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January 8th, 2015

New Website Showcases Gun-Related Patents

TFB firearms patent blog gun firearms

Steve Johnson, editor of The Firearm Blog (TFB), has launched a new website featuring innovative gun-related technology and products: the TFB Patent Blog. Steve explains: “I have wanted to have a sub-blog showcasing all the new gun and gun-related patent applications issued by the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO). Finally my dream is a reality. I hope the [TFB Patent Blog] will be a useful feature for hardcore enthusiasts, industry engineers, and small gun business owners.”

The TFB Patent Blog will offer comprehensive coverage of new, gun-related inventions, complete with links to official patent documents: “We will be featuring all the new patents issued, as well as new patent applications, as soon as they are published by the USTPO (or as soon as we notice they have been published). We are also embedding the patent document itself (click the red button at the bottom of the patent post to see the embedded patent) as well as offering a download link in case you want to download an offline PDF copy.”

Here Are Interesting Products Now Featured on the TFB Patent Blog:
TFB firearms patent blog gun firearms
TFB firearms patent blog gun firearms
firearms patent blog Barrett hold open

TFB Contributing Editor Nathaniel F. will oversee the TFB Patent Blog. One of his primary tasks will be to match patents and patent applications with the product inventors and the organizations owning the patent. This is not always obvious. If you find a featured patent on the TFB Patent Blog that was not labeled correctly, or was credited to the wrong organization, please send email to: nathaniel.f [at]

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May 6th, 2014

Texas Gunsmith Gets Patent for Adaptive Multi-Axis Rifle Stock

Sisk Star modular adaptive stock rifleSisk Rifles had been granted U.S. patent # 8,720,099 for a “Multi-Axis Adjustable Buttstock”*. Several other patents are still pending. In the meantime, gunsmith/inventor Charlie Sisk is continuing to develop more applications for his modular, adaptive stock. The complete Tactical Adaptive Rifle (STAR®) rifle stock is now available for short or long action, left or right hand Remington 700s (and clones) for $1395. Complete rifles are available for $6495, built to order. Demos for law enforcement are available on request. To learn more about this stock and other innovative Sisk products, visit

Click Photo for full-screen version:
Sisk Star modular adaptive stock rifle

Charlie Sisk
400 County Road 2340
Dayton, TX 77535
(936) 258-4984
Email: charlie [at]

*The patent is set to issue May 13, 2014, so it may not yet appear in patent databases.

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