, along with the Roumanian Trophy Team Match.

NRA BLOG Camp Perry

The NRA Blog has talented photographers on scene who’ve done a great job capturing the matches from a shooter’s perspective on the firing line. Go to the NRA Blog to view some excellent slide shows from the long-range events. This will also click to web galleries where you can view all the photos at your own pace. Below is a collection of some of our favorite photos from the NRABlog’s recent slide shows.

All photos are © 2009, All Rights Reserved, used with permission.

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July 27th, 2009

Shooter Wins Smallbore "Any Sights" Title from Wheelchair

At Camp Perry, the Hough Theater stage saw many people honored as Smallbore 3-Position champions Saturday night. Specialist John Hein of the United States Army won the title of National Overall Champion. Leonard Remaly was named Senior Champ.

And while the Award Ceremony honored all the Smallbore 3P winners equally, it was Any Sight National Champion Greg Drown that drew the only standing ovation from the crowd. One reason was because of his score. The other is because he shoots from the seat of a wheelchair.

“I developed multiple sclerosis gradually between 1995 and 2000,” explained Greg. “It was a shock.”

A lifelong competitive shooter, Greg has earned a few titles in his time –- but nothing on the scale of an NRA Championship. “I”ve won state titles, regional titles, even qualified for the 1984 Olympic Trials, but this was a surprise. I think it was Friday, when the weather turned, that’s when I knew I had a chance.”

Weather plays an important part in every tournament Greg shoots. Because of MS, his ability to shoot is often hampered by fatigue. “It plays havoc on the body,” said Greg. “Hot muggy days, like we had here in 2008, those are really tough. But this year it was raining and cool. The weather was perfect.”

As everything fell into place and the shots found their mark, Greg began to think about scratching another goal off his list. “I have a book,” he said. “List of goals and things I want to accomplish. Coming on stage tonight for this ceremony was one of them.”

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