January 28th, 2017

Discounts on NRA Memberships — With Insurance Benefits

NRA membership sale life

In cooperation with Shooting USA, the popular TV show, the NRA is now offering discounted memberships, including a $600 Life Membership. Now through the end of March, the NRA is offering Life Memberships for $600, a $900.00 savings over the “list price”.

Big Savings on 1-Year, 3-Year, or 5-Year Memberships
If you are not ready to become an NRA Life Member, you can also get a significant discount on 1-Year, 3-Year, or 5-Year NRA memberships. You can save $10 on a one-year membership, save $15 on a three-year membership, or save $40.00 on a five-year membership. NOTE: This offer runs through 3/31/2017. CLICK HERE for 1-Year, 3-Year, and 5-Year Membership Sale.

NRA membership sale life

With any NRA membership, you get a subscription to your choice of four magazines: American Rifleman, American Hunter, Shooting Illustrated, or 1st Freedom:

NRA membership sale life

The regular NRA annual membership includes $2,500 worth of firearms insurance coverage and $5,000 worth of life/accident coverage. NOTE, however — in order to get the insurance benefits, you MUST activate your NRA Policy. NRA insurance won’t pay unless the policy is activated!

NRA Members CLICK HERE to Activate Your Insurance

activate NRA Insurance